How Choosing Pool Tile by Style?

Use larger tile for easier upkeep. Save time cleaning your pool tile by having a larger tile finish, which has fewer seams that can collect dirty buildup. Go with smaller tile to create a captivating design. Add dimension to your pool by using smaller tile, which makes pool designs look more intricate.

Creating a mosaic or tile image is easier to do with small tile than with larger tile. Opt for blue tile for a classic swimming pool look. Incorporate multiple hues of blue into your design to add depth to your pool and make it more interesting. Use one shade of blue for a clean, uniform appearance.

Match your tile color with a color from your home for a unique pool design. Use red tile to complement the red brick on your house, or go with a green tile that blends with the surrounding landscape. Using a tile color other than blue will immediately make your pool stand out.

Mark the last tile in each row to indicate where to cut it if needed. As you near the edges of the room, you may find that you don’t have enough space to set the final tile. When this happens, you’ll need to cut your end tiles to ensure a proper fit. Measure the distance between the last full tile you laid down and the wall and mark this measurement on the end tile. You can cut the tile later using a masonry saw.

If the space left over at the end of a row is especially narrow, pick up the rest of the tiles in the row and shift them down half a tile’s length towards the opposite wall. Adjust your other rows accordingly. That way, you’ll have a larger partial tile at either end rather than a tiny sliver visible along only 1 wall.