It is best to look at these experiences before you paving tiles.

In China, wall tiles need to put into the water before they are paving. The floor tiles are placed in the water as paving required. The wall tiles with water soaking affect the two sale. Merchants can not exchange them, which will cause unnecessary waste. Suggestion: The tiles design should be used to combine with the construction progress. Don’t put all tiles into the water at once time.

The bathroom tiles plan is done before the paving. Some construction workers paving tiles when they get it. When paving reaches a certain level, it is found that the proportion is not coordinated, and then it is removed and re paved, resulting in unnecessary wastage. Suggestion: first, make a paving tiles plan before paving. Remind workers to notice the problem of kitchen tiles in time. Do not wait until finish paved cement tiles to find problems, causing the construction side and material side to prevarication. Suggestion: tell the workers clearly before the construction, and notice the quality of the flooring tiles in time, so that the materials and the constructor can be asked to identify the problems in time.

Correct mixing proportion of cement sand. The proportion of cement is large and bathroom floor tiles can be quickly fastened, but the expansion coefficient of cement mortar is large, so it is easy to crack the marble tiles after paving. Suggestion: the mixing ratio of cement sand brick is 1:3, floor tile is 1:2, cement grade is No. 32.5 cement. The wall can not be made of big core board as wall material, and floor tiles design can easily cause arch, fall off and crack.

The porcelain floor tiles are not completely dry, such as immediately pointing to easy to cause tile loose, later will cause bath tiles to fall off, leaving a hidden danger. Suggestion: the joint should be done after the ceramic are dry and solid, generally after 24 hours. Do a good job of protection wood tiles during the paving. Do not scratch or pollute the wall tiles surface. When doing wall paint and paint, do not walk around the tiles without dry tiles, otherwise, they will damage the floor tiles price.

Clean up the wall before the paving shower tiles. In the past, I encountered unclean walls, and I need to clean them again before laying  stone wall tiles on them. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the tiles to fall off. It’s best to wait for the small tiles to go on after it is dry and solid. Floor tiles price are not completely dry, such as immediately pointing to easy to cause ceramic wall tiles loose, later will cause tiles to fall off, leaving a hidden danger.

The seam of floor tile should not be too small. The kitchen floor tile is too small to reduce the service life of tile. The rustic tiles cracked the glaze during the heat expansion and contraction. No matter whether it is a seam wall tiles design or a seamless wood wall tiles, it is necessary to pay attention to the seam during construction. You can buy the current events first, consult the material providers, and leave many gaps between tiles.

The best decoration on the wall is BARANA tiles

There are many kinds of decorative materials on walls, wallpaper, mural, latex paint and so on. But for thousands of years people are most willing to accept the tiles, the emergence of various new type of wall tiles, such as the octagonal tiles, irregular tiles design, bread tiles price and so on, cater to the people’s consumption psychology. Smooth and bright appearance is very suitable for people’s fast-paced lifestyle. Today, with the rapid economic development, people do not have time to enjoy the life of pleasure and leisure. The decorate tiles with bright colors and rich texture is always loved by people

The pursuit of perfect life is the eternal ideal of human beings. Housing as the most important place for human space is a society, the culture and history of a country, small to a family, and housing embodies the material civilization of the home owner and family life, and more spiritual civilization. Therefore, the taste of housing directly reflects the quality of life of individuals and families. Cultural taste and artistic taste. BARANA tiles design, dedicated to improve the quality of contemporary home life, the introduction of culture, art and spirit into the design of tiles price, so that the cold decorative materials have the humanistic spirit.

BARANA floor tiles collection of “fashion elements” bathroom tiles products, the art and fashion, aesthetics and life into one, not only to meet the users’ freshness, but also to meet the different styles of decoration requirements. The design inspiration of the BARANA marble tiles collection comes from Mont Napoleon street, Milan, Italy. Here is the world’s most classic and most artistic brand. Combined with the impression of the mask, the inspirations are integrated into tiles design.

With the artistic style of pop art and Scotland Ge as the source, combined with ceramic production technology, the design tour of BARANA cement tiles collection has been opened. In life, fashion is a kind of complex. BARANA fashion collection in modern floor tiles collection is personality, subversion and freshman.

A piece of polished tiles, colorful the whole world should have a beautiful,ceramic are very classic interior design elements, from the aesthetic point of view, whether from color, pattern or history, represents the highest level of indoor cognition. From the market point of view, the cheap tiles in recent years have almost never been absent. They represent the favor of consumers, especially young consumers. Rejection of monotony, ornamental tiles, simple elements can also create novel and unique visual effects, and the space becomes vivid. Highlight the bright spots, the charming eye pattern, with modern style, post-modern style, new classical style, LOFT space skillful. Colorful tiles can create varied spatial effects and meet the needs of various styles.

With the improvement of people’s consumption level and quality of life, stylized kitchen tiles have been increasingly sought after, and are concentrated on hand painted tiles and design tiles. The BARANA glazed tiles collection advocates “making flooring tiles into the artistic sentiment”. The design of the kitchen wall  tiles focuses on continuous innovation, shape and color, design and perspective, ideal and emotion, and perfect integration of hand and art.

Each colorful tiles are heavy blessing and hope. From a piece of tiles, we can see your ambition, perhaps it is the the longing for “the sky high to fly, the sea by the sea”, and perhaps the hope of “more than a year.” The story of every tile are also a projection of the desire of the consumer. The wall tiles can not only decorate life, but also be the projection of ideal life and emotion.

The rustic tiles emit a strong romantic atmosphere and express a comprehensive and strong devotion to nature. Through the texture, color, texture and schema of the rustic tiles, especially the subtle processing of the dark edge to the light color surface, and the strong and unrestrained painting marks, the historical beauty of the color difference makes us hear the dim bell of the Middle Ages in the early morning of the continental Europe. Looking back, it seems that the kiln fire raged in the Tang, song, Ming and Qing Dynasties. A long memory, a beautiful picture scroll, with the flowing brush of the rustic tiles, the one point one painting unfolds in front of our eyes, and she only customizations to know you only.

Do you know how to decorate the tile in the bathroom?

The bathroom is also wet because it needs water, so the decoration bathrooms are mainly paved with tiles. Anti skid is very important, especially in the shower room area. Skid resistance is an important consideration for bathroom floor tiles, and safety is the most important. If there are elderly people in the family, you can consider installing a handrail in the shower room area. Because the bathtub itself is relatively slippery, the handrail can also be installed at the edge of the bathtub.

In the shower room area, the whole block of marble is used for trenching, in addition to skid prevention, it can also guide the removal of water. Consider cleaning. Do not use rustic tiles with heavy surface pits. Rustic tiles are suitable for many style collocations, but there is a kind of glazed tiles that are not recommended to be selected as flooring tiles, that is, the surface texture of the concave and convex is deep, because these pits are easy to deposit filth because of the long time. Floor tiles with heavy surface texture are difficult to clean.

Several suggestions for collocation of bathroom tiles: The color and type of mosaic tiles should not exceed 3 style, otherwise it will be chaotic. Gray and black appear mysterious and advanced, but the space will be dim and the lights should be well matched. The color of the walls and ceramic should be the same or shallow or deep, otherwise it will be “heavy headed”. The flower tiles are more suitable for small areas, and tiles are not suitable for the whole floor or wall.

The floor flower tiles or flower pieces should be partially decorated and not suitable for large area use. Pure white tiles are suitable for making wall tiles for b, white wall tiles and grey floor tiles are better. Pure white tiles are recommended to do dark seams, and the level is clearer and obvious. Black, white and grey are more classic collocation, white wall tiles + gray floor tiles + Black hardware parts, plus other ornament, integrity is stronger. White marble tiles or marble design tiles can be used. Because of the natural texture of the stone, there will be a natural sense of superiority. Gray tiles are the good color, with white bathroom and silver hardware, faucet, integrity is very good. Appropriate wood color can neutralize gray coloring, for example, bathroom cabinet can choose wood color.

Gray is the dark. color, and usually is a dumb tiles design (better than light color), so it needs a little bit of effort in the combination of light, such as the combination of light, light belt, light belt and so on. Apart from pure grey color tiles, there are also some changes in gray tiles. If the color is not easy to grasp the change, we can also consider the variation of the specifications of the tiles, such as gray tiles, and match the hexagon tiles with the subway tiles. Black high and cold, but it will really make the whole space dark, which has to be considered. Rustic tiles are suitable for the style of pastoral, Mediterranean, American country and so on. Basically there are two kinds of tunes, one is the warm brown color. In addition to all ceramic tiles, it is possible to consider the waterproof latex paint for the upper half wall, the shower area or the recommended ceramic tiles, comparing the waterproof and moisture resistance of the tiles.

How much is the size of the floor tiles better?

Floor tiles as a mature decoration material, it has the advantages of easy cleaning, durable, rich style and so on. So the flooring tiles are the first choice of ground materials for most family decoration. When choosing tiles, besides the color style, there is another important determinant that is the size.

The living room is generally the largest space in the family, so the living room usually chooses the larger size tiles. Usually the living room is 600mm or 800*800mm marble floor tiles, to see the size of the specific area, if the living room area is very large, you can also consider 1000*1000 or more big size tiles.

To choose the size of the style tiles of the porch, we should first look at the pattern of the porch. If the door is the door of the guest restaurant, it is not necessary to stick to the size of the different specifications. You can use the sideline to take a circle to make the space seem independent. For an independent entry, a larger area can be modeled independently, while the smaller one is the choice of 300*300mm or 300*600mm tiles.

Generally, most of the family is now decorated when the bedroom is a wooden floor tiles, but considering the wood floor is not good, the family will choose to stick to the floor tiles design, then the bedroom tiles, tiles specifications are usually 400*400mm, 600*600mm.

Kitchen as a cooking space, when cooking in the high frequency of activity, so it is recommended to choose a better cement tiles, and in size specifications, the kitchen floor tiles are generally chosen as the main 300*300mm. If it is an open space kitchen, you can consider size 600*600mm tiles design, look at the atmosphere. Like the kitchen ceramic tiles, the stone floor tiles in the bathroom is also to choose the better skid resistance, but in the dimension is 300*300mm, 300*450mm mainly, if the bathroom area can choose slightly larger, too many gap bathroom floor tiles are not clean.

I have seen many news about the collapse of balcony, so I suggest that the glazed tiles thickness and weight should be as light as possible. And the color of the balcony outdoor floor tiles is mainly light color, and before the tiles, the balcony ground is also proposed to do waterproof, and the size of the balcony wood tiles is generally 300*300mm.

When choosing small floor tiles, the recycling time is higher and waste is less. Small space will be disharmonious and unbalanced with large size tiles, while large space with small size tiles will appear too many lines and no grade. The choice of tiles size is also associated with the style of tiles, such as the living room rustic tiles are generally 600*600mm floor tiles, and the bedrooms are mostly 150*600mm wood floor tiles, 200*800mm floor tiles, and so on. Considering saving the cost of decoration, cutting tiles as little as possible.

To do this well, the tiles in the home will not fall off

Many friends are complaining that the walls of kitchen and bathroom have been greatly reduced in the supermarket environment. More friends at home because of the old home age, the use of life increased, the home tiles price hollowed out. Wall surface ground floor treatment is not clean, water wetness is not enough, the dust on the back of tiles design is not removed, too much water trace before paving will lead to wall tiles and wall adhesion not tight, the use of a period of time will appear loosening and falling.

The water absorption of tiles will directly affect the firmness of the paste. According to the state regulations, the water absorption of glazed tiles is E less than 0.5%, the shrinkage and expansion rate of tile is about 4 x 10-6. When the water absorption rate of bathroom tiles or the cement does not reach the standard, the thermal expansion and shrinkage of the floor tiles will result in the separation and drop if the shrinkage ratio of cheap tiles and cement is not consistent.

During construction, if the cement mortar is too thick or too much water, the rustic tiles will fall. In addition, if the wall tiles design are large size, if the seam is too small, it will easily become warped and cracked after thermal expansion, cold contraction and mutual extrusion. The water absorption of tiles is low. If the porcelain wall tiles are not fully fitted with the cement, they are subjected to large impact force, such as stampede or hard material impact, which can easily cause the separation of tile and cement, and the bottom of the size tiles are empty.

When the paving is applied, if there is a hollowing on the edge of the large tiles, irrigation can be done on the part of the hollowing part to avoid the overall replacement. There are a small number of local empty drum in the style tiles on the wall, such as without affecting the installation of bathroom cabinet, mirror, shower head and water heater. But if the installation and daily life are affected, it is suggested that the ceramic tiles be knocked off and re laid. If 2/3 tiles appear hollowing, they need to be removed and repaved.

If the porcelain tiles which have been laid for a long time are empty, they should be opened in the middle of the wood tiles when they are dismantled, and then smashed slowly to the four sides, so as to avoid damage to the tiles around them. In the course of construction, large size tiles are encountered, before the paving, we need to do sample pieces, test the bond strength, prevent blind construction to cause large area empty drum or fall off.

The choice of the decoration in summer and autumn, it is suggested to avoid the use of early strength cement, because the cement has higher compressive strength than the ordinary type 10~24%. It will soon dry off after mixing and is very unfavorable to construction. For some complex walls, such as the surface which is too smooth or coated with waterproof layer, the surface of the wall must be batched, drawn, steel wire mesh and so on, so as to ensure the level of the wall.

The role of small tiles in life is very important. Besides visual enjoyment, cleaning is also important. Although it is impossible to avoid falling off, it can still cure the delay and repair. We must take the right medicine, so that we can deal with the problem of shedding correctly and make our home bright every day.

The details that are easy to be neglected in home design must be seen before decoration.

Living rooms, bedroom and long passages require dual control switches. If there are elderly people in the family, they should switch the switch and socket to 1.5 meters away from the ground, so that children can not play with electricity. If necessary, you should outlets for appliances such as water purifiers, kitchen garbage disposers, smart toilet covers. The dining room and the living room ground to install a metal insert, used to insert a hot pot or the small warm stove used in the south in the winter, in peacetime with the ground flat, foot step out to prevent people from tripping over the wire wrestling.

If the room is covered with wooden flooring, you can put 1 square meter tiles behind the door, wear-resistant and clean. Some may lay paving mat, but the floor tiles mat is easy to dirty, so it is not economical in the long run. Live with the old man and prepare a shoe changing stool for them. The old man stooped directly, causing a spinal injury. The porch wants to use the locker, but the space is small, the entrance will be very crowded. In fact, it will be nice to change it into a hat hook.

Without the elderly, the TV in the living room is not necessary to buy, to buy a projector to connect to the set-top box, computer and so on. There will be children later, so that children will not want to watch TV all day. Don’t enlarge the tea table, big sofa and so on. The size must be measured in advance, and more space should be left. Space is not enough, do not buy big chandelier crystal lamp, one is to suppress, two is to live for a long time on the top of the ash several layers, I believe you do not want to rub. Choose wall-haung furniture or edge furniture off the floor. The most important function of the living room is to show and rest, do not store too much, and pile up in a mess. There is no sense of beauty. Save the living room space and prepare a chest of drawers for storage in the corner. Small space and height is not high when the ceiling, and not much practical function, but smaller.

The bedside cupboard is not necessary. It takes up the place, and everything in it is sundry. The newly married couple decorate their houses, and the baby bed must be laid on both sides of the bed. Wardrobe is the top priority. It should consider the structure of the wardrobe according to the composition of its own clothes, for example, the clothes hanging are mostly stacked. Two or more sockets should be designed on each side of the main bedroom head. In addition to charging the electronic equipment, it will also be used for hot milk and disinfector. If you want to set the location of the air-conditioning ahead of time, you’d better not face the bed.

Many small space houses want to make the baby room made of tatami, and it is really beautiful, but the damp place is really unsuitable and easy to mold. Families who are ready to have a second child have switches and sockets on the top or bottom of the bunk bed or two single beds. The whole house, especially the children’s corner design, or a small gadget for collision avoidance, is very cheap. The light should be soft, otherwise children will not have good eyesight. A night lamp should be provided for children’s room. Don’t buy furniture too early. Your baby’s eyesight is incomplete. It’s not suitable to see elements that are too bright.

Most people say that disinfector is not as practical as a dishwasher. Many family sterilizing cabinets will become expensive cupboards. The kitchen socket must be provided with five holes and switches to reduce the electrical appliance. We must make good use of the space of the kitchen wall, save some space with some hardware, such as leachate rack and kitchenware rack. The hardware of the cabinet is very important. Plan the location of kitchen appliances ahead of time, so that the socket can be conveniently reserved. The open small bar is very low.

There is a set of sockets near toilet closets, with a heated toilet lid. Happiness is much higher. Armrest and shower locations should be equipped with handrails to facilitate the use of pregnant women and the elderly. Dry and wet separation is necessary, although it will make the area look smaller. When you clean up, you know its benefits. The bathroom faucet can be drawn with a stretch style, and men at home have shampoo in the morning. Leave enough room for the baby bath. The odorless ground leak, you know its benefits. Using wind heating instead of bathing bullets, the strong lights of bathing bullets will stimulate the vision of the elderly and children, and the warm effect of wind heating will be better. A waterproof cover must be installed in the socket of the bathroom.

Cautions for tiles on the wall of the kitchen area

For a small space bathroom with poor lighting, it is not suitable for wall tiles with dark colors and warm colors. Because dark walls make people feel smaller and make the room dark. Besides, the walls of warm colors are visually approaching, which will increase the sense of repression in the room. Therefore, this kind of room usually adopts light and coloured kitchen wall tiles. Conversely, for a large area with good lighting, we should consider how to make people feel warm and comfortable when they bathe. Therefore, we can adopt the warm color system and the deep bathroom wall tiles.

As the background of sanitary ware, wall tiles design play a supporting role. Therefore, the brightness and chroma of the color are much lower than that of the sanitary ware. Proper collocation will make cleaning feel cleaner and more beautiful. At the same time, the ceramic wall tiles should be kept in a shade. The color of the general floor tiles is deeper than that of the wood wall tiles. In addition, different patterns should be chosen in different places. The mosaic wall tiles of the bathroom should be pictorial, subtle and elegant. The style of the kitchen wall tile should be simple and lively. It should be coordinated with the style and color of the cabinet and the table. The pattern should be simple and generous, make people feel clean and bright, decorate a few tiles properly, choose the larger color contrast, and create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

The quality requirements of wall tiles are relatively high, and cracks will appear on inferior tiles wall, such as cracks, and so on. The choice of wall tiles price should be based on the surface roughness, perpendicularity and smoothness of wall tiles. Avoid the use of non brand wall tiles. Different wall tiles give people different visual feelings. According to the different environment, suit the local conditions, this is the final requirement of choosing cheap wall tiles. Before pave the tiles should clean the base, such as the wall has lime paste, latex paint, wallpaper and other ornaments, or the ground has dirt, must clean up, or cement mortar and the base adhesion is not firm; In addition, if the wall itself has cracks, it should be properly treated before laying tiles, so that the cracks in the basic structure will become larger in the future, resulting in cracking or falling off of the wall tiles. There are also cement walls to be scuffed. For the ground or wall with too much roughness or verticality, cement mortar should be used for leveling.

The ground facing tiles should be pasted from inside to outside, for example, if there is a slope or a floor drain on the ground, attention should be paid to finding the slope according to the direction of drainage. Wall tiles should be paved from bottom to top. For the sake of beauty, the bottom tiles should be pasted. When the wall tiles are finished, the flooring tiles should be pressed again. When half tiles are encountered, they should be placed below. In addition, one wall can not be attached to the top at a time, so as to prevent the tiles from being more self weight and cause collapse. The porcelain wall tiles have to be fully soaked in front of the paving, which is mainly to absorb water from the pores of the ceramic tiles, so it is not easy to show the phenomenon of empty drum and shedding at the time of paving. If the wall tiles do not soak directly to the wall, cement tiles are likely to directly absorb water in the cement, to a certain extent, the wall tiles will even crack, which will cause a large amount of waste outside wall tiles, and the quality of the paving is not good.

The placement position of the first block of wall tiles for hall is to select the position of the first block of room wall tiles, which determines the placement of the whole stone wall tiles, so the placement of the first block of tiles must be selected. Otherwise, the whole wall will be slanted away. The large wall tiles that cut the wall in the corner of the wall are not very smooth, so it is better to put them in the corner of the wall and seal them with sealant, so it will not affect the decoration effect of the house. On the contrary, if the paving is in a more obvious position, it will affect the beauty of the house.

According to the form of paving, it is necessary to determine the way of laying tiles according to the form of paving. If there is a directional pattern, the product should be paving in the direction of the diagram in order to get the best effect. Special attention, some of the texture is not obvious tiles, micro – powder tiles are in fact also have a direction, the general paving workers will not notice this detail, will make a mess of the wall.

Play new tricks! The tiles are so practical and fashionable.

Modern family style more and more fashion style, everyone has their own aesthetic view, enjoy the like are different, and the material market also with the variety of home style, increasing more and more choices, then how to choose a decoration with the style of tiles will be a test of people.

The flooring tiles have many materials, and it is necessary to choose according to the family needs. The general family’s demand for tiles is: resistance to dirt and wear, waterproof and skid resistance, brightening space light and increasing space level. Polished tiles: hard and wearable, most suitable for living room use. Glazed tiles: impervious, dirty, anti slip, easy to clean, rich in color and many specifications. Kitchen and bathroom are most suitable for use. Wood tiles: long service life, high wear resistance, no need of regular maintenance, and outdoor balcony. Rustic tiles: water absorption and skid resistance, high safety, good touch. Emery tiles: good water absorption, good skid resistance, less color, small size and high price. Quartz tiles: the lowest water absorption, good moisture-proof capacity, the bathroom preferred bump ups and downs.

Marble tiles: Mirror gloss, space transparent, clean, three-dimensional and fashion sense. Vitrified tiles: lower water absorption than polished floor tiles, increase refractive index and improve spatial brightness. Polished glazed tile: reflective effect is good, highlight the room bright and clean effect. Mosaic tiles: gradation and multi-layer, increase decorative effect, kitchen and bathroom can be widely used. Mosaic tiles: smart style collage, increase the sense of space level, create multi-level space. Leather / cloth tiles: the overall space is soft and delicate, showing the space texture, highlighting the space tension, and suitable for large areas of the living room.

The choice of the color of the tiles can not only depend on the discretion of the individual, it must be selected according to the lighting problem of the house, the room with ample light is large and the room is shallow, but the room with low floor lighting must pay attention to the choice of high brightness and suitable tiles price when choosing the color of the tiles. Kitchen area: the kitchen can be said to be dirty, oil, wet one, is the most difficult to clean a room in the family, for the kitchen, the choice of anti slippery waterproof, waterproof, hard and wear-resistant, easy to clean glazed tiles, polished porcelain tiles, vitrified tiles, color to resist dirty. Bathroom area: the floor tiles used in the bathroom must choose the glazed floor tiles with high density, strong waterproof and anti-skid and wear resistance. The bathroom area is generally small. It is possible to choose the mosaic to increase the space vision. The color is a good light color system, which can increase the brightness of the space. Living room area: the scope of the living room selection is wide, mainly considering the wear resistance, waterproof and anti-skid, the vitrified tiles, glazed tiles, rustic tiles are all suitable, color according to the decoration style to choose and collocation. Bedroom area: if the bedrooms rest room laying ceramic, it is recommended that polishing tiles or leather ceramic tiles, add space to feel warm and delicate.

The variety of tile must match the suitable decoration style, so that it can make it full play its nature advantage, the following simple look several decoration style with the tiles. Simple style: simple style is one of modern people’s favorite decoration style, the pursuit of practical and generous, concise and clear, the choice of light color pure color polished tiles or marble floor tiles can achieve the effect. Mediterranean style: mainly romantic, blue sky and white clouds, natural and fresh, using some matte rustic floor tiles and mosaic. European style: European style is compatible with luxurious elegance and modern fashion. It is not only luxurious but also romantic and easy to choose. You can choose marble tiles with light color. Classical style: classic style, luxurious atmosphere, and soft, delicate and textured tiles should be chosen for color tiles. French Style: the French style is exquisite and romantic, can choose vitrified tiles or cheap polished tiles, low tone color, create the simplicity of space and noble and elegant atmosphere.

Pastoral style: the pursuit is simple and natural, elegant and comfortable, and choose rustic tiles. Chinese style: blending Chinese classical elements into decoration, tile matching with ceramic rustic tiles of dark color, not using polished stone tiles. Korean style: with the popularity of Korean drama, Korean style decoration also become a modern young people tend to be more inclined, this style is more warm and lovely, you can choose the marble subway tiles of the light color system. Southeast Asian Style: with the characteristics of ethnic groups and leisure and comfort, only the stone and solid wood can be used to create a luxurious and primitive state. Mashup style: pursuit of personalized decoration, casual collocation, because of personal preferences, you can exaggerate, the color is complex.

With different decoration styles, the way of tile placement is varied, and the ways and means of different specifications are different, and the following are briefly introduced. Vertical and vertical paving: generally applicable to simple style, choose polished porcelain floor tiles, increase space spacious feeling, founder atmosphere. Modular paving: it is suitable for pastoral and European style, and marble tiles design are used to create a space atmosphere. I-shaped placement: visual illusion, creating a steady atmosphere. Diamond slant paved: suitable for European style and Chinese style and simple style. Rustic tiles design are used to make the whole look more atmospheric and increase the sense of space extension.

The choice of building materials is the key to the house decoration

Home decoration is a very costly event. No one really can guarantee that you will not buy the wrong thing in the decoration. It is as large as furniture, household appliances, all kinds of materials, and the hardware accessories of the path. My friend has such a painful energy, when decorating the bathroom, I bought the wrong floor tiles, and I found the toilet is slow to live in a few months, and it is also very serious and bitter.

Tiles design are an indispensable part of home decoration. There are various kinds and different spaces to choose different kinds. In modern society, the demand for marble tiles decoration are higher and higher, which makes manufacturers accelerate the pace of updating marble floor tiles. There are more styles of tiles on the market, and consumers are beginning to get confused. This Let us don’t know how to choose tiles.

The functional area of the family is generally divided into anhydrous and damp areas, so the demand for ceramic floor tiles is also different. Most families choose to use all glazed tiles to lay the living room and bedroom, and use rustic tiles to spread kitchen and bathroom. This is because the full body glazed tiles can remain bright for a long time, and is hard, wearable and beautiful enough for the living room bedroom. The cement tiles are more slippery and suitable for water in bathroom and kitchen.

The living room can be described as the highlight of decorating, and we need to consider carefully from quality to style. Sofa is the soul of the living room, the wrong choose on it will make the living room lose the soul. First of all, we should pay attention to the size and color of the sofa and the environmental problems. The size of the sofa should be determined according to the space size of the living room. The choice of furniture should be in accordance with the proportion of space. The total number of all furniture should not exceed 1/3 of the total living room space. Too much furniture will not only affect the appearance, but also make the whole space seem cramped. The sofa of small space should choose well, the length and height should be controlled well.

The color of the sofa should match the tone of the living room and other furniture. Light coloured lines do not match the unexpected dark colors. The quality of the sofa also should be paid attention to, the choice of too cheap sofa will not only allow the living room of the moment to reduce the style, but also poor quality material is not environmentally friendly, will harm the health of the family. Refrigerators should choose the right refrigerators or they will have more trouble later. If no one in the home is free to defrost the refrigerator often, or when you put the floor on the floor of the refrigerator, I suggest that you choose a cold refrigerator, even if it’s not easy to freeze, and don’t need to worry too much.

Small space house kitchen itself has little storage space, equipped with tableware, kitchenware, oil and salt, but also to install small kitchen treasure, and then a water purifier, it is too much of the place. If there is water demand, you can choose the desktop water purifier and put it in the living room and dining room. Cheap air purifier is better than no buy, psychological comfort is not necessary. Too cheap purifier for air purification can not play a role, can only satisfy your psychological comfort.

It’s best to choose a lower basin. There are three kinds of washbasins: wall-hung basin, pedestal basin and table basin. The tabletop basin is generally applicable to us. The table style is divided into two kinds: the platform basin and the lower basin. There are many styles and beautiful appearance on the stage, and they are also very fashionable. But the biggest drawback is that it’s not practical. Platform basin: with the strong table material (such as granite, artificial marble, etc.), the basin body is installed below the table, the naked eye from the table can not see the edge of the basin is called the lower basin. It is not recommended that you choose the pots on the stage, and the pots on the stage will take up more space. Moreover, the height of the basin is not convenient for us to wash our hair and wash our hair.

Some knowledge of selection tiles

Look at the appearance: the glazed tiles with good quality should be smooth and delicate, the glaze glazed and bright, and the matte glaze is soft and comfortable. Under the irradiation of sufficient natural light or fluorescent lamp, the tiles should be observed vertically at one meter away, and no obvious glaze defects should be observed. The flower pattern floor tiles with decorative patterns should be delicate and lifelike, without obvious defects such as lack of color, disconnection and dislocation. The quality of tiles on the back shading, trademarks and so on are clear and complete, and there are few glaze marks or defects.

Stitching effect: good tiles size deviation is small, put a batch of products vertically on a plane to see if there is any uneven phenomenon. Look at the flatness, and you can close the edges of the two tile together to see if there are any gaps. Good tiles deformation is small, paved after the btiles surface is smooth and beautiful. Look at the color difference of the tiles, take several tiles blocks together, check carefully under sufficient light, the tiles with different tones, the overall effect after the paving is not good.

Percussion: gently tap the ceramic tiles price, listen to their voices carefully, and the ceramic tiles with better quality are clear and sweet. Poor quality tiles due to improper formulation of raw materials, firing cycle is short, firing temperature is low, knocking will be issued “empty” sound. The weight of tiles price is generally weighed. Generally, the same size tiles has a high water absorption and a good internal quality.

Contrast varieties: flooring tiles are glazed tiles and unglazed tiles according to glaze condition. Glazed floor tiles are mainly used for floor decoration in bathroom and kitchen, and are used in conjunction with interior tiles. Most of the stone floor polish are polished by surface and become polished tiles. Most of the polished tile have less than 0.1% water absorption, also known as vitrified tiles. Polished floor tiles are smooth and mirror like, which are high-grade tile designs.

Tiles edge angle: in paving rustic tiles, many consumers and workers have encountered difficulties in the edge angle difficult to align, which indicates that the flatness of the porcelain tiles may not be too close. When selecting tiles, select a few randomly tiles, look along the border line and diagonal line of the marble tiles. If there is a “warp edge” phenomenon, it shows that the flatness of the tiles are not enough. If there is no, it shows that the flatness of the tiles are basically a pass, which is also a small trick to choose the tiles design.

When choosing the cement tiles, first of all, we should consider the overall style of the interior design, determine the basic color tone of the ceramic, and the feeling after the tiles are decorated so as to coordinate with the overall style of the living room. For example, modern simplicity style, modern simplicity style ceramic polish and vitrified tiles. Vitrified floor tiles and polishing tiles similar, but the production requirements are higher, the press is better, it can suppress the higher density, at the same time the burning temperature is higher, can achieve all porcelain.

Tiles characteristics: the size of the ceramic rustic tiles are uniform, which saves construction time and is neat and beautiful. The lower the water absorption rate, the better the degree of vitrification, the better the physical and chemical properties of the ceramic tile size, the less likely to be cracking or spalling due to the thermal expansion and cold shrinkage of the climate. The tiles with good evenness has no bending surface, no corners and easy construction. After construction, the floor tiles are flat. Strength: high flexural strength, good abrasion resistance, resistance to heavy pressure, easy wear and tear, and durable, suitable for use in public places. The wood tiles are placed on the floor and arranged in a square meter. They are separated from three meters to see whether the colors are different or unable to connect.

The full body tiles are a kind of wear-resistant tiles, although there are varieties, like full body soluble salt, but relatively, the full body tiles not good than glazed rustic tiles. As the interior design is more and more inclined to the color design, the color tiles are becoming more and more fashionable. The tiles are widely used in the floor of the hall, the aisle and the outdoor walkway. Generally, the colors tiles are seldom used on the wall, and most of the antiskid tiles belong to the tiles.