introduction: master living room tiles Raiders home life more enjoyable

Introduction: Master Living Room Tiles Raiders Home Life More Enjoyable

introduction: master living room tiles Raiders home life more enjoyable

Living room skirting board

Simplicity and fluency are forever themes. The concept of metaphysics and parquet are outdated superfluous. The skirting line is to be done, because the general wall paint, and paint and ground connecting parts often with the living room furniture feet and foot contact, easy to get dirty and damaged, and the use of a baseboard with tiles made to avoid this problem, and make the room more beautiful. The upper end of the foot line shall be ground to 1/4 or 45 degrees, and the machined surface shall be polished.

Tile color selection

Indoor requirements are spacious and bright, so that people feel relaxed and comfortable. So the light is appropriate, such as white, beige, color or pattern can be slightly, to high health requirements for the master, select solid color can better reflect the owner’s elegant, but to spend more time and energy, because the pure dirty, need frequent cleaning, for those busy, willing to spare time on the Internet, sleep and other aspects of the owners, the best choice with patterns or particles of ceramic tile.

Selection of tile material

Choose vitrified stone is better, because it is wear-resisting, bright, easy to clean. Some people like to use antique brick, antique brick color rich, reflecting the personality, but the color is often heavier, cleaning is also a certain degree of difficulty. Stone is best not used, because not only the high cost of stone, the color of a single, but most of the stone radioactive, surface finish and abrasion resistance is also very low. They are often used in large public places.

Selection of polished tiles

If the living room area of more than 30 square meters, 80*80 should be less than the brick, area under 60*60 standards, but not less than 40*40. Large size can make the room spacious and spacious, with a wide view. But the large size tiles if the shop is stuck in a small area on the ground, will make the size of the room collocation uncoordinated, like a man wearing an oversized clothes, on the other hand, if a large area of paving the small ceramic tiles, will appear crowded indoor complex.