The Important Things of Reglaze Tile?

If you are working with kitchen tiles, use a degreaser cleaner or rubbing alcohol to remove any oily residue. Wipe them down with sandpaper. Go over each tile with 400/600 grit sandpaper. Choose the wet/dry type of paper, so that you can move on to sanding directly after cleaning. Move your hand in small circles or back and forth motions and try to cover all rustic tiles evenly. Rinse off the wood tiles with water when you are finished.

Remember that your goal is to remove any surface bumps and imperfections, not to sand it down to its base. Porcelain tiles need to be prepared with an etching liquid or a pumice block so the glaze will adhere to it. Sanding increases the lifespan of your refinishing job by allowing the epoxy paint to more fully adhered to the surface of your cement tiles.

Don’t get too discouraged if you can’t see clear results from your sanding. Just keep going and rub your hands over the tile’s surface to feel the change in texture. Let the casstle tiles dry. Wait at least a day or two for the grout and Slate tiles to fully dry before moving forward. If you apply a refinishing paint to a wet surface, it will not stick as well and may even leave air bubbles behind.

Take breaks, if needed. In between various steps, go outside of the room for a few minutes, take off your respirator, and breathe in the fresh air. If you had to hunch over or lean down while painting, take a quick stretch before going back in.

Give it ample time to dry. After applying your epoxy paint, you now have to wait for it to cure. This is the time when the paint hardens to the point where you can get the element tile wet without damaging the surface. Epoxy coatings can dry in 2-3 days, but it is probably safer to leave it alone for a full week.

Hire a professional. An experienced tile worker or kitchen/bathroom remodeler can offer you some additional options beyond standard refinishing. For example, some of them can spray on a primer followed by a urethane coating that mimics a glaze when buffed. Make sure to go with a contractor that you trust and guarantee a competitive price by getting at least two bids. Tile reglazing fumes are strong and could cause sensitivity if you have allergies or asthma.