How to Reglaze Tile?

Reglazing your tile technically requires removing each wood tile and sending it back to the kiln. Luckily, refinishing your tile with epoxy paint gives you that finished look with a do-it-yourself approach. Start by getting a quality tundla tile refinishing kit and following the enclosed directions. Get the area ready for painting by replacing any damaged marble tiles and cleaning it well. Then, apply primer and a double-coat of the epoxy paint. Wait a few days for it to cure and you can enjoy your new looking tile.

Remove the grout, if desired. If your grout is cracking, falling apart, or extremely moldy, then go ahead and chisel it out before moving forward. Use a flat head screwdriver, small hammer, and utility knife to apply pressure to the caulk beads. They may peel right up or you may need to gradually chip them away with the knife. Always keep your hands away from the knife’s path and go slowly.

This step can get pretty messy, so keep a vacuum close by to suck up the dust and debris. Use a mix of muriatic acid and water to loosen the grout. Only use the acid if you are working in a well-ventilated area and wear a mask and gloves while handling it.

You’ll want to replace the grout either before painting or after the epoxy paint has cured. It is really your choice. Grout covered with epoxy paint will be uniform and easier to clean. But, some people like the look of grout lines.

Clean the cement tiles thoroughly. Your kit will likely come with specific cleaning instructions. It might ask you to mix together an enclosed powder with water and then scrub it on the ceramic tile. If instructions are not provided, clean the tiles with bleach, a powdered cleaner (such as Comet), and a rust and lime remover. After each cleaner application, do a full rinse with water.