Tiles clean trick: make the home tiles clean as mirror

After being used for a long time, there will always be some stains on the tiles, especially the white tiles. It needs to be cleaned at this time. There are a lot of tips on the cleaning of floor tiles.

There are many detergents for daily cleaning of floor tiles, such as cleaning, soap and so on. These detergents also have acid-base properties, and different stains need different detergents. Acidic cleaning agents can remove tiles surface cement marks, stubborn stains, scale and so on. Alkaline cleanser can remove dirty oil and wax on the surface of home tiles. If they are not used, they may not only achieve the purpose of cleanliness, but also damage the tiles design.

Cleaning stains and dirt on floor tiles, such as tea stains, soy sauce, ice cream and so on, we suggest that you choose bleach to clean up. You can soak the rag in the bleach for a while and then wash the tiles. Clean floor tiles surface oil pollution, paint can be cleaned with alkaline detergent, when used, it needs to wipe more than a few times, because some stains stay for a long time, it is difficult to remove.

Clean the wall tiles surface of mildew, such as ink, can also use bleach, only smear at the stain, wipe after a few minutes, you can remove mildew. If scratches are found on the bathroom tiles, toothpaste can be applied to scratches, and then dry cloth can be used to wipe them out. If the mosaic tile time has been yellow for a long time, it can be scrubbed with toilet cleaner. The ground can be sold in supermarkets because of removing the offset printing on the tiles on the ground.

At home with polished tiles to decorate the wall or the balcony, the living room ground, to keep the polished marble  tiles surface gloss, can be regularly waxed, four or five times a year can be. The floor tiles clearance to often brush waterproof agent to prevent the growth of mold.

While cleaning the wall tiles, we should also pay attention to protecting our hands, because the acid and alkali can not only remove stains from floor tiles, but also burn the skin. Read the instructions before reading the acid-base, use the gloves before the bleach, and bleach should be fully dissolved in the proper temperature water before they can be used.

What is the wall tile in the middle plate?

Medium plate, that is, medium size; internal wall tiles, refers to the application, paving on the wall of a class of ceramic tile products; The inner wall tiles of the medium plate, as the name suggests, refer specifically to the medium size tile products specially applied to the walls. In recent years, with the popularization of large ceramic tiles in the whole ceramic industry, tiles have been expanded to a great extent on the ground placement and application. All kinds of large scale ceramic tile ground application solutions are also very sufficient, but the product is relatively small for the inner wall tiles which are focused on the large size tiles.

In the ceramic industry, which is popular in the ceramic tile market, there is a great market prospect for ceramic tile products in the middle plate, and it will show the possibility of explosive growth. which advantages of the wall tile in the middle plate?
1)the tile’s body is vitrified, low water absorption, and the product is pressed by relatively high tonnage press in the process of production, and the product is burned for a long time.
2)the ceramic floor tile surface texture is rich and the texture effect is excellent. The technology expression of the interior wall tile products on the enamel line and the surface printing process can be superimposed in a more complex way.
3)The inner wall tile has good seismic strength, which is that the body is more sturdy. In the process of production, a more fine ball milling machine is used to make the ball into the slurry.
4)The product size is more standard, the standard of the production process of the inner wall tile is close to the standard of the common full body marble tiles or rustic tiles production process, so the error of its later forming size is smaller.

The inner wall tile of the middle plate is a kind of ceramic bath tile product with low water absorption. In the construction of the wall, it is suggested to use the strengthened ceramic tile glue for laying on the wall. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the paving of it, please ensure that the base of the wall is neat and smooth. We must keep the seam paving during the paving process. The gap between tiles should be reserved between 1.5mm-3mm. Finally, after the paving is finished, it is recommended that the seams can be treated with beautiful seams, so that the overall effect will be better. Which difference between the inner wall tile and the traditional porcelain tiles?

the water absorption rate is different. The inner wall tiles belong to ceramic tiles. The water absorption rate is relatively low. Most of them are under the control of 1% or double zero. The traditional porcelain tiles belong to the ceramic tiles. The water absorption rate is generally high, and the water absorption rate is generally in 8%-12%.

The density of tiles body is different, the vitrification degree of the tiles body is higher, the density is higher, the anti damage strength is high, the traditional porcelain tile is the pottery body, the high water absorption and the low density of the tiles are the remarkable characteristics of the traditional porcelain tiles. Meanwhile, the anti destructive strength of the traditional Chinese tiles is also relatively low.

With different wear resistance, the wear resistance of inner wall tiles is higher than that of traditional porcelain tiles. Because of the high density and low water absorption, the traditional ceramic tile has low density and high water absorption, which causes the wear resistance of the traditional porcelain tiles to be less than the inner wall tiles on floor.

The performance of the wall tiles in the medium plate is different, and the surface of the wall tiles can be expressed by various kinds of deep and shallow grinding tools. At the same time, the surface can also apply a variety of dry grain effect. And the latter surface can also do various polishing techniques to perform the process, while the traditional porcelain tiles have no way to do it.

How To Handle The Problem Of Water Seepage Of Toilet Ceramic Tile Seam?

Toilet ceramic tile seam seepage how to do? Believe this is the problem that many family toilet is more likely to happen.Cause there are many kinds of situations, ceramic tile water seepage or ceramic tile is of poor quality, or is laid with the quality of the lead to have crack, moreover is the water pipe and the place of ceramic tile mating seal does not reach the designated position, etc. So how to solve toilet ceramic tile water seepage? Let’s take a look at the solution to the water seepage of bathroom tiles:

Water seepage situation of toilet tile seam: the waterproof layer has a problem
If the situation it is ceramic tile must be removed to the wall to the waterproof layer, see the inner wall is preferred, then blow be bored with child again, to do the waterproof layer to metope, then shop sticks ceramic tile, general this kind of method is more complex, so suggest to check clear.
Water seepage condition of the water in the bathroom tile: water seepage caused by rupture of water pipe
This kind of situation, it needs to be check was carried out on the water pipe on the test, to see whether there is leaking water, if it is because water pipe broken, need to immediately find leaks, open the wall to replace the water pipe.

Water seepage condition of bathroom tile seam 3: damp and caused by the wall seepage water
Just need to pay more attention to the ventilation and cleaning in the bathroom daily.
Water seepage situation of toilet tile seam 4: ceramic tile gap is not good
First of all, it is necessary to fill the cracks with cement or filler, and then make a waterproof layer.

The Choose And Buy Method Of Balcony Tiles

The balcony is the only extension of the house to the outdoor part, it is not only the best place for drying clothes, but also our busy life in a rare square of pure land. So how should we choose the balcony tiles?

1. Style selection
Now residents housing area is bigger and bigger, small size ceramic tile can not meet the requirements of household, indoor metope ceramic tile of general with 250 x 360 mm size is relatively common, sitting room ground brick is generally not less than 500 x 500 mm, if sitting room area is more than 40 square meters, the floor tile specification requirement is larger.
2. Color selection
Because of the balcony light is bright, especially some bearing better balcony, plus the balcony is to rest and cool clothes in the bedroom, need to be relaxed atmosphere, therefore in the balcony had better choose more shallow the color of the tiles, for example, light yellow, white, rice white, shallow black, etc. But it is not suitable for deep color, such as big red, dark brown etc.
3. Ceramic tile size
For small ceramic tile of the person you like, the balcony of a strip, can choose a small balcony to laying brick, brick or buy large balcony through the modification is allowed, as long as according to the length and width of the balcony, it is good to follow the laid, on the other hand, because the area of the balcony is original is not very big, small space to choose ceramic tile can foil more space dimension sense, like a fat man is suitable for vertical stripes clothes don’t look fat, thin people wear suitable for horizontal stripes appear thin is not a reason, so choose ceramic tile size small balcony is ok.