How to Cutting Curves with an Angle Grinder Before Cut Marble Tiles?

Marble tiles look great in a bathroom or kitchen, but sometimes you may need a smaller piece of tile to fill in a gap. While ceramic tiles can be scored and snapped, marble needs to be cut completely or else it will shatter. You can use either a wet saw to make straight lines or an angle grinder to make curves as long as you have a diamond blade. Once you make your cuts, you can make marble tiles any size you need.

Change the blade on your grinder to a diamond blade. Loosen the nut attaching the blade to your grinder using a ratchet wrench. Remove the current blade, and set the diamond blade in its place. Put the nut back onto the blade and tighten it again with your wrench. Check your grinder’s rotation in the instruction manual and compare it to which direction the arrow faces on your blade. If they go in opposite directions, install the blade upside-down so it cuts the right way.

Place a 2 in (5.1 cm) piece of scrap wood or foam underneath the wood tile. Find a flat piece of plywood or stiff foam that you can put underneath your tile. Make sure the wood or foam is at least 2 inches (5.1 cm) thick. That way, your angle grinder won’t cut into your work surface.

In a pinch, clamp multiple pieces of cardboard together to make a new cutting surface. Warning: Don’t hang your cement tile over the edge of your work surface since it’s more likely to break or shatter.

Cut halfway through the tile design for its entire length. Turn your angle grinder on with the switch on the main body. Carefully lower the blade of the grinder onto your kitchen tile in a slow and steady motion. Push the grinder halfway through the wood marble tile and follow along with your line for the entire length. When you finish your cut, turn off the grinder.

Keep your fingers clear from your blade so you don’t accidentally cut yourself. Don’t attempt to cut through the entire tile right away since it may create sparks or break your blade. Follow along with the line again to cut through the wall tiles design completely. Turn on your grinder again and start from one side of your cut line. This time, push the grinder through the rest of the element tile so it cuts through it completely. Push the grinder slowly in a straight line so it doesn’t jump out of the cut.