How to Repairing and Cleaning the Tiles Before Reglaze Tile

Choose a common marble tile refinishing kit. These kits are sold at hardware and home repair stores as well as online. Some just come with the epoxy paint, while others include rollers and sprayers for application. Read over what each kit contains and compare prices to determine the best choice for you. Expect to spend around $80-$100 for a kit with everything included.

Read all of the kit instructions carefully. Before you start the glazing process, unpack your kit and spend some time going over the step-by-step instructions. If you are unclear about the directions, look for a customer service number or helpline that you can call. The instruction booklet will also tell you what kind of safety gear you’ll need.


Pay close attention to any of the kit’s warning labels or notices. For example, it might advise you that certain types of tiburon tile, such as laminate, are not good candidates for refinishing. In this case, you may need to replace the tiles design subway or talk with a professional installer.

Replace any chipped or broken tiles. A new finish will probably make any imperfections even more obvious. Remove all caulking with a scraper and then follow up with a caulk remover liquid. If the refinishing glaze that you are using is opaque, don’t worry too much about matching the replacement tile’s color exactly with the old ones. After all, they will all look the same after the paint coating.

Repair small cracks or minor chips by applying a polyester putty to the area and then smoothing it out. This will make the wood tile waterproof once more and the repairs will be covered up by the refinishing process. Scrape out enough grout and adhesive so the new rustic tiles sit slightly below the existing tile. This makes it less noticeable if you reglaze it.