How to Choosing a Blade and Taking Safety Precautions Before Cut Marble Tiles?

Pick a diamond blade for your saw or angle grinder. Diamond blades have a harder cutting edge, making it easier for them to grind through tough materials like stone or marble tile. Purchase a blade for a wet saw or an angle grinder depending on what you plan on using.

Look for diamond blades at your local hardware store or online. The size of your blade depends on the model of your machine. Check with the instruction manual to see what size blade it requires.

Mark the line you’re cutting on the casstle tile with a pencil. Set a straightedge on top of your tile and trace along the edge with a pencil to mark it. The mark won’t wash off when you use a wet saw, and it can easily be rubbed off the spots tile when you’re finished. If you’re making a curved cut, use a compass to trace a perfect circle.

Tip: If you don’t want to mark your calacata tile directly, place a straight piece of masking tape on the tile and use a marker to draw your line on it. It’s okay to cut through the tape.

Wear safety glasses, earplugs, and a respirator. Cutting through marble tile kicks up a lot of dust, so protect your eyes, nose, and mouth. Since using the saw or angle grinder will be loud, put in earplugs so you don’t damage your hearing. Most hardware stores should carry all of the safety equipment you need. You may wear work gloves if you want, but they’re not necessary.