Why cracks appear after the tiles are finished?

The wood floor tiles after cutting is cracked. After one years of decoration, after 8 months, it was found that no matter the living room or the bedroom, all the marble floor tiles that had been cut at the corner of the house were radially broken at the cutting point, and were increasingly serious. Strangely enough, the flooring tiles are not loose or tilted.

Cracking of tiles design after cutting is a common phenomenon. Compared with the whole tiles price, the overall strength of the cut wall tiles will be reduced a lot, so it will be easier to crack in the later stage. Although the floor tiles design are finished for a period of time after the cracking, but it is likely to be in the construction, after the completion of the inside has been small cracks, the naked eye can not find.

In the process of paving, the workers use a rubber hammer on both sides of the cement tiles. If the force is not consistent, the adhesion of the wood marble tiles and the ground will not be consistent, and then the tiles are easily cracked with the increase of the cement strength and the increase of the tensile force in the later period. This is a problem which is difficult to find in the construction process, and it will only appear in the process of use.

First, precaution. When pawning construction is done, we urge the workers to be more careful. We must find a reliable small tiles decoration company. second, the choice of good quality brand floor tiles. If the above problems appear, the owner can contact the original decoration company for maintenance, replace the damaged tiles, and please pay more attention to the workers in the reloading.

The tiles are empty of drum. The tiles in the living room has two tiles in the seam. It can feel that the tiles are swinging up and down. There is no improper use of the tiles during the use of the house.It became so imperceptible that stepping on it was very uncomfortable. Such a problem may arise because no wet curing is done after the floor tiles are installed.

Wet curing is done within 24 hours after tiling, like sprinkle water on the floor to keep the tiles moist, usually for a week. When the cement absorbs enough water to reach its due strength, the ground will be in extreme dry condition if no wet curing is carried out. If a basin of water or water pipe is sprinkled in the process, some changes will take place in the floor tiles.

How to identify the quality of the tiles?

When we decoration home we need to buy tiles design for use, but how to buy a value-for-money and satisfactory marble tiles also has a certain knowledge, Generally, the principles of cement tiles choosing are: Check the surface of ceramic tiles, listen to the sound, drip water test and measurement tiles size.

Check the surface of floor tiles. The color and lustre of the wall tiles should be uniform, the surface finish and the whole degree are better, the surrounding rules and the pattern are complete, and four or five pieces of color difference, deformation and angular and less angle are drawn from a box.

Listen to the sound. With the hard objects hitting the kitchen tiles, the clearer the sound, the higher the porcelain quality, the better the quality. Also can the left hand of the thumb, index finger and middle finger of the corner of marble tiles design, easy to hang down, with the right hand index finger to light the lower part of large marble tiles, such as the sound, sweet as the upper products, such as dull sound, stagnation of turbidity is the next product.

Drip water test. You can drip water on the back of the tiles, see the speed of infiltration after the water dispersed, generally, the slower the water absorption, indicating that the tiles density is greater. On the contrary, the faster the water absorption, the less the density, the better the intrinsic quality.

measurement small tiles size. The higher the accuracy of the edge length of the tiles, the better the effect after laying and pasting. Buying high-quality tiles are not only easy to construct, but also can save time and accessories. The size of each tile is measured with a tape measure. There is no difference in the size of each tile.

In addition, its hardness can be observed. The tiles are of good hardness, toughness, and are not fragile. The edges and corners of the tiles are scratched with each other to see whether the broken fragments are fine or loose, hard, brittle or soft, leaving scratches or scattered powders, such as the former, and the latter is a poor quality. Standard size is the key to judge the quality of tiles. Measure the diagonal and quadrilateral dimensions and thickness of tiles with tape or caliper.

The color sense is whether the tiles have chromatic aberration, the color is rich, the good tiles have no color difference, the flower color is rich and diverse. You can put the tiles flat on the ground, spelled one square meter and three meters away from the ground, whether there is a different color or a feeling that can’t connect. If there is no defect, there is no color difference. Texture: the material, quality of tiles give people the feeling, different texture gives people with soft and hard, virtual and solid, tough and brittle, slippery, transparent and turbid and other feelings.

Aesthetic feeling is a kind of overall feeling, it is the overall feeling of wood tiles sense, texture and paving effect. At the same time, considering the hardness, toughness, wear resistance, flatness and so on, in the choice, it needs to choose the smooth and smooth wood marble tiles, the surface is not curved, the angle is not warped, the construction is easy, the surface of the ground is smooth after construction. The glaze of tiles should be uniform, smooth, neat, bright, delicate, bright and uniform. And when paving, the ground and walls are coordinated to give people a sense of beauty.

Tiles are also rich in emotion, which can be reflected in many aspects, such as the cultural spirit promised by the tiles, the service provided in the process of selling tiles, and the after-sales service provided by the manufacturer. From brand to product, from sales to service, many links are systematized and combined, forming the feeling of tiles.

The knowledge of full body glazed rustic tile

The full body glazed rustic tile is a kind of tile formed in the glaze polishing process. It is the last glaze applied to the rustic tile. At present, it is generally transparent surface glaze or transparent convex flower glaze. The full body glazed rustic tile of full cast glaze has the advantages of the polishing tile and the rusric tile. The glaze is as smooth as polished tile, and the glaze color is like antiquity. The tile – like pattern is rich, and the color is thick or gorgeous.
The appearance of full body glazed tiles of floor brings the tile back to the “light age”. Compared with the full glaze crystal gloss tile, the original polishing tile and rustic tile all become “Cinderella”, thus raising the glossy and magnificent effect of the ceramic tiles to a new height.

However, as a new production process, full body glazed rustic tile is not so perfect either in material, equipment or technical level, such as wear, pollution, and outway, but the new technology is perfected in continuous development and experiment.
The full body glazed rustic tile belongs to the technical innovation. Because of its environmental protection and energy saving, and the low entrance threshold, the ceramic rustic tile enterprises are facing the bottleneck and difficulty of innovation. All kinds of factors have caused the popularity of full body glazed rustic tile in the market. To some extent, full body glazed rustic tile is actually an upgraded version of crystal floor tiles that were once popular in the past.

The production of full body glazed rustic tile products is beneficial to energy saving and emission reduction.
The full body glazed rustic tile has little requirement for porcelain sand and porcelain clay, and the internal quality is not affected by various impurity components of porcelain sand, which is beneficial to saving mineral resources. Full body glazed rustic tile equipment throws products with high brightness, electricity saving and low breakage.

The long use time, more colorful texture
Full body glazed rustic tile is more rich in flower and color, after burning ceramic floor tiles at high temperature, the pattern coloring texture is the dialysis color, not the rough pattern on the surface of the ordinary ceramic tile, but the special coloring muscle that can be seen and felt, the color is bright, the variety and the texture are natural.

Full body glazed rustic tiles can reduce cost, change color and emulation degree, and all fired glazed tiles have long service life. Glazed tiles fired by full body glazed rustic tile are thick and not easy to wear.
The thickness of glazed layer of rustic tile is generally between 0.3mm~0.8mm, and the glaze layer of full body glazed rustic tile and waist tile is thicker, generally between 0.6mm~1.3mm, and some of them reach 1.5mm or more. The glazing layer of the full body glazed rustic tile is thicker, mainly through the thickening glaze layer to make up the deformation of the tile, so that the polished surface will not be exposed. The hardness of the glaze layer is in the Moir 5~7 range.

Consumers are most willing to believe in their own eyes, rather than the various characteristics and advantages of the big fee to introduce the full body glazed rustic tile, the sample is better, “seeing is real”. When consumers see the full body glazed rustic tile can show all kinds of home style incisively and vividly, the product is clear about everything.
The large market of full body glazed rustic tile, some big enterprises want to be the high-end brand of the rustic tiles design, but the “pure blood” of the imported brand is lack of competitiveness, and the development of rustic tile meets the bottleneck, then it changes the direction. This brings good opportunities for smaller rustic tile enterprises to enter the rustic tile market.

It is a bit far fetched to define the full body glazed rustic tile as an rustic tile. The next trend of the rustic tile may be how to combine the technology of full body glazed rustic tile to upgrade and sublimate the unique advantages of the former rustic tile in the new process. The rustic tile will be refined and refined around the Mediterranean and pastoral areas.
The combination of rustic tile and full body glazed rustic tile is a new product. It should be called the new classical tile, which just satisfies the desire of the enterprise to develop bigger and stronger. Rustic tile is not without stage, but to cater to the market trend, re locate. Keep pace with the trend, do not blindly follow suit, take the new classical line on the basis of the original rustic tile.

A Small Coup In Selecting High Quality Tiles

View color: in the light good environment, observe the brick surface whether there are color difference, leakage, sliding marks, cracks, cracks, porcelain missing, color dirty and other defects, whether the color is bright. There is no obvious defect on the surface of the high quality product, the color is bright and uniform, and the size is regular.

Listening: tapping the brick body by hand, carefully identifying whether the sound is crisp and pleasant, and having metal sound ceramic tile, brick body density is high, sintering is good. If the sound is rough and dull, the sintering degree of brick body is low and the density is not high. Knock the sound hoarse, then this kind of polishing brick is inferior products, brick body may exist cracks.

Weigh: weigh by hand, feel heavy or not, sink to high density, strong hardness, on the contrary, poor texture.
Test the water: put a small amount of ink or tea on the brick surface for two minutes, then rinse with water or wipe with cloth, to see whether the residual traces are obvious. Traces clearly indicate the quality is general, otherwise the quality is better.

In short, polished quality has four elements: look, to shine; listen to the sonorous; a weigh heavy, strong; try, low water absorption rate.