How Keeping Bluestone tiles Clean?

Sweep or wipe down the Bluestone tiles often. If your Bluestone tiles is used as tile, use a broom to sweep up debris daily. For countertops, gather up any crumbs or dirt that get on the counter at least once a day with a cloth. If your Bluestone tiles is on a door or window fixture, sweep off debris with a brush at least once a week.

Wipe the area down with water. After getting rid of debris, dampen a cloth or sponge mop. Run the cloth or mop over the area to remove any sticky residue or dirt. Water is sufficient most of the time for cleaning Bluestone tiles. If you’re outside, you can spray the area down with a hose.

Dab up spills right when they happen. Use a clean cloth to dab at the spill until you absorb all that you can. Dip a clean sponge into a cup of warm water with a few drops of dish soap in it. Wipe the area down with the soapy water. Rinse the soap out of the cloth and wipe the area with plain water.

You can also use a scrubbing brush or broom and soapy water to clean up bigger spills. Make sure to dab up the spill first, though. Spills can stain natural stones like Bluestone tiles if they’re left to set. The oil left on the Soapstone tiles will safeguard against spills and minor wear and tear while also giving the material an elegant aged look.

Use a mild all-purpose cleaner to deal with stubborn messes. It’s perfectly alright to break out that bottle of multi-surface cleaner when you’re battling stuck-on gunk or just don’t have time to prepare a gentle soap solution. Most ordinary cleaning chemicals are mild enough to clean Soapstone tiles without harming it.