How to choose tiles?

The tiles are one of the essential materials that are essential when we are decorated. But when choosing home tiles, what are the ways and means, what is the point of attention, and how to choose the floor tiles? When buying tiles, we should first distinguish the use of the place, secondly to understand the various parameters of tiles design, and then understand how to distinguish between the quality of tiles, and finally do not greedy for cheap, to buy good tiles.

There are many kinds of tiles price, the characteristics of different kinds of tiles, the advantages and disadvantages of different places, different places are different to the requirements of home tiles, according to the characteristics of tiles and the use of the place to buy tiles. For example, the kitchen needs anti dirt and anti slip tiles for sale, and the living room needs bright and nice tiles. In addition, the requirements for floor tiles and wall tiles are different. So the knowledge must be made clear first.

Each tiles decorate have different parameters. Knowing these parameters can help you pick out a more suitable tiles. For example, the water absorption rate of ceramic tiles, the national standard is that the floor tiles should be less than or equal to 0.5%, and the water absorption of the interior  ceramic flooring should be between 10% and 20%. The wearability of tiles is different from that of different tile ceramic porcelain. According to the different requirements of the site, it is also different. The length and width error, size and right angle of tiles need to be clearly understood.

The choice of living room design are not only in good color but also in good quality. So how to test the quality of tiles? The simplest way is to see whether the surface of the wall floor tiles are flat, gloss is not high, whether the pattern is clear, whether the cut surface is neat. Then tap the tiles again, and the crisp and continuous house floor tiles are better. You can also weigh of the tiles, the better the quality of the heavier tiles. At last, the water absorbability of the floor tiles for living room was measured by the method of dripping water, and the bearing capacity was tested by the press. The writing brush was used to write on the ceramic tiles, and the wearability of the tiles was detected.

The price difference of tiles are bigger, do not believe the tiles price with discount sale easily. There are many tiles discount information just to attract customers, but the quality is not necessarily good. It is best to choose floor wall tiles with good brand effect and good reputation.