How to Finding Replacement Pool Tiles?

If your swimming pool is over 15 years old or has taken quite a bit of wear and tear, you may need to replace some of the tiles. Start by lowering your water level and removing any cracked or damaged tiles. Find some replacement pool tiles design and install them with thinset mortar, then seal them in place with grout. Once you’re done and everything’s dry, bring the pool’s level back up and reward yourself with a swim.

Use the old tiles if they’re still intact. If the cement tiles came off but they’re still in 1 piece, you can simply re-attach them! This will save you a lot of time, instead of trying to find new tiles that fit the pattern or space available. When the bathroom tiles fall off, keep them together in a safe spot where they won’t get bumped, cracked, or lost.

Ask your original pool builder for glazed rustic tile, if possible. If you know who built your pool and they’re still available, they may still have extra tiles handy. Send them an email, including a picture of the tile and a quick description, and ask if they have access to any extra marble tiles. You’ll also need to ask for a price, which may be discounted due to your past business.

Check online or at local pool stores for similar or identical tiles. Pool stores are good for comparing colors up close, but online pool tile catalogues will likely give you the most variety to choose from. Settle for a close match if the repair is in a less obvious area, such as somewhere you can’t see from the house. As long as the color is the same and the shape and size are similar, they probably won’t stand out too much.

Have tiles custom-made to match your original tiles exactly. This option is more expensive, but if you can’t find a match for your tiles, this will give you the most seamless repair. Consult with a custom rustic tile company to see if they can recreate your tile. Bring photographs of the original  common marble tile to give them a reference. To find a custom tile company, look online or locally and set up a consultation.