How Tracing and Cutting Tiles Around an Installed Toilet?

Install the full tiles surrounding the toilet first. Take your time planning out your tile pattern and creating grid lines on the subfloor so that you need to make as few angular/circular tile cuts as possible. When you’re tiling around an already-installed toilet, plan out your pattern so that at there is at least 2 in (5.1 cm) of space between the base of the toilet and the edges of any of the tiles you’ll be laying around it.

You’ll usually save time (due to a greater margin for error with your tile cuts) if you remove the toilet, tile the floor, and then reinstall or replace the toilet. However, tiling around an existing toilet may be preferable in some cases. Tiling around an installed toilet is easier if the base rests flush against the wall behind the toilet.

If you have to tile all the way around the base, including the small space between it and the wall, strongly consider removing the toilet, tiling around the toilet flange, and reinstalling the toilet. Create sheets of paper that are the same size as a whole tile. Simply cut the paper to match the size of the tile—for instance, 16 by 16 in (41 by 41 cm).

Cut one sheet for each tile you’ll need to lay around the base of the toilet. Estimate your tile cuts and cut parallel slits in the paper in these areas. Visualize how each tile will fit around the toilet base, and estimate which parts of each tile will need to be cut away.

Transfer these estimates to the corresponding sheets of paper, and use scissors to cut parallel slits that are about 0.25 in (0.64 cm) apart in the areas that will need to be removed. When doing so, it’s better to overestimate the area that will need to be removed than to underestimate.

How is difficult for selection tiles and style matching, BARANA teach you in 5 minutes?

Choosing tile is not an easy task. There are many kinds and styles. When selecting tiles, we should not only identify the quality of grey tiles, but also match them. When many people buy Tiles price, they run around the market without any clue, feel very helpless about it.

Tile belongs to the decoration main material, is the decoration expense main item. The quality and price of tiles on the market are also uneven. Many people do not know how to distinguish the quality of the ceramic tile sizes. Because of the loss of quality in the tiles, people usually choose to buy first-line brand tiles flooring, and spend more money to make peace. If the budget is relatively small, they will choose to buy tiles which are relatively cheap. Then, how can we choose the best tile when the budget is limited? How to pursue the best price ratio.

tile’s body is a very important index to judge whether ceramic tile shower are good or bad. Turn the tiles over and look at the back. The white clay is pure porcelain and good raw material. The side section of ceramic floor has obvious cross cutting pattern, which is usually made by small factories in production equipment. If we touch with our hands, we can also feel that the tiles are smooth and delicate. The tiles with poor quality has a rough texture on the side of the touch.

The difference between porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles is that the firing time and temperature are different. The difference is water absorption. The water absorption of porcelain floor tiles is very low, and it does not absorb water basically, ceramic floor tiles have obvious water absorption. Semi ceramic tiles design are also called ceramic wall tiles, which are far less dense than all tiles. They are not strong enough to resist pressure and impact. In daily home life, if you accidentally drop something onto the floor, the porcelain will easily be removed from the glaze, once the glazed surface is destroyed, it can not be repaired. If you choose porcelain tiles as wall tiles, remember that when laying tiles: Do not use cement. Make sure you use strong tile adhesive. Because marble porcelain tiles will be peeling off with cement paste, and the tile glue should not be mixed with cement paving, otherwise, the tiles will fall off later.

Floor tiles were first popular in pure color paving, and then developed lace patterns, patterns and dark patterns. With no more space for the pattern tiles, The designer began to work on the Tile’s figure . Some special tiles design always give people a very high and expensive feeling. In fact, there may not be a great difference in the price of tiles, but because of this unique beauty, it is very touching. Compared with the regular square tiles, the six corner tiles can be smart and simple. A large area of pure color paving makes the space simple and luxurious. Help you easily concavity out of the light luxury kitchen and bathroom. If you want to break the low tone of pure color, try random paving. Different color blocks collide with each other, highlighting the artistic sense of the geometric tiles surface.

The smooth flowing water tiles are like the ripples of the lake’s water, full of romanticism, it is suitable for small area home decoration, usually used in kitchen and bathroom wall tiles. The gradual paving method allows this area to transform into waves. If you want to use cheap tiles in large areas, try to choose a pure color style tiles. Or similar colors, tiles with deep shades can create an interesting sense of hierarchy. And the color and texture of the tiles are covered with walls. The whole space has a feeling of slow flow of water waves, especially suitable for bathrooms.

There are many changes in the stitching form of the three-dimensional triangular tiles. You can assemble them in various ways like jigsaw puzzle. Of course, different tile splicing will produce different effects, with subtle changes. Corrugated knitted tiles are suitable for outdoor applications. Under the cooperation of lighting, it can show the light and shadow effect that ordinary tiles cannot form, it’s like letting a building wear a woven coat.

Choose Tile according to this method. One thousand living rooms are paved with one thousand kinds of beauty

My friend asked me how to choose the tile in the living room. My requirements are very simple, wear-resistant, skid-proof, easy to take care of, bright space, and also clean and generous, it is best to make the living room have the home warm, more comfortable to use, that’s all. My God, this request is “very simple”, suddenly reminds me of “I only want colorful black”, “really simple.” There are many kinds of ceramic tile, which I do not want to count, wooden tiles, polished tiles, marble tile, glaze tiles, micro-crystalline stone, tiles, cement tiles, rustic tiles, modern rustic tiles, and so on. This is a further subdivision……Stop! Stop to divide it, let me steal a lazy.

How do you choose the living room tiles? First from the selection of tile performance. The living room is a public area, the frequency of use is relatively high, and the tiles abrasion is the primary factor. The full body polished tiles can be selected. Anti skidding is the most important thing in the home life. If the tiles in the home are not skidding and do not dare to walk in big steps every day, should be careful and threaten the health of children and the elderly. Antiskid requirements are relatively high, you can choose antique tiles, antique tile are glazed rustic tiles, excellent skid resistance. Now, when selecting tiles, skid resistance is a standard for testing whether tiles are qualified. Generally, the floor tiles have certain skid resistance.

I was still talking to my family about the robot last night. It must takes time and patience to keep the room clean and tidy. If there is an easy to handle grey tile, why don’t we choose it? You can choose wood tiles, ceramic wood tiles has the wood floor texture and color, good handle, easy to clean is famous.

The contrast tile lay out the space effect, the luxurious atmosphere style: Of course, we need to choose marble tiles. The marble tile texture is natural and delicate, the color and lustre are rich and colorful, with the noble blood of natural stone, use the simple lay out methods, it can be paved with beautiful results. Comfortable and soft style: Modern rustic tiles and polished tiles can create a comfortable and warm effect. Its glossiness is the most comfortable brightness and natural softness of human body.

Contracted style: recommended cement floor tiles, grey space without white monotonous, nor black melancholy, simple and generous, most suitable for modern people’s biochemical concept.
Literary and artistic Romance style: recommending the colorful tiles, The colorful tile is a slow feeling, unique personality, quiet and distant, romantic and charming, There are not only have simple and elegant flower lines, , but also complicated geometric patterns. No matter how dull the space is, the ornament of the colorful floor tiles will always bring you a pleasant surprise.

Some small collocations that need to be used when laying tiles. If you do not want to use the tiles in a monotonous way, add the wave line tiles. The function of beautifying the space by wave line tiles can not be underestimated. It can also play the function of dividing space. Especially with the matching of flower tiles, improve the decoration grade, enrich the space. The corner flower tile is mainly used in conjunction with the octagonal rustic tiles, so that the appearance of the tiles on the floor is more beautiful. And the star anise rustic tiles complement each other to create a perfect classical atmosphere. Skirting tile is mainly used in the corner, one is to protect the wall, the two is to give the wall and the ground an excessive effect, and the color connection is more harmonious.

Now let us talk about the size of the ceramic tiles. When decorating a room less than 40 square meters, 600*600mm tiles should be considered. If 50-60 square meters of family decoration, 600*600mm or 800*800mm tiles are available. If it is decorated in 50-60 square meters, 600*600mm or 800*800mm tiles can be used. In the decoration of 60 square meters above room, you can consider the use of 800*800mm tiles. Of course, this is not absolute. It is just a suitable suggestion. Some people like small corlor tiles lay out in the large living room, and now there are large size tiles, specifications 1200*900mm, or even 2100mm specifications.

What is the wall tile in the middle plate?

Medium plate, that is, medium size; internal wall tiles, refers to the application, paving on the wall of a class of ceramic tile products; The inner wall tiles of the medium plate, as the name suggests, refer specifically to the medium size tile products specially applied to the walls. In recent years, with the popularization of large ceramic tiles in the whole ceramic industry, tiles have been expanded to a great extent on the ground placement and application. All kinds of large scale ceramic tile ground application solutions are also very sufficient, but the product is relatively small for the inner wall tiles which are focused on the large size tiles.

In the ceramic industry, which is popular in the ceramic tile market, there is a great market prospect for ceramic tile products in the middle plate, and it will show the possibility of explosive growth. which advantages of the wall tile in the middle plate?
1)the tile’s body is vitrified, low water absorption, and the product is pressed by relatively high tonnage press in the process of production, and the product is burned for a long time.
2)the ceramic floor tile surface texture is rich and the texture effect is excellent. The technology expression of the interior wall tile products on the enamel line and the surface printing process can be superimposed in a more complex way.
3)The inner wall tile has good seismic strength, which is that the body is more sturdy. In the process of production, a more fine ball milling machine is used to make the ball into the slurry.
4)The product size is more standard, the standard of the production process of the inner wall tile is close to the standard of the common full body marble tiles or rustic tiles production process, so the error of its later forming size is smaller.

The inner wall tile of the middle plate is a kind of ceramic bath tile product with low water absorption. In the construction of the wall, it is suggested to use the strengthened ceramic tile glue for laying on the wall. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the paving of it, please ensure that the base of the wall is neat and smooth. We must keep the seam paving during the paving process. The gap between tiles should be reserved between 1.5mm-3mm. Finally, after the paving is finished, it is recommended that the seams can be treated with beautiful seams, so that the overall effect will be better. Which difference between the inner wall tile and the traditional porcelain tiles?

the water absorption rate is different. The inner wall tiles belong to ceramic tiles. The water absorption rate is relatively low. Most of them are under the control of 1% or double zero. The traditional porcelain tiles belong to the ceramic tiles. The water absorption rate is generally high, and the water absorption rate is generally in 8%-12%.

The density of tiles body is different, the vitrification degree of the tiles body is higher, the density is higher, the anti damage strength is high, the traditional porcelain tile is the pottery body, the high water absorption and the low density of the tiles are the remarkable characteristics of the traditional porcelain tiles. Meanwhile, the anti destructive strength of the traditional Chinese tiles is also relatively low.

With different wear resistance, the wear resistance of inner wall tiles is higher than that of traditional porcelain tiles. Because of the high density and low water absorption, the traditional ceramic tile has low density and high water absorption, which causes the wear resistance of the traditional porcelain tiles to be less than the inner wall tiles on floor.

The performance of the wall tiles in the medium plate is different, and the surface of the wall tiles can be expressed by various kinds of deep and shallow grinding tools. At the same time, the surface can also apply a variety of dry grain effect. And the latter surface can also do various polishing techniques to perform the process, while the traditional porcelain tiles have no way to do it.