Selection Of Color Of Kitchen Tiles

General kitchen room is relatively small, with windows and a door and cabinet, the net area is relatively small, in order to avoid the waste of space and maintain coordination, should choose the small size tiles, thus paving waste will be small, to avoid the inconvenience of large size ceramic tile cutting construction brings.

Kitchen operating environment is high temperature environment, the choice of tile color should be mainly light and cold colors, such as white, light green, light gray and other colors. This color can feel the breath of spring and cool, under the condition of high temperature and light colors can feel in space extended to avoid dark colors make people feel dull and depressed in a small space. Because there are many cabinets in the kitchen, the back of the cupboard should not be tiled, because it is a waste of tiles to be covered in such a place completely blocked by the cabinet.

The best matte paving tiles, matt tiles will make people feel not good cleaning, actually this is wrong, matt tiles of good quality not only very easy to clean, and the delicate, earthy luster can show elegant aesthetic master, make the kitchen more harmonious and natural taste. Avoid the use of tile waist line, because of the small space using the waist will make the space look cluttered, cumbersome, but suitable for ornament posted a few trailers pawnshop, the kitchen exuding some vitality and romantic.

Listen To The Sound To Choose High Quality Tiles

What can you do to get on the ground for a dozen hours every day? Super long working time is very testing the quality of floor tile, how to choose quality floor tile has ensured ground to use sex and beautiful degree? Let me tell you.

1.Look at the appearance
Floor tile color, color should be uniform and complete, surface smooth and smooth, no particulate matter raised, ground brick edge rules. Can take a few pieces from a box of floor tile to see whether the defect such as chromatic aberration, deformation, damage.
2.Listen to the voice
The quality of floor tiles can be distinguished by listening to sound. Use hard objects to tap the floor tile, the more the sound is clear and the porcelain degree is higher, the quality is better; The more cloudy the sound, the worse the quality.
3.Drop beads
Drop a few drops of water on the back of the tile to see how fast the water is absorbed. Slow water absorption indicates that the tile density is close and the quality is excellent. Water absorption quickly indicates that the tile density is sparse and the quality is poor.

4.Amount of side length
The edge length accuracy of floor tile is higher, the shop post effect is better. Measuring the length, size and thickness of each tile with a tape measure, the accuracy is high quality, easy to construct, and save time and accessories.
5.Observe the hardness
The better the floor tile is, the longer it will be used. Good hardness, strong toughness, easy to break is the top grade. Use two pieces of broken tile edge to touch each other, see the fragment fracture place leaves is the scratch or the powder can judge ground brick hardness, leave the hardness of the scratch high, scattering powder hardness is low.