How Avoiding Damage to Your Marble Tiles?

Test poultice and cleaner before using. Pick a hidden or inconspicuous spot on the marble tiles and do a test clean. This is important, as some products may etch or discolor marble tiles. In the end, it’s better to perform a test than to ruin your entire marble tiles floor or tiles.

Wait at least 24 hours after testing. This will give you enough time to see if the product has harmed the marble tiles. Consider testing poultice or other cleaning products underneath the granite where it overhangs a cabinet. Avoid acidic cleaners and strong chemicals.

There are a wide variety of household products that could damage your marble tiles simply by making contact. As a result, you need to avoid these products. They include: Vinegar, Ammonia, Hydrogen peroxide, Lemon, orange, or other citrus cleaners, Cleaners that are acidic.

Hire a professional to seal your marble tiles regularly. While sealing your marble tiles won’t protect it completely from staining, it will decrease the likelihood of some staining. As a result, you should have your Carrara marble tiles sealed when installed and resealed regularly.

You may need to reseal your marble tiles after three to five years. Polished Carrara marble tiles may not need to be sealed. Honed Carrara marble tiles should always be sealed. If it is not sealed, it will absorb any liquids that are spilled on it. Reapplying the poultice will very likely lighten or remove the stain that remained after you first applied it.

How Create a strong bond?

Since the surface of glass is very smooth, it’s important that the setting materials have a strong bond. Materials with a high polymer content have a high bond strength, ensuring that the glass maintains its spot in the installation.

Another installation concern is the glass-making method: small, boutique glass tile makers may not manufacture their products to meet industry standards due to surface treatments or tile backings. Metallic and painted backings will not bond well to cement-based mortars and may come loose. Similarly, mesh backing can trap water beneath the tile, weakening the bond or creating mold.

Make sure to create a mock-up to test the tile installation materials before proceeding with the full-scale project. Protect glass tile installations from temperature variance. Glass tile installations occasionally fail as a result of exposure to sunlight or other forms of heat.

Glass tile and cement setting materials expand and absorb heat at different rates, which can lead to cracks in the finished surface. Once again, the polymers in the mortar will help to absorb some movement, but silicone caulk should also be used to create movement joints that can handle the flexing tiles.

Tile nippers look and work like giant fingernail clippers, and are an essential tool for any tile job. Standard nippers will cut ceramic and porcelain tiles, but you may want to use specialty nippers for glass tiles or fragile stone tiles (like slate). Wear safety glasses so shards of tile don’t get into your eyes, and sturdy work gloves to protect your hands from sharp tile edges.

How Dry-Fitting the Tiles?

Arrange the tiles outward from the center of the room. To get started, place a tile at each of the 4 corners where the wall lines intersect. Beginning at the center of the room rather than at the walls will prevent you from ending up with gaps or unsightly narrow tiles around the outer perimeter of the room. Symmetrical central tiles will also serve as an attractive focal point for the room.

Use spacers to separate each tile. After you lay down a tile, place a tile spacer at either end before putting down the next tile in the row. The spacers will ensure that your layout remains neat and even and that no 2 tiles are set too close together. Spacers also serve to show the minimum distance you’ll need to leave between each tile for your grout lines.

Tile spacers come in many different sizes. The amount of space you leave between tiles will depend on the look you’re trying to achieve, but 1⁄8 in (0.32 cm) spacers are standard for most flooring projects. Work your way toward the wall. Starting from the 4 central tiles, lay out the remaining tiles in a straight line until you reach the wall. Then, return to the center and work your way toward the opposite wall to form a single row.

Lay your tile in 2–3 ft (0.61–0.91 m) sections. The optimum size of each section will vary based on the dimensions of your tile. If you’re working with 12 in (30 cm) square tiles, your section groupings might be comprised of 2-3 tiles in each direction (for a total of 4-6 tiles per section).

If you need a visual aid to help you keep track of your sections, snap a series of chalk lines to clearly mark where each next group of tiles should go. Dry-fitting your tile in sections usually results in straighter, more precise grout lines. Be sure to complete 1 row before moving on to the next.

Why are big sized tiles popular?

Floor tiles is a type of tiles with large size. The biggest feature of this kind of floor tiles design is strong surface texture extension, outstanding decorative effect, relatively high requirement for manufacturing process, process and equipment, super high definition inkjet equipment, super tonnage press, super wide body Kiln Roller Road, etc.

After two or three years of market fermentation, big size tiles have also evolved from the junior low grade version to the advanced version. From the bathroom floor tiles, the big plate can only depend on the import to the marble floor tiles, and then to the tiles design board, the production and production of the country are basically realized. According to the relevant data, the covering rate of flooring tiles in the ceramic terminal of the first and second city has reached about 25 to 37.2%, and the first batch of domestic ceramic enterprises to produce floor tiles price is an important force to provide floor tiles for the ceramic terminal.

The surface of the big size floor tiles is more rich in texture. Big size floor tiles are more realistic and more realistic in design and highlight in application and display effects. Big size floor tiles panels provide more diversified solutions for decorative space application scenarios, which can be used for curtain walls, kitchen and bathroom space, home and so on.

Because of the small number of cracks on the big size floor tiles, it is not easy to leave stains, and it is easier to clean up. The big size floor tiles has become a popular trend, but at the present stage, the standard construction of the floor tiles are generally low, and it is not widely used. Such as: product packaging, transportation and paving, and so on, technology has not been able to keep up with it, so it still takes some time to let tiles into large families.

Large size marble tiles have always occupied a part of the floor tiles market with superior quality quality and high cost performance product properties. With the popularity of marble tiles in the market, the texture and color of its products are increasing. As the current interior design is more and more inclined to the color design, the tiles are becoming more and more fashionable. The price of this kind of tiles are very popular, and the scope of application is widely used in the hall, aisle and outdoor walkway and so on. It is generally less used on the wall.

The general tiles are kind of non glazed floor tiles, and the material and color of the front and reverse side are the same. It has good antiskid and wear resistance. The most of the “anti skid tiles” we usually say is the general tiles, and the general tiles are kind of wear-resistant tiles.

Ceramic Industry Modern Antique Storm Is Coming

The wind of change Home Furnishing consumption, so the modern minimalist style takes up.Especially in the last two years, in the interaction of multi thrust under the modern antique wind intensified, a large number of ceramic tile brands began to re planning and positioning, to give the brand a “modern, simple, natural, light luxury” new label.

Change is not accidental. A new generation of young consumers, personalized, their choice of Home Furnishing activities more and more critical, life attitude and life style and modern minimalist style interpretation, just with the new generation of consumers to Home Furnishing pursuit of life has become a symbol of young people agree without prior without previous consultation, the quality of life. In addition, with the purchase pressure continues to increase, the demand for small house type decoration increasing. Small house type reflect luxury style is relatively difficult, and modern, simple, natural style in small house type  can be very good performance.

In many ceramic tile brand looks, this is “modern brief wind”, become the foundation of inevitable development trend in the future.The fact is true, whether it is in Europe and the United States in the sense of consumption and the level of advanced, or in the more sophisticated marketing model of the home industry, the modern simplicity of the wind has a good reference for reference.