How Removing Stains?

Pick a marble tiles poultice. There are a wide variety of poultice products you can use to remove stains from Carrara marble tiles. Poultice will help draw out moisture and stains from the marble tiles. You can purchase poultices at a home improvement store in your community.

Some popular poultices for Carrara marble tiles include: Fuller’s earth, whiting, diatomaceous earth, talc, and powdered chalk. Most all poultices should work to effectively remove stains from your marble tiles. Apply the poultice. Make sure the area is clean and dry before you apply any poultice.

Use a plastic or wood putty knife or spatula to spread the poultice over the stained area. The poultice spread should be about 1/4 of an inch to ½ of an inch thick (6.35 ml to 12.7 ml). Cover the poultice with plastic wrap. After you’ve applied the poultice, you need to cover it with plastic wrap for one to two days.

The plastic wrap will make sure the poultice doesn’t make a mess or dry out. The one to two days will give the poultice time to draw out the stain. Avoid letting the poultice sit for any longer than two days. This could damage your marble tiles. Remove the poultice. After you’ve allowed it to sit for one to two days, use a putty knife or spatula to remove the poultice.

It’s important to remove all the poultice after you’ve let it sit. If you don’t, you could wind up damaging your marble tiles. Use a rag dampened in a warm water and soap/detergent mixture to remove any residual poultice. Repeat application of the poultice. Some stains may remain after your initial application of poultice. As a result, you may need to reapply it.

How Cleaning Bathroom Grout With Stronger Products?

Try oxygen bleach products. This is another name for sodium percarbonate, which is a compound made of hydrogen peroxide and soda crystals.Brand-name products include Clorox, OxiClean, Oxi Magic, and Bio Kleen. Mix the product with water as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Apply to the affected area and let it sit for up to an hour before scrubbing and rinsing.

Be sure to use these products in a well-ventilated area, and avoid contact with your skin. Always wear gloves to use these products. Always spot test commercial products in a small area on your grout to make sure the product won’t discolor, erode, or damage your grout. Don’t use any sort of bleach product on colored grout.

Use a commercial grout cleaner and whitener. There are many cleaners out there that are designed specifically for grout, and most of them can be purchased at hardware stores. Be sure to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use, and follow all the safety precautions. Commercial grout cleaners include: Zep, Goo Gone Grout, Outrageous, Tilex Tile and Grout.

Beware of chemical combinations. In case you find one chemical hasn’t worked and you want to try another, be sure to wash the area and wait a couple days before trying something new. Just like hydrogen peroxide and vinegar can combine to form peracetic acid, so too can commercial cleansers mix to form poisonous gasses, caustic liquids, and noxious fumes.

Stain the grout as a last resort. For dirt and stains that just won’t come clean from your grout, there are colorants you can apply to cover the stains and make your grout look like new. The area should be nice and clean, but if not give it a once over with your favorite cleaner and let the area dry overnight.

What is the marble tile of the full body?

The full body marble tile is the upgrading product of marble tiles with large tile body and surface texture and color. On the full body marble tile, the color, texture and function of the full body tiles are infinitely close to the qualitative effect of the natural stone layer, and the texture is penetrating and stronger. The entire tile’s body can achieve perfect texture from any angle and any cutting method. It can achieve real texture and high-end atmosphere.

First. What is the faux marble tile of the body?
The full body marble tile is the upgrading product of natural marble with large ceramic tile body and surface texture and color. The appearance of natural stone is consistent with the inner billet, but the effect of traditional marble tile is very difficult to achieve this. Thus, in the process of deep processing, the internal different colors of the body can be clearly seen in the process of processing, such as slots, chamfering, arc and so on. It looks very incongruous with the effect of the glaze surface of the tiles. It’s a pity. And the process and system of making marble tiles is to improve this problem. It is necessary to make the color and texture of the body close to the surface effect, even in the same way.

Second. The advantage of full body marble ceramic tiles
1.Full body marble tile on the tile body, the color, texture, function infinitely approach the qualitative effect of the natural stone rock formation, the texture is more transparent.
2.The combination of the full body three-dimensional fabric and the color-mixing and coloring process enables the entire body-to-surface glaze layer of the ceramic marble body to be exactly the same. The entire brick body can achieve the perfect texture rendering effect from any angle and any cutting method, so that the true texture body can be achieved.
3.Full body marble floor tile products are pressed and formed at a high tonnage press and fired at high temperature. The finished tiles are more delicate in color and have higher performance and quality.
4.The appearance of the natural stone is consistent with that of the inner slab. The full body marble tiles restore the natural precious stones and bring the distance between the marble tile and the natural marble products closer.
5.Tile blanks are full of changing textures, and products and spaces are full of soul. Not only do designers like it, but the effect is natural, elegant, and more satisfying to consumers’ needs.

Third, the full body marble tiles decorative effect
Full body marble tiles have the same characteristics as the surface, so it is suitable for all kinds of wall surfaces such as wall surfaces, curtain walls, etc.
Full body marble tiles are multi-faceted with heavy texture, especially suitable for larger residential or high-end commercial spaces. Full body marble tiles have been applied in villas, high-end hotels, restaurants, clubs and other high-end places.