Why cracks appear after the tiles are finished?

The wood floor tiles after cutting is cracked. After one years of decoration, after 8 months, it was found that no matter the living room or the bedroom, all the marble floor tiles that had been cut at the corner of the house were radially broken at the cutting point, and were increasingly serious. Strangely enough, the flooring tiles are not loose or tilted.

Cracking of tiles design after cutting is a common phenomenon. Compared with the whole tiles price, the overall strength of the cut wall tiles will be reduced a lot, so it will be easier to crack in the later stage. Although the floor tiles design are finished for a period of time after the cracking, but it is likely to be in the construction, after the completion of the inside has been small cracks, the naked eye can not find.

In the process of paving, the workers use a rubber hammer on both sides of the cement tiles. If the force is not consistent, the adhesion of the wood marble tiles and the ground will not be consistent, and then the tiles are easily cracked with the increase of the cement strength and the increase of the tensile force in the later period. This is a problem which is difficult to find in the construction process, and it will only appear in the process of use.

First, precaution. When pawning construction is done, we urge the workers to be more careful. We must find a reliable small tiles decoration company. second, the choice of good quality brand floor tiles. If the above problems appear, the owner can contact the original decoration company for maintenance, replace the damaged tiles, and please pay more attention to the workers in the reloading.

The tiles are empty of drum. The tiles in the living room has two tiles in the seam. It can feel that the tiles are swinging up and down. There is no improper use of the tiles during the use of the house.It became so imperceptible that stepping on it was very uncomfortable. Such a problem may arise because no wet curing is done after the floor tiles are installed.

Wet curing is done within 24 hours after tiling, like sprinkle water on the floor to keep the tiles moist, usually for a week. When the cement absorbs enough water to reach its due strength, the ground will be in extreme dry condition if no wet curing is carried out. If a basin of water or water pipe is sprinkled in the process, some changes will take place in the floor tiles.