How to Protecting Yourself and the Surrounding Area Before Reglaze Tile?

Mark off the area with painter’s tape. When the area is completely dry, apply a strip of tape to any wood trim or other surfaces that connect to the wall tiles design. This will keep the epoxy paint from spreading beyond the marble tile. Keep this tape on until a few minutes after you finish your final paint application.

Cover the floor tile surrounding areas. Before you start the application, make sure to put a tarp or even a sheet over the floors in the room where the tile is located. This will keep them clean in the event that you accidentally splatter or spill any epoxy paint. When you are finished with your project simply gather this sheet up and toss it or clean it off elsewhere.

Open up windows for ventilation. Most people suggest opening as many windows as you can to let out some of the fumes from the painting process. To get rid of the smell, try to keep them open for as long as you can, usually the entire day of application. If the day is warm or hot, opening the windows may shorten the drying time.

Put on any safety gear. Some kits come with respirators or masks, high-quality rubber gloves, and protective glasses. If this is the case, go ahead and put these on before continuing. If your kit does not provide these items, make sure to go out and purchase them in advance. A respirator, in particular, is a great way to minimize your contact with the nasty fumes.

Check that the gloves that you plan on using fit you well. If your gloves are loose or baggy they may hurt your ability to apply the paint cleanly.