How to Clean Tiles?

Tiles are both stylish and practical. Unfortunately, over time, they can get greasy and dirty. To do a general floor clean, mop the tiles with water and a element tile cleaner. If your tile splashback has greasy marks on it, use soapy water to the oil splashes. Clean the grout between your tiles with baking soda and vinegar to remove discoloration. These methods are quick and easy, and will leave your tiles looking sparkling clean!

Sweep up any dust and dirt with a dustpan and brush. Use the brush to push any debris and dust into the dustpan. This avoids you spreading the dirt around the floor when you mop it later. If you don’t have a dustpan and brush, use a broom instead.

Mix water and tile cleaner in a bucket. Choose a tile cleaner that is designed for your type of wood marble tiles. For example, look for a commercial cleaner marketed as “ceramic-friendly” or “safe for stone floors.” Fill a mop bucket with water and add the tile cleaner, as directed on the back of the container.

Purchase tile cleaner from a cleaning store. Most tile cleaners require approximately 1 capful of tile cleaner per bucket of water. Avoid using citrus cleaners on stone as this can damage the wood tiles. Try not to use cleaners containing soap or detergent, as these can make your tile floors slippery. If you want to make your own wall tile cleaner, mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a bucket. This can be used on all types of tiles.

Wipe the cleaner over the tiles with a mop. Dip the mop into the bucket of water and tile cleaner, and then squeeze out any excess liquid to avoid drips. Push the mop back and forth over the entire area until the tiles are clean. Press the mop down firmly when cleaning any stained areas, as the tile cleaner and the pressure of the mop will help to remove the stains.