To do this well, the tiles in the home will not fall off

Many friends are complaining that the walls of kitchen and bathroom have been greatly reduced in the supermarket environment. More friends at home because of the old home age, the use of life increased, the home tiles price hollowed out. Wall surface ground floor treatment is not clean, water wetness is not enough, the dust on the back of tiles design is not removed, too much water trace before paving will lead to wall tiles and wall adhesion not tight, the use of a period of time will appear loosening and falling.

The water absorption of tiles will directly affect the firmness of the paste. According to the state regulations, the water absorption of glazed tiles is E less than 0.5%, the shrinkage and expansion rate of tile is about 4 x 10-6. When the water absorption rate of bathroom tiles or the cement does not reach the standard, the thermal expansion and shrinkage of the floor tiles will result in the separation and drop if the shrinkage ratio of cheap tiles and cement is not consistent.

During construction, if the cement mortar is too thick or too much water, the rustic tiles will fall. In addition, if the wall tiles design are large size, if the seam is too small, it will easily become warped and cracked after thermal expansion, cold contraction and mutual extrusion. The water absorption of tiles is low. If the porcelain wall tiles are not fully fitted with the cement, they are subjected to large impact force, such as stampede or hard material impact, which can easily cause the separation of tile and cement, and the bottom of the size tiles are empty.

When the paving is applied, if there is a hollowing on the edge of the large tiles, irrigation can be done on the part of the hollowing part to avoid the overall replacement. There are a small number of local empty drum in the style tiles on the wall, such as without affecting the installation of bathroom cabinet, mirror, shower head and water heater. But if the installation and daily life are affected, it is suggested that the ceramic tiles be knocked off and re laid. If 2/3 tiles appear hollowing, they need to be removed and repaved.

If the porcelain tiles which have been laid for a long time are empty, they should be opened in the middle of the wood tiles when they are dismantled, and then smashed slowly to the four sides, so as to avoid damage to the tiles around them. In the course of construction, large size tiles are encountered, before the paving, we need to do sample pieces, test the bond strength, prevent blind construction to cause large area empty drum or fall off.

The choice of the decoration in summer and autumn, it is suggested to avoid the use of early strength cement, because the cement has higher compressive strength than the ordinary type 10~24%. It will soon dry off after mixing and is very unfavorable to construction. For some complex walls, such as the surface which is too smooth or coated with waterproof layer, the surface of the wall must be batched, drawn, steel wire mesh and so on, so as to ensure the level of the wall.

The role of small tiles in life is very important. Besides visual enjoyment, cleaning is also important. Although it is impossible to avoid falling off, it can still cure the delay and repair. We must take the right medicine, so that we can deal with the problem of shedding correctly and make our home bright every day.

The details that are easy to be neglected in home design must be seen before decoration.

Living rooms, bedroom and long passages require dual control switches. If there are elderly people in the family, they should switch the switch and socket to 1.5 meters away from the ground, so that children can not play with electricity. If necessary, you should outlets for appliances such as water purifiers, kitchen garbage disposers, smart toilet covers. The dining room and the living room ground to install a metal insert, used to insert a hot pot or the small warm stove used in the south in the winter, in peacetime with the ground flat, foot step out to prevent people from tripping over the wire wrestling.

If the room is covered with wooden flooring, you can put 1 square meter tiles behind the door, wear-resistant and clean. Some may lay paving mat, but the floor tiles mat is easy to dirty, so it is not economical in the long run. Live with the old man and prepare a shoe changing stool for them. The old man stooped directly, causing a spinal injury. The porch wants to use the locker, but the space is small, the entrance will be very crowded. In fact, it will be nice to change it into a hat hook.

Without the elderly, the TV in the living room is not necessary to buy, to buy a projector to connect to the set-top box, computer and so on. There will be children later, so that children will not want to watch TV all day. Don’t enlarge the tea table, big sofa and so on. The size must be measured in advance, and more space should be left. Space is not enough, do not buy big chandelier crystal lamp, one is to suppress, two is to live for a long time on the top of the ash several layers, I believe you do not want to rub. Choose wall-haung furniture or edge furniture off the floor. The most important function of the living room is to show and rest, do not store too much, and pile up in a mess. There is no sense of beauty. Save the living room space and prepare a chest of drawers for storage in the corner. Small space and height is not high when the ceiling, and not much practical function, but smaller.

The bedside cupboard is not necessary. It takes up the place, and everything in it is sundry. The newly married couple decorate their houses, and the baby bed must be laid on both sides of the bed. Wardrobe is the top priority. It should consider the structure of the wardrobe according to the composition of its own clothes, for example, the clothes hanging are mostly stacked. Two or more sockets should be designed on each side of the main bedroom head. In addition to charging the electronic equipment, it will also be used for hot milk and disinfector. If you want to set the location of the air-conditioning ahead of time, you’d better not face the bed.

Many small space houses want to make the baby room made of tatami, and it is really beautiful, but the damp place is really unsuitable and easy to mold. Families who are ready to have a second child have switches and sockets on the top or bottom of the bunk bed or two single beds. The whole house, especially the children’s corner design, or a small gadget for collision avoidance, is very cheap. The light should be soft, otherwise children will not have good eyesight. A night lamp should be provided for children’s room. Don’t buy furniture too early. Your baby’s eyesight is incomplete. It’s not suitable to see elements that are too bright.

Most people say that disinfector is not as practical as a dishwasher. Many family sterilizing cabinets will become expensive cupboards. The kitchen socket must be provided with five holes and switches to reduce the electrical appliance. We must make good use of the space of the kitchen wall, save some space with some hardware, such as leachate rack and kitchenware rack. The hardware of the cabinet is very important. Plan the location of kitchen appliances ahead of time, so that the socket can be conveniently reserved. The open small bar is very low.

There is a set of sockets near toilet closets, with a heated toilet lid. Happiness is much higher. Armrest and shower locations should be equipped with handrails to facilitate the use of pregnant women and the elderly. Dry and wet separation is necessary, although it will make the area look smaller. When you clean up, you know its benefits. The bathroom faucet can be drawn with a stretch style, and men at home have shampoo in the morning. Leave enough room for the baby bath. The odorless ground leak, you know its benefits. Using wind heating instead of bathing bullets, the strong lights of bathing bullets will stimulate the vision of the elderly and children, and the warm effect of wind heating will be better. A waterproof cover must be installed in the socket of the bathroom.

An article shows you the tiles culture all over the world

Italy, as a universally recognized art country, is full of artistic sentiment in many aspects of Italy, the same as tile flooring. If we choose one form to match, we can use painting to imitate Italy’s tiles art. Italy tiles color soft, often with low-key color: such as beige, coffee, light red, walnut color, and so on. Let your feeling warm comfortable of life. Italian handmade tiles have natural color difference in color. The floor tiles thickness difference, manual glaze difference and kiln temperature difference kiln effect, tile designs after kiln firing each tile has inevitable chromatic aberration difference, thus forming.

It is difficult to convey the artistic flavor of the industrial mass production. The manual ceramic tiles emphasizes the thought of creation, the culture and history of the material and the personality of the molding, which can reflect the value of the art more. The handmade tiles price have the beauty of manual defects, which is formed by rough edges, natural kiln discoloration and irregular style. There are more than 700 years of Italy with the history of handmade buy tiles. Many traditional crafts have been spread to the present, even in the texture and pattern processing of the tile still remain hand-painted tradition.

Although the cheap tiles does not originate from Portugal, it has developed to the highest level of art in the region, and it has been restored to fruition. Lisbon, capital city, is a city depicted by glazed ceramic tile painting. The Portuguese cheap ceramic floor tile are deeply branded with European culture and influenced by the blue and white porcelain of the Ming Dynasty from China. They integration of the West and the west is full of dramatic tension. The Portuguese add narrative skills to flooring tiles, just like the curtain of the drama, and all kinds of wonderful pictures are displayed on the rigid tiles. A wide range of subjects include the record of historical events, religious themes, the daily life of the aristocracy and the landscape of Lisbon, and the appearance of a Portuguese style blue and white porcelain art.

When the art of ceramic painting entered Portugal in sixteenth Century, it was decorated only in buildings in churches, monasteries, royal houses and aristocratic mansions. Later, the art of decoration became more and more popular, they began to appear in all kinds of buildings. The Portuguese ceramic tile flooring art you must not be missed, including: Almost all of Rees’s local iron station works of all kinds of art wall tiles. Splendid Lisbon national tiles art museum. In ancient Greece, marble mosaic was widely used, people often using black and white stone marble mosaic. Then experience the development and evolution, color gradually colourful. Mosaic art is like the magnificent music written through black and white keys, which is spread from the Mediterranean coast. Mosaic collage mainly use small stones, ceramic tile shower, shellfish, glass, glass beads and other materials. After cutting, make creative combinations.

“Blue romantic feelings, sea sky color, bright sun shining pure beauty natural” blue and white of glass mosaic and rustic floor tiles, become one of the representatives of the Greek and Mediterranean style, the artistic style and atmosphere are revealed. Mosaic is actually a small piece of tiles that splits various decorative patterns. Therefore, the color and collage of small tiles decide the final effect of decoration. Staggered paving, gradient paving, and size drop paving. such as the rhythm of music changes, it is light and heavy, often slow and urgent.

The ceramic floor applied to the art of building and interior decoration, reached the peak of its style in the central city Persian region of Islam. In most of the Islamic buildings, we can clearly see the beautiful and decorative elements of the wall tiles, the art of tiles more presented on the building, radiant brilliance. The most prominent feature of the Imam mosque in Iran is the beautifully decorated ceramic tiles price inlaid outside the outer wall, which can be seen in the door, the dome, the interior wall, the dome and so on, and the exquisite and complex tiles can be seen. In the architectural art of Islam, the architectural style or space characteristics can be seen clearly by matching the buildings of Bai Lou, dome and bright tiles.

The Ahmad mosque in Sultan, Turkey, used a large number of white glazed glaze to be decorated with porcelain. The outer wall of the large area of the temple is almost full of exquisite and gorgeous ceramic tile design. Many modern tile mosaic space performance, all love spell geometric elements posted to patterns, or pattern collocation elements as features of style. In addition, many tiles with obvious Persian style decoration are often used in modern indoor bathroom and kitchen walls.

What is the reason for the cracking of tiles?

The cracking of floor tiles is divided into the crack of glaze and the cracking of the embryo. Because of their geological problems will cause a certain degree of subsidence, resulting in wall deformation and cracking, but also caused cracks in ceramic floor tiles. The cracking situation is generally a coherent and regular crack. Pry the rustic tile and shovel the cement mortar to see if the wall is cracked or deformed. The walls that have just been reformed do not immediately paste the tiles.

Used the High standard cement. The tiles are usually made of ordinary 425 ordinary silicate cement, and the proportion of cement sand is 1:3. If the cement label is too high, when the cement mortar solidify, the cement will absorb the moisture in large quantities. When the moisture of the tile is absorbed too much, it will be easily cracked. Many flooring tiles cracked, and the direction of cracking texture was irregular.

The glazed ceramic tiles are covered with empty drum make the tiles are cracked. The expansion coefficient of cement mortar and tile design is different due to the hollowing and non hollowing parts, resulting in deformation and cracking of tiles. The cracked tiles are irregular in distribution, and the cracks are irregular. The cracks are linear and vary in length. Take a coin to knock the tiles surface, listen to the sound, see whether it is hollowing? The sound of the knocking is low and cloudy, that is, the empty drum.

The slots will also cause the tiles to crack. No cracks are laid on the tiles, the expansion of the ceramic tile cost and the foundation layer is not consistent, and the thermal expansion and cold contraction cause the marble flooring to crack. Tile edges and corners are split, the surface cracking texture is fine, and the texture is relatively short. It is suggested that the paving should be kept in the gap. The tiles are cracked due to insufficient water before wall tiles. When the water is not enough, when the cement mortar is solidified, the cement absorbs moisture and causes the marble tiles to crack. The cracked tiles are irregular in distribution, irregular in cracks, irregular in shape and different in length. Water is not enough to cause tiles cracking generally appear after tiles paving soon.

Smashing walls causes vibration of tiles price and cracks. If the next door neighbor is decorated behind, the wall will be vibrate and the stone wall tiles will be cracked. The cracked wall stone are concentrated on the wall that is close to the neighbours. The tile was cracked by the impact of the external force. For example, direct impact of heavy objects will also cause cracking of tiles. The number of cracked tiles is small, and the cracking texture is reticulate. From the surface, the surface of cracking is damaged.

The ceramic tiles that have been cut and processed are cracked. During the cutting process, a dark crack is formed. After a period of time, the tiles are cracked due to the influence of cement shrinkage and external force. It is easier to distinguish. If there are more marbling for cutting, BARANA recommends that they be processed to professional paving plants and then put to the shop. The tiles are so close to the fire stove that the color tiles are cracked. It is too close to some heat sources and is affected by supercooling and superheated temperature. The thermal expansion and cold contraction cause tiles cracking. This phenomenon usually occurs in the kitchen and boiler room.

The quality of the colors tile itself causes cracking. Tile quality problems generally have two points: first, some tiles water absorption rate is high, the degree of compression is not enough, resulting in tile cracking; Second, the tiles are not burned in the firing process, causing cracks in transportation, storage and use. The quality of tiles are generally characterized by mesh, such as the size of the fine hair, the relatively high proportion of cracking, and the possibility of cracking in a tile. This situation generally occurs in lower grade products.

Generally, when the tiles cracks occur, everyone will think that this is the quality problem of glazed rustic tiles. In fact, the production technology of polished tiles factory is relatively mature now, and the quality control is also very stable. Generally speaking, the quality of tiles basically goes through the border. From the various reasons mentioned above, we can see that there are many reasons for the cracking of the tiles, not only the problem of marble porcelain tiles quality. Most of the problems are due to external causes.

Choose with tile, you just need and I am just professional

The selection of tiles is not enough for the laymen, but BARANA is well known in that. Why not give these professional matters to professional BARANA? You only choose to believe in the choice of BARANA, the rest of the hand to us to do, you do not have to worry about, we just reflect the value of our own, why do you not do it?

The appearance of marble tiles include color, pattern, gloss and so on. The quality of the tiles is generally uniform and the design is exquisite and lifelike. There is no obvious broken line, dislocation, etc. When purchasing tiles, we can extract several pieces of inspection from the same package, and compare the defects such as chromatic aberration, distortion and lack of edges and corners.

Using hard objects to lightly attack marble tiles design, the clearer the sound, the higher the degree of porcelain, the better of the tile quality. You can also clip the tiles price on the left thumb, forefinger and middle finger to ease down. Lightly hit the lower part of the tiles with the right index finger. If the voice is clear and pleasant, the quality of the tile design will be better. If the voice is dull and muddy, the quality of tiles is rather poor.

When purchasing cheap marble tiles, you can use a small knife or hard object to gently scrape the bricks to test the hardness and wear resistance. If there are obvious scratches on the tiles surface, the wear resistance is not high. If there is no obvious scratch and smooth as new, it shows that the wear resistance is very good. There is no scratches will be found in future use. Measure the side length, four corners and diagonal of ceramic tile, as well as the smoothness of tiles. The difference between the measured data of four corners of tile should be controlled within 0.5mm. If it exceeds, there will be cracks or uneven phenomena in the process.

The evenness of tile flooring can also be combined with two tiles. Set them up to see if there are gaps between the two tiles sizes. There are obvious gaps, indicating that the evenness of ceramic floor is not very good. In use, you will encounter the phenomenon of kick and bow back. The higher the accuracy of tiles side length, the better the effect after laying. The purchase of high quality tiles is not only easy to construct, but also saves labor hours and accessories.

Water absorb-ability and skidding are also the main points. On the back of the ceramic tile colors, drop the right amount of water to see the speed of water absorption after the water disperses. In general, slow water absorption indicates that the greater the density of tiles, the better quality of tiles. Floor tiles should not absorb water, if the floor tiles absorb water, and can see water stains from the front, indicating poor quality. Wall tiles have a certain water absorption rate, which is difficult to measure with this method. But now the wall tile and floor tiles are all matched, the flooring tile are qualified, and there is no big problem with the marble wall tiles.


Skidproof, which is a very important factor in tiles. The surface of the cheap ceramic floor tiles should be cleaned before the test. Because some of the protective wax on the surface of the tiles will affect the accuracy of self-test. Because when tile is in water, it is the easiest to fall. So water is measured on the floor tiles design and must be measured in person. Some tiles will be more slippery if they have water, so they can be considered.

How is difficult for selection tiles and style matching, BARANA teach you in 5 minutes

Choosing tile is not an easy task. There are many kinds and styles. When selecting tiles, we should not only identify the quality of grey tiles, but also match them. When many people buy Tiles price, they run around the market without any clue, feel very helpless about it.

Tile belongs to the decoration main material, is the decoration expense main item. The quality and price of tiles on the market are also uneven. Many people do not know how to distinguish the quality of the ceramic tile sizes. Because of the loss of quality in the tiles, people usually choose to buy first-line brand tiles flooring, and spend more money to make peace. If the budget is relatively small, they will choose to buy tiles which are relatively cheap. Then, how can we choose the best tile when the budget is limited? How to pursue the best price ratio.

tile’s body is a very important index to judge whether ceramic tile shower are good or bad. Turn the tiles over and look at the back. The white clay is pure porcelain and good raw material. The side section of ceramic floor has obvious cross cutting pattern, which is usually made by small factories in production equipment. If we touch with our hands, we can also feel that the tiles are smooth and delicate. The tiles with poor quality has a rough texture on the side of the touch.

The difference between porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles is that the firing time and temperature are different. The difference is water absorption. The water absorption of porcelain floor tiles is very low, and it does not absorb water basically, ceramic floor tiles have obvious water absorption. Semi ceramic tiles design are also called ceramic wall tiles, which are far less dense than all tiles. They are not strong enough to resist pressure and impact. In daily home life, if you accidentally drop something onto the floor, the porcelain will easily be removed from the glaze, once the glazed surface is destroyed, it can not be repaired. If you choose porcelain tiles as wall tiles, remember that when laying tiles: Do not use cement. Make sure you use strong tile adhesive. Because marble porcelain tiles will be peeling off with cement paste, and the tile glue should not be mixed with cement paving, otherwise, the tiles will fall off later.

Floor tiles were first popular in pure color paving, and then developed lace patterns, patterns and dark patterns. With no more space for the pattern tiles, The designer began to work on the Tile’s figure . Some special tiles design always give people a very high and expensive feeling. In fact, there may not be a great difference in the price of tiles, but because of this unique beauty, it is very touching. Compared with the regular square tiles, the six corner tiles can be smart and simple. A large area of pure color paving makes the space simple and luxurious. Help you easily concavity out of the light luxury kitchen and bathroom. If you want to break the low tone of pure color, try random paving. Different color blocks collide with each other, highlighting the artistic sense of the geometric tiles surface.

The smooth flowing water tiles are like the ripples of the lake’s water, full of romanticism, it is suitable for small area home decoration, usually used in kitchen and bathroom wall tiles. The gradual paving method allows this area to transform into waves. If you want to use cheap tiles in large areas, try to choose a pure color style tiles. Or similar colors, tiles with deep shades can create an interesting sense of hierarchy. And the color and texture of the tiles are covered with walls. The whole space has a feeling of slow flow of water waves, especially suitable for bathrooms.

There are many changes in the stitching form of the three-dimensional triangular tiles. You can assemble them in various ways like jigsaw puzzle. Of course, different tile splicing will produce different effects, with subtle changes. Corrugated knitted tiles are suitable for outdoor applications. Under the cooperation of lighting, it can show the light and shadow effect that ordinary tiles cannot form, it’s like letting a building wear a woven coat.

How to choose tiles for home decoration?

Tile is one of the most important materials in our family decoration. It can be used on the floor and wall. Some of them are also used in the kitchen stove. Therefore, the selection and matching of tiles can affect the effect of the whole decoration. It even affects people’s daily life. Therefore, for tiles to be selected, we first need to know the tiles from the following points.

Polished tiles are one of the most commonly used tiles. Because the surface of the tiles (3-4mm thickness of the fabric layer) is polished, it has the characteristics of bright, high hardness, wear resistance and scratch resistance. However, they are usually not tolerant of dirt, and are commonly used in public areas such as living rooms and restaurants.

The polished glazed tile is painted on the surface of the embryo body (porcelain clay and Tao Tu) with a thickness of about 0.1mm-0.2mm thick. It can be classified into full polished tile and semi glazed tiles. Full polished glazed tiles are flat, smooth, and bright. The semi polished tiles are concave and convex, and the convex areas are glazed, while the concave ones are not glazed. Its advantages are rich in color, rich in texture, and resistant to dirt, but the abrasion resistance is not strong. In addition to the kitchen, bathroom, balcony, other places are applicable.

Polished tiles are actually one of full body polished tiles. As the name suggests, the whole body is the same color and material as the bottom. If the surface is polished, it is a polished tile. The full body tile has the advantages of good wear resistance, which is often used in indoor and outdoor walls and floors. glazed rustic tile belongs to glazed tile, glaze on the surface of porcelain tile, deliberately making an old antique effect. For example, the year’s ring, the history of vicissitudes and so on, the glazed rustic tile has the advantages of anti slip, and often used in the kitchen, toilet, balcony, of course, can also be used in the guest restaurant, bedroom and so on.

The first impression of wall tile is that its size is small, smooth and bright, and often used on walls. Besides, what we need to know is that it is different from other tiles. The first is the thickness of the wall tile, the thickness of the wall tiles should be thin. The second is that the location used is different, the wall tile is used on the wall, and the tile can be used on the wall and the ground. The third manifestation is that the service life is different, the wall tiles should be short, and the tiles should be long. The fourth is that the water absorption rate is different, and the water absorption rate of the wall tiles is much higher. Therefore, it is important to note that when wall tiles are used, tiles must be water soaked, otherwise it will absorb the moisture of cement and cause problems such as warping and shedding.

Mosaic tiles include ceramic and glass. Glass mosaic tiles are a piece of tile made of small pieces of tile, so its color and style are rich and can create a warm family atmosphere, which can show the owner’s personality and taste well. And as long as you want to get the result, it can make an effect. In addition, it can be widely used in many places, and can also be used as a cross stone, a background wall, etc.

Microcrystalline stone tile is a new type of building material. The main method is to compounded glass ceramics on vitrified stone. With a strong gloss and permeability, the effect is also more grade, luxury, and the price is more expensive, so it is often used in the TV background wall.

Besides, there are other tiles, such as the wood tile, which we often used, on the surface of our traditional tiles, by a certain process to make its surface with a natural pattern of wood tiles. According to own needs, you can choose tiles suitable for your own homes.

Is there a bad quality of tile with tiles color difference?

In nineteenth Century, the French great writer of the Grand Master once said “Russia is crazy about France, and everything imitates France, but because they are too far away, they are always imitating France a century ago.” This sentence seems arrogant, but it did tell a European reality at that time: The whole of Europe is following France in the first place. In fact, this is not only history, but also reality. We have to admit that modern architecture originated in Europe. Europeans are in front of the people of the world in terms of design concepts and decorative styles. To take ceramic tiles, when Europeans are crazy about and pursue the “tiles color difference” of tile, there are still many users in China who are troubled by the “tiles color difference” of tiles.

In recent years, the most advanced tile design country in Italy is very popular with a very artistic design method, known as “return to nature”. What the designer seeks is to completely restore the rich changes of natural color. Just like the two leaves in nature, there are no identical two stones. The most unique charm of nature lies in its richness and diversity. Therefore, the so-called “chromatic aberration” of tiles is actually a presentation of a set of design logic and ideas, and also represents a popular trend of decorative materials.

Leonardo Vinci’s International Airport in Rome, the eternal city, realized the sense of hierarchy and rich aesthetic feeling by using natural chromatic aberration. We often see the United Nations lecture table on television, the entire background wall also used the “floor tiles color difference” approach. Many important regions of European countries that accumulate art and civilization use the transition of color and texture of materials to make the best use of space. Color similar but different tiles, showing a rich sense of hierarchy, The more you look, the more you look more durable

Everything in the world is the same, created by man, and naturally formed by differentiation. How does this “imitation of nature” come true? BARANA tiles use the most advanced technology “Colour Definition System”.This is an innovative digital printing system, which is a very important technology to show the effect of tiles design. Colour Definition System can also make perfect combination of glaze and solid ceramic material on the surface of ceramic materials to achieve the uniqueness of each tiles. In designing the surface effects of each product, BARANA tiles technicians need to carefully study the color reaction of each glaze and porcelain during the firing process and take into account the effect of raw materials and sintering temperature on the color reaction. After the paving, the overall harmony and unity, natural transition and better space effect will be achieved.

The transition of BARANA tiles color texture is divided into four levels. V1 level is pure color, no color gradient effect. The level of gradation increases continuously at every level at the back. Even the same tile can create different space effects, and truly achieve exclusive “private custom tiles”. This magic “color difference” tiles, especially in the laying of stone tiles and wood tiles, has a very amazing effect. Perfect restoration of the most pure sense of nature, full of natural spirit. Compared with the monotony of single color, the color of this change is not easy to cause dull resemble ness. Each tile is similar and different, which truly shows the artistic standard of design.

When the colored tiles went into the kitchen, the beauty burst

The color tiles are like a hasty traveler in the history of the river, and perhaps you still exist in the movie scenes of the 30s and 40s as the background of the last century. It bloomed in a special era, and gradually disappeared with the changes of the times. Be the regrettable and forgetting after the flourishing.

The beauty of colourful tiles can be very publicized, and it can also be very introverted. It is an unavoidable surprise to make pure and extensive representations. Mixed with wood tiles, creating a quiet and smart space, as a background wall, makes the whole space more colorful. Each type of colourful tile has unique texture and shape, making the visual focus of space easy. On the small ceramic tile, the colorful splendor color, the decoration prominent pattern, lets the family change the literature and art fan for a second.

The walls of the kitchen are almost covered with tiles, which are generally monotonous. Mainly based on practicability, neglecting the effect of decoration, so there are not many characteristics. If the entire wall is a single color tile decoration, it is inevitable that some boring, let people visual fatigue. If you use decorative tiles to form a visual contrast with other monochromatic tiles, you can easily create visual focus.
The laying of floor tiles can not only lay the tone for the design of the whole space, but also give play to the unique atmosphere of the individual. It can be used for large area surface laying as well as partial use, with the effect of dividing space. It is even possible to extend the floor tiles to the wall boldly, causing strong visual impact to leave a bright impression on people.

Porch, living room, restaurant or other areas, you can use colorful tiles very well. It looks like a carpet, but it’s easier to clean than a carpet. The charming display of the tone makes the space become smart instantly. If you worry about the use of tiles in large areas, it will make the space more messy and dizzy. You may choose to mix and match with other types of tiles. Whether elegant retro style or modern fashion, all kinds of unique texture of small colourful tiles will break the rigid space, so that the whole family does seem to have a lasting appeal. Local application of colourful tiles can become the finishing touch of space. Because of its own space, you can choose a very colorful pattern tiles, which can attract people’s attention. The pattern that captures the eyeball is the greatest feature. Small area, stealth colorful tiles decoration scheme, the exquisite details of the kitchen to the utmost extent, often can achieve amazing effect.

The floral colourful tiles are brightly coloured and have many patterns. They are very attractive in the decoration style. The coloured tiles and plain tiles can be used together to make the space more decorative. Using it as the decorative tile material of the theme wall of the bathroom, it can enhance the overall mood of the bathroom and make the space level more three-dimensional. Colourful floor tiles are similar to ordinary carpet, but they are easy clean than carpet. You will find that the colors patterns tiles of each tile have artistic expression.

What is the preparatory work for the tile paving?

The tile paving is small and small. It seems to be very small. It seems to be very simple. It seems that there will be no big event, but it is always annoying if it is done. Details are very important, many of the problems, in fact, are not done in some details, tile paving is the same, with everyone to share some tiles paving, some often ignored small details.

The wall should be dealt with well. Some walls are cracked, or walls are connected to other materials, such as cement walls and woodworking boards. Before laying tiles, it is necessary to connect the wall cracks with wire mesh, then reinforce with cement, and then lay up tile again, so as to avoid cracking of later ceramic tiles.

Whether the tile needs water or not, it is necessary to see the specific situation. In the use of ordinary cement mortar paving, some of the higher water absorption of pottery tiles, that is what we usually say wall tiles, that is the need for water, and must bubble foot. And some floor tiles with low water absorption, such as polished tiles, marble tiles, etc., do not soak water, whether they stick to the ground or on the wall. There is another case. If it is paved with ceramic floor tile, no matter whether it is tile or floor tile, it needs no water. When the water is needed, you should pay attention to it. Every batch of tile time is as much as possible, and the water used is as clean as possible so as to avoid the color difference after the paving. There is also a point, the need to make water tiles as much as necessary to bubble water, how much to use in advance to bubble how much, especially when put to the back, do not make a whole body to bubble, if the bubble is not finished, it is unable to return.

About the powder of the tile billet. Magnesium Oxide and magnesium carbonate are a high temperature resistant white powder. Generally, the ceramic kiln floor tiles are at the highest temperature of more than 1200 degrees, when the tile bottom is close to melting (the expression may be inaccurate, but the tile embryo is soft). In order to avoid sticky stick of tile embryo and kiln, using the characteristics of high temperature resistance of Magnesium Oxide and magnesium carbonate, before the tile embryo entered the kiln, a layer of Magnesium Oxide pulp was brushed on the bottom of the embryo to play the role of isolation. This will avoid sticking sticky tiles and sticks in high temperature kilns. Therefore, sometimes we will find that there are many powders at the bottom of the billet, and we should try to remove the white powder before paving. Otherwise, it will cause the cement mortar to be stuck to the tile, causing the hollowing off.

Many people think that it is a waste of time to per pave tiles before paving. In fact, the old pottery people think that the front row of tile is to spend a little time, but in the row of tiles, can avoid the generation of some of the following problems, for example, when the tile, can look at the tiles of the supporting waist line, tile or processing tile and the main tiles with the main tile? Besides, there are obvious defects on the main tile surface, whether there is chromatic aberration, whether the size error is large or not. In front of the tiles, the old pottery also hopes that the owner can take out every tile that is to be used, and give a detailed account of the position, quantity and special requirements of the paving, which can avoid the paving error.

Before paving, we must clean up the wall. Before we scrape the putty wall, we need to shovel the putty and lay the tiles again. Otherwise, it will easily cause the hollow drum to fall off. If you want to use tile glue to paste the tiles later, you must make the wall level. If we use ordinary cement mortar to paste, we should pay attention to the proportion of cement sand, tile 1:3, floor tile 1:2, cement grade 32.5 cement. If the floor tiles are on the wall, it is suggested that tile glue or adhesive should be used for paving, so as to avoid the drums falling off later.