How to choose tiles for home decoration?

Tile is one of the most important materials in our family decoration. It can be used on the floor and wall. Some of them are also used in the kitchen stove. Therefore, the selection and matching of tiles can affect the effect of the whole decoration. It even affects people’s daily life. Therefore, for tiles to be selected, we first need to know the tiles from the following points.

Polished tiles are one of the most commonly used tiles. Because the surface of the tiles (3-4mm thickness of the fabric layer) is polished, it has the characteristics of bright, high hardness, wear resistance and scratch resistance. However, they are usually not tolerant of dirt, and are commonly used in public areas such as living rooms and restaurants.

The polished glazed tile is painted on the surface of the embryo body (porcelain clay and Tao Tu) with a thickness of about 0.1mm-0.2mm thick. It can be classified into full polished tile and semi glazed tiles. Full polished glazed tiles are flat, smooth, and bright. The semi polished tiles are concave and convex, and the convex areas are glazed, while the concave ones are not glazed. Its advantages are rich in color, rich in texture, and resistant to dirt, but the abrasion resistance is not strong. In addition to the kitchen, bathroom, balcony, other places are applicable.

Polished tiles are actually one of full body polished tiles. As the name suggests, the whole body is the same color and material as the bottom. If the surface is polished, it is a polished tile. The full body tile has the advantages of good wear resistance, which is often used in indoor and outdoor walls and floors. glazed rustic tile belongs to glazed tile, glaze on the surface of porcelain tile, deliberately making an old antique effect. For example, the year’s ring, the history of vicissitudes and so on, the glazed rustic tile has the advantages of anti slip, and often used in the kitchen, toilet, balcony, of course, can also be used in the guest restaurant, bedroom and so on.

The first impression of wall tile is that its size is small, smooth and bright, and often used on walls. Besides, what we need to know is that it is different from other tiles. The first is the thickness of the wall tile, the thickness of the wall tiles should be thin. The second is that the location used is different, the wall tile is used on the wall, and the tile can be used on the wall and the ground. The third manifestation is that the service life is different, the wall tiles should be short, and the tiles should be long. The fourth is that the water absorption rate is different, and the water absorption rate of the wall tiles is much higher. Therefore, it is important to note that when wall tiles are used, tiles must be water soaked, otherwise it will absorb the moisture of cement and cause problems such as warping and shedding.

Mosaic tiles include ceramic and glass. Glass mosaic tiles are a piece of tile made of small pieces of tile, so its color and style are rich and can create a warm family atmosphere, which can show the owner’s personality and taste well. And as long as you want to get the result, it can make an effect. In addition, it can be widely used in many places, and can also be used as a cross stone, a background wall, etc.

Microcrystalline stone tile is a new type of building material. The main method is to compounded glass ceramics on vitrified stone. With a strong gloss and permeability, the effect is also more grade, luxury, and the price is more expensive, so it is often used in the TV background wall.

Besides, there are other tiles, such as the wood tile, which we often used, on the surface of our traditional tiles, by a certain process to make its surface with a natural pattern of wood tiles. According to own needs, you can choose tiles suitable for your own homes.

What are the problems that need to be paid attention to in the process of tile paving?

Do not know what is the reason, many people like to mix the ceramic tile and cement, perhaps because the ceramic tile is more expensive, but the ordinary cement tiles mortar is worried about the sticky, so the ceramic tile is added to the cement mortar and stirred in the mortar. Many people think that ceramic tile glue is almost the same as cement, so mixing it together is no problem. Actually, the ceramic tile glue has its own formula, but when the ceramic tile designs glue and cement sand mix together, the performance of the ceramic tile glue is greatly reduced. If cement mortar has better water retention and better placement, it is recommended to add cement paste to the cement.

Ceramic tiles shop can not be perfect each batch, there will always be a variety of problems, it is suggested that in the process of paving, find problems in time to remind the business of quality or color difference and other problems, timely consultation and solution. It is suggested that the owner inform the constructor before construction: if there are any problems found in the construction, we should timely feedback, so that we can deal with them in time and avoid many problems. In the process of paving, it is found that the tiles have problems, such as the size specification, the ceramic tile price and so on, and the construction should be taken out as far as possible. It can cut small pieces and splice into mosaic use.

Because of the cause of heat expansion and contraction, the ceramic floor tile does not leave the seam, it affects the service life of the tile, and does not leave the seam. The tile will squeeze each other, causing the problems of the glaze crack, the arch, the empty drum, the falling off and so on. Therefore, whether the tiles are plaster or the “seamless tiles” currently mentioned in the market, both of them need to be sewn. The specific width of the stitch should be communicated with the owner before the tile is padded. In order to be more intuitive, the owner can see how good the stitch is when it is decorated.

In the course of laying, tiles are unavoidable to be machined, and when corner paving is applied, they should also be chamfered and collaged. In the collage of Yang Jiao, be careful when chamfering, and try not to damage the glaze. It is best to let merchants or owners get a large processing plant cut. If you are in a hurry, we recommend using some portable electric cutting machines.

This problem is often ignored. When tiles are put up, everyone is careful. Once the brick is put up, many people don’t notice. So, many people stir the cement, move back and forth on the brick, and some tools pull back and forth.In particular, some processes such as paints, coatings, carpentry and so on are laid behind the tiles.Therefore, the laying of good tiles should be covered with protective film, and it is required to lay a good paste for at least 24 hours or more before walking on it.
In order to improve the effect of ceramic tile and stone placement, it is generally preferred to use beautiful sewing technology. The gap is not yellow, moldy, and easier to clean.It should be noted that the stitch should be done as soon as the ceramic tiles are dry. To prevent the ceramic tiles in kitchen from being dry, the construction on the surface of the tiles will cause the loosening of the tiles, leaving the hidden danger of hollowing out.

What is the preparatory work for the tile paving?

The tile paving is small and small. It seems to be very small. It seems to be very simple. It seems that there will be no big event, but it is always annoying if it is done. Details are very important, many of the problems, in fact, are not done in some details, tile paving is the same, with everyone to share some tiles paving, some often ignored small details.

The wall should be dealt with well. Some walls are cracked, or walls are connected to other materials, such as cement walls and woodworking boards. Before laying tiles, it is necessary to connect the wall cracks with wire mesh, then reinforce with cement, and then lay up tile again, so as to avoid cracking of later ceramic tiles.

Whether the tile needs water or not, it is necessary to see the specific situation. In the use of ordinary cement mortar paving, some of the higher water absorption of pottery tiles, that is what we usually say wall tiles, that is the need for water, and must bubble foot. And some floor tiles with low water absorption, such as polished tiles, marble tiles, etc., do not soak water, whether they stick to the ground or on the wall. There is another case. If it is paved with ceramic floor tile, no matter whether it is tile or floor tile, it needs no water. When the water is needed, you should pay attention to it. Every batch of tile time is as much as possible, and the water used is as clean as possible so as to avoid the color difference after the paving. There is also a point, the need to make water tiles as much as necessary to bubble water, how much to use in advance to bubble how much, especially when put to the back, do not make a whole body to bubble, if the bubble is not finished, it is unable to return.

About the powder of the tile billet. Magnesium Oxide and magnesium carbonate are a high temperature resistant white powder. Generally, the ceramic kiln floor tiles are at the highest temperature of more than 1200 degrees, when the tile bottom is close to melting (the expression may be inaccurate, but the tile embryo is soft). In order to avoid sticky stick of tile embryo and kiln, using the characteristics of high temperature resistance of Magnesium Oxide and magnesium carbonate, before the tile embryo entered the kiln, a layer of Magnesium Oxide pulp was brushed on the bottom of the embryo to play the role of isolation. This will avoid sticking sticky tiles and sticks in high temperature kilns. Therefore, sometimes we will find that there are many powders at the bottom of the billet, and we should try to remove the white powder before paving. Otherwise, it will cause the cement mortar to be stuck to the tile, causing the hollowing off.

Many people think that it is a waste of time to per pave tiles before paving. In fact, the old pottery people think that the front row of tile is to spend a little time, but in the row of tiles, can avoid the generation of some of the following problems, for example, when the tile, can look at the tiles of the supporting waist line, tile or processing tile and the main tiles with the main tile? Besides, there are obvious defects on the main tile surface, whether there is chromatic aberration, whether the size error is large or not. In front of the tiles, the old pottery also hopes that the owner can take out every tile that is to be used, and give a detailed account of the position, quantity and special requirements of the paving, which can avoid the paving error.

Before paving, we must clean up the wall. Before we scrape the putty wall, we need to shovel the putty and lay the tiles again. Otherwise, it will easily cause the hollow drum to fall off. If you want to use tile glue to paste the tiles later, you must make the wall level. If we use ordinary cement mortar to paste, we should pay attention to the proportion of cement sand, tile 1:3, floor tile 1:2, cement grade 32.5 cement. If the floor tiles are on the wall, it is suggested that tile glue or adhesive should be used for paving, so as to avoid the drums falling off later.

Why not use the stone for the decoration, to use the ceramic tile?

Family decoration is a very important and grand thing, and the good or bad decoration not only affects the overall visual effect, but also related to the daily life of the use, In the entire decoration process, the choice of decoration materials is often very important. Is family decoration stone or tile?

The stone is cracked and fragile, and the processing requirement is very high. If it is not careful, it will cause fragmentation. Ceramic tiles are made by physical suppression and chemical firing. They are hard in texture and can be machined according to the actual decoration requirements of consumers.

Stone Mori hardness is only 2-3 grade, long time for the ground, the surface is easy to wear and wear. The ceramic tile is 4-7 degree Mori hardness, the surface adds the glaze protection, the product is super wear-resisting.

Stone is easy to break and fragile, especially large long boards. Even if the glued steel mesh is fixed, slotting and steel bars are easy to break when transporting and installing paving. Ceramic floor tiles are made by physical suppression and chemical firing. The texture is hard and dense. Generally, cars will not break through brick surfaces slowly.

The stone is mainly made of calcium carbonate naturally, with more cracks on the surface and easy to permeate. All kinds of stolen goods at home are easily infiltrated into the marble. The clean surface can not be cleaned at all, and the professional nursing price is expensive. The glaze layer on the surface of the ceramic tile is fired at high temperature. The stains are completely impervious and polished. The surface is smooth and easy to clean.

The nature of stone material causes small holes and crevices on the surface of stone, easy seepage and high water absorption, which is the reason why stone cleaning and nursing can’t be used for water. The glaze layer of ceramic bath tile is dense and smooth, and the water absorption rate is less than 0.3%. Therefore, tiles can be washed and cleaned with water.

The natural stone of the stone surface texture color difference is large, many defects, even if there is a uniform and unflawed stone, the price is also very expensive, the common stone will be filled with glue, dyeing treatment; Ceramic tile specialized production, raw materials, technology is completely controllable, no defects and chromatic aberration.

Stone is rough mining and simple processing, semi-finished products are not. At the same time, due to the non renewable quality of the products and mine resources, supply is not stable, replenishment is basically impossible, home installation especially large project in supply and time is difficult to control; The ceramic tile flooring is the finished product of the standardized industrial production, the size specification can be made according to the requirement, the product is bought in and out, the supply is stable, the quantity is big also can be delivered on time, the time limit is guaranteed.

What is the wall tile in the middle plate?

Medium plate, that is, medium size; internal wall tiles, refers to the application, paving on the wall of a class of ceramic tile products; The inner wall tiles of the medium plate, as the name suggests, refer specifically to the medium size tile products specially applied to the walls. In recent years, with the popularization of large ceramic tiles in the whole ceramic industry, tiles have been expanded to a great extent on the ground placement and application. All kinds of large scale ceramic tile ground application solutions are also very sufficient, but the product is relatively small for the inner wall tiles which are focused on the large size tiles.

In the ceramic industry, which is popular in the ceramic tile market, there is a great market prospect for ceramic tile products in the middle plate, and it will show the possibility of explosive growth. which advantages of the wall tile in the middle plate?
1)the tile’s body is vitrified, low water absorption, and the product is pressed by relatively high tonnage press in the process of production, and the product is burned for a long time.
2)the ceramic floor tile surface texture is rich and the texture effect is excellent. The technology expression of the interior wall tile products on the enamel line and the surface printing process can be superimposed in a more complex way.
3)The inner wall tile has good seismic strength, which is that the body is more sturdy. In the process of production, a more fine ball milling machine is used to make the ball into the slurry.
4)The product size is more standard, the standard of the production process of the inner wall tile is close to the standard of the common full body marble tiles or rustic tiles production process, so the error of its later forming size is smaller.

The inner wall tile of the middle plate is a kind of ceramic bath tile product with low water absorption. In the construction of the wall, it is suggested to use the strengthened ceramic tile glue for laying on the wall. At the same time, we need to pay attention to the paving of it, please ensure that the base of the wall is neat and smooth. We must keep the seam paving during the paving process. The gap between tiles should be reserved between 1.5mm-3mm. Finally, after the paving is finished, it is recommended that the seams can be treated with beautiful seams, so that the overall effect will be better. Which difference between the inner wall tile and the traditional porcelain tiles?

the water absorption rate is different. The inner wall tiles belong to ceramic tiles. The water absorption rate is relatively low. Most of them are under the control of 1% or double zero. The traditional porcelain tiles belong to the ceramic tiles. The water absorption rate is generally high, and the water absorption rate is generally in 8%-12%.

The density of tiles body is different, the vitrification degree of the tiles body is higher, the density is higher, the anti damage strength is high, the traditional porcelain tile is the pottery body, the high water absorption and the low density of the tiles are the remarkable characteristics of the traditional porcelain tiles. Meanwhile, the anti destructive strength of the traditional Chinese tiles is also relatively low.

With different wear resistance, the wear resistance of inner wall tiles is higher than that of traditional porcelain tiles. Because of the high density and low water absorption, the traditional ceramic tile has low density and high water absorption, which causes the wear resistance of the traditional porcelain tiles to be less than the inner wall tiles on floor.

The performance of the wall tiles in the medium plate is different, and the surface of the wall tiles can be expressed by various kinds of deep and shallow grinding tools. At the same time, the surface can also apply a variety of dry grain effect. And the latter surface can also do various polishing techniques to perform the process, while the traditional porcelain tiles have no way to do it.

Home decorate, recognize these sizes of the tiles

As we all know, tile is the best building decoration material, its stable physical and chemical properties are also very worthy of praise, but for many owners who want to use ceramic tiles, they are often faced with a great variety of tile products. So, for the owners who want to use tile, what do they care about most, the size of tile should be their most concerned, because the size of the ceramic tile will eventually affect the construction cost of the later tiles, the size of ceramic tiles is too big or too small, it will increase the cost of tile paving and the size of ceramic tiles is too big for the professional. The standardized paving requirements are higher and more strict, and the size of ceramic tiles is too small, which will greatly increase the construction time of the builders on the tiles, which leads to the higher cost of the construction.

800 * 800mm specifications of ceramic floor tiles have always been the highest frequency of use, which is beyond doubt, and is obvious to all. At the same time, we are most common in this size of ceramic bath tile. This size of ceramic tiles is the most mature and stable in all aspects of technical parameters control because of the use of all manufacturers. The size of the specification size, 800 * 800mm sizes of ceramic tiles are currently the most widely used, its position is not subversive, as for the construction paving, at the present stage of the tile workers, the 800 * 800mm specifications of the tile construction paving is the most skilled.

600 * 600mm sizes of tiles have an irreplaceable importance in the application of the whole space. The use of this size ceramic tile in small space can greatly reduce the loss rate of the tile in the process of paving, so the size of the tile has its unique complementarity and the performance of the more ceramic tiles in the construction. More flexible.

When it comes to the 300 * 600mm price ceramic tile, I believe that many people first impression will think of marble porcelain tiles, that is, inner wall tiles. It is true that the application of the 300 * 600mm tiles and wall surface is very widespread and common. At the same time, many building walls are basically used in the daily life of the tiles, compared to the larger specifications. For ceramic tiles, the construction of 300 * 600mm on the wall is much simpler.

400 * 800mm of this size, the application of the wall tiles is the extension and supplement to the 300 * 600mm specifications. The application on the ground is the filling of square size tiles, and because of its 1:2 ratio, the application ground can greatly enhance the three-dimensional sense of the whole space. It is also convenient in the construction and paving, and there is not too much requirement.

For 300 * 300mm specifications of small ceramic tiles, in small space application is very extensive, such as: toilet, balcony, kitchen is usually use this size of ceramic tiles, but also because of the flexibility of its specifications, in small space paving construction is more convenient, can change more.

600 * 1200mm size of ceramic tiles discount, in large space and large scope application of its effect is very shocking, while the length of the size is also more solid, the proposed pursuit of fashion, front style decoration owners can refer to the construction, because its long bar in the placement of attention to the tiles and tiles must pay attention to the level title At the same time, adequate tiles should be reserved, and 2-4mm tiles should be reserved.

150 x 900mm specifications, the size of this type of tile is mostly wood grain tiles, and more is applied to the bedroom, study, restaurant, or other applications. If you want to use this type of ceramic tile, then the whole space will take some thoughts to conceive the collocation, but it is the best choice for the owners who like the wood grain.

600 x 900mm size tiles are between rectangular and square, well compatible with the rectangular size and square size of their advantages, convenient for construction and paving, and also a strong sense of stereoscopic.

BARANA new full body marble tiles–One tile, one world, one heart and one stone tile design

Long live in reinforced concrete forests, it is hard to miss the natural beauty of past years. However, people who are accustomed to the conveniences of modern society, if they really want to return to the countryside, are expected to have another consideration. Compared with the pursuit of the so-called “return”, the use of more natural stone tiles to decorate their own side of the world can better meet the fantasy of the natural life of the majority of people.

In this era of natural beauty, natural stone is loved by many people.BARANA full body marble tiles are more close to the texture of natural stone both in texture and color. The whole tile can achieve the perfect texture effect from any angle, so as to achieve real texture. The full body marble tile series has higher fidelity than traditional marble tiles, and is more similar to stone. It is noble in quality, delicate in stone, glossy and soft, and has strong decoration. It is the best in marble tiles.

The warm and soft rice yellow gives people a sense of peace and peace, with a strong American pastoral atmosphere, so that people can not help but sink into this boundless and leisurely. The combination of the aloofness concealed in the world and the prosperity of modern cities gives a rare feeling to the people who live in reinforced concrete forests for a long time.

Combined with the mystery of Turkey and the natural texture of stone, a noble and elegant marble tile with unique charm is designed. Its texture is soft, meticulous, or deep or shallow, creating a mysterious and fascinating artistic conception. The texture of the tile is just like gold wire inlaid in it, shining brightly. The combination of gold and jade enjoy the honor. The color is pure and natural, and the color block is well distributed. Using 3D reduction technology, showing the feeling of interlacing trees. Restore the delicate texture of the original wood, make it natural and comfortable and return to nature. Restore the delicate texture of the original wood tiles, make it natural and comfortable and return to nature.

The appearance of white and transparent is mixed with a little wrinkle like texture, giving people the feeling of floating clouds. The tiles surface is as smooth as a mirror, showing a glossiness of jade, emitting a crystal like feel. The layout of the space is scattered, emphasizing the integration of classical and modern beauty. It is intended to create a comfortable, comfortable and stylish lifestyle. In the tone of the use of cool blue ash, to add a low profile for the fashionable life.

The layout of the space is scattered, emphasizing the integration of classical and modern beauty. It is intended to create a comfortable, comfortable and stylish lifestyle. The use of cool colors in tone tones adds a low profile to the fashionable life. The delicate texture of the surface, elegant and vivid lines, each of which is the display of nature’s ghosts and workmanship. The rich texture is displayed on the floor tiles. It seems to deduce a decorative feast, and take you deeply to the natural charm. With a clear heart, you can show a transparent space from inside to outside. This is the charm of the full body marble tiles.

It is the right way to choose the good ceramic tiles

Tile is the art of fire and soil, but not everyone knows this art, it is because a lot of people do not understand it, so it makes the ceramic industry terminal misread it, so, tile this thing is really so difficult to understand? In fact, the following is a brief introduction to recognition method by the naked eyes, so that ordinary people can also be a professional tile’s people.

General good tiles in the burning of the raw material in addition to the raw material except the impurities, but also with a high magnetic field bar to remove the iron, so removal of impurities, iron removal is a key step in the tile.
Cheaper ceramic tiles: the color of the back is deeper, the color is uneven, and there are uneven black spots because of removing impurities and removing iron.

Special attention: very white and very cheap floor tiles should be vigilant, because it is possible to add chemical auxiliary materials, zirconium silicate, high purity zirconium silicate without radioactivity, price is also expensive, the general manufacturer, if the addition of high purity zirconium silicate as the raw material, then the price of the production of tiles will not be cheap; also no shortage of manufacturers. Low purity zirconium silicate is used as auxiliary material. Zirconium silicate with low purity contains monazite. Monazite is usually radioactive.

The thickness is an important parameter in the ceramic tile standard, and it is also one of the important reference factors to measure the quality of ceramic floor tiles.
Ceramic rustic tiles are fired by high temperature. The higher the temperature is, the stronger the chemical reaction and physical changes are, so the higher the density of ceramic tiles is. Of course, ceramic tile density is not only related to firing temperature, but also closely related to raw material formula.
In addition to determining the density of ceramic tiles, there is a very important property that is the ability to resist pollution. The lower the water absorption, the better the ability to resist pollution. On the other hand, the higher the water absorption capacity of the ceramic tiles is relatively poor.
The flatness causes the influence: if the tiled level is not good, then the tile will appear uneven after the construction, the concrete performance of the person walking on the tile surface will appear kicking.

The good small ceramic tiles are fine selection and strict control in the formula powder material, select high quality natural stone feed after feeding, and use super large ball mill grinding, and through long time meticulous grinding, select remove impurities, produce nanometer level high purity molecular slurry.
The slurry should be nebulized by intelligent atomization equipment at high temperature to form hollow powder particles. After two purification, it is sent to the raw material bin to carry on the aging. After a series of high standard and high grade process, the final raw material is formed and transported from the conveyor belt to the press workshop.

The factory which makes the ceramic tile has realized the intelligence and automation. The CMF control system is the production system which makes the ceramic tile more widely used. The system can manage the large and complex press powder system well, which is also one of the production system of making the ceramic floor tiles price.
In the use of the press, most ceramic factories are made of ceramic tiles, and the most leading Italy sac press is selected in the world. The super pressure of the press can achieve the perfect suppression of more specifications and sizes of ceramic tiles. The tile billet of high strength press can be pressed to reach the peak level of the gravitational force of the body. The hardness of the tile is hard and hard as hard as it is.

The ultra long granulation equipment and grinding equipment greatly enhance the changeable adaptability of the feeding process, advanced equipment and scientific equipment, greatly improve the production efficiency, and always go ahead of the industry.
The ceramic factory for making ceramic flooring is mostly imported from the Italy sac roller kiln in the kiln, and the new equipment system, such as the non – layer drying kiln and the automatic storage system of Italy Xitie company, is used.

The ceramic factory which makes the ceramic tiles is almost harsh to the beautifying of the tile. The first entry is the grinding machine, the multi angle and multi grinding head grinding, the formal polishing after the leveling, the rough throwing, the middle throwing and polishing, and the final display of its diamond and polishing process. After that, the tile is then entered into the fine grinding edge and ultra bright process.
Each piece will be graded according to the size, smoothness and color number. The finished product will be sent to the packaging line for automatic packaging.

Lay tiles for seams, and should be use the cross

Ceramic tile is a ceramic product fired by high temperature. Its physical and chemical properties are quite stable. Why there is no problem when many ceramic tile products are sent to the customer for acceptance? There are various problems after laying. How to ensure that the paving construction is all the same? At that time, the tile cross played its unique role.
The tile cross is a kind of plastic products used in the construction of ceramic tile, which is used to adjust the size of the seam. The use of the tile cross not only improves the efficiency of the slit, but also improves the precision of the seam and the seam.

The more mature products in the building materials market are HDPE materials, the color is porcelain white, milk white, its advantages are good toughness, good tensile strength, non-toxic and odorless, resistance to impact, moisture resistance, and chemical resistance.
Ceramic floor tile left seam, wall to 1 – 2MM for good, some small tiles, in order to beautiful, to retain the seam but need big; the ground seam, in addition to the ancient glaze tiles generally need to leave a larger gap 2.5 – 5MM, the other varieties of tiles generally 1.5 – 3MM for good.

Under normal circumstances, a piece of tile with one, 5MM tile cross can be taken down if the tiles are almost dry, it can be recycled at least three times, which can save some cost; the tile cross of 3MM and 2MM is not easy to take off, otherwise the tile can be easily taken off, only after the tiles are dry thoroughly can be taken down, so the general is very difficult to reuse, do not want to put down on the inside to fill the seams to see, it is recommended in accordance with a tile with a tile cross of the principle of the purchase.
The cement mortar of ceramic flooring and paste ceramic tile will have heat expansion and shrinkage problem. In the process of temperature or humidity change, the ceramic tile and cement mortar will have some expansion. If no seam is left, it will lead to the drum or crack in the process of the later use.

Although the ceramic tiles are now mechanized production, but in the process of tiles production, there will be a certain size error (the error is too large for the quality of the product). If no seam is left, it is easy to appear the joint unevenness when tile paving, affecting the beauty of ceramic tiles.
Tile paving is a very high proficiency of a construction project, the workers in the whole process of paving, it is impossible to complete the placement of every tile when there is no error, the workers’ mood is not good, daytime and night, and other different conditions of tile, the effect will be different, if no seams, the same, the same It is difficult to ensure the straight seam of ceramic rustic tile, which affects the aesthetics of tiles placement.

What’s the benefit of the seams?
1, sewing can prevent ceramic tile flooring from hollowing, deforming, cracking, jumping or even falling off.
2.Retention of seams can save materials
3.All tiles have errors, and tile joints can reduce the negative effects of errors.
4.Proper retention of seams can enrich the effect of paving
5.Avoid slit more difficult to clean
6.Reduce the uneven joints caused by the construction error
7.It is more convenient to maintain and replace later

Why do you need to remove wax before paved the tile?

When polishing tile, glaze tile, microcrystalline stone tile and other bright face tiles, many people will have such experience, think that the tiles construction is finished on the ground, is this true right? In fact, there is a very important process after the tile is completed, that is, wax removal, but it is such a simple process that is often easily ignored.
The ceramic tiles will be beforehand treated before they go out of the factory. The wax treatment is mainly to prevent the tile from accidental damage in the future, and the thick surface of the wax is also the main cause of the tile dark light, so the wax layer can be well restored to the original gloss of the ceramic floor tiles, but also the wax is also available. In order to improve the antifouling performance of the ceramic tile surface, the uniform wiping of the wax can well fill the small pores on the surface of the ceramic tile, and make the anti fouling molecular distribution more uniform on the surface of the antifouling layer, thus improving its antifouling performance and wear resistance.

Wax removal can restore the gloss of ceramic flooring, improve the antifouling performance and enhance the wear resistance. The main method of removing wax for ceramic tiles is surface wiping.
Commonly used materials: double fly powder, washing powder, flour, wax powder, powder and other powder, generally recommended to use double fly powder, double fly powder is also widely used to remove wax, the main chemical composition of the double fly powder is calcium carbonate, but also contains a small amount of magnesium carbonate, double fly powder itself is no toxic, no harm to the human body, but the removal of wax needs Attention should be paid to avoiding inhalation of dust and protective mask when operating. The surface of the ceramic tiles is cleaned first, and the wax is scattered under the condition of dry surface, such as several kinds of wax removal materials mentioned above, and then wiped with a rag or dry towel.

After the polishing process, the floor tiles, generally its surface must be treated with wax, and then add a layer of plastic film to cover the surface of the ceramic tile with the same size as the size of the ceramic tile; its function is to prevent the spillover of the wax layer and stabilize the wax layer on the surface of the tile; two, as the wax is an organic chemical, if it is an organic substance. For a long time exposure in the air will be oxidized, causing the wax layer to solidify on the surface of the ceramic tile and increase the unnecessary process in the later period. Three, the ceramic tile and the ceramic tile are isolated, and the tiles and the tiles are both faced and back between the tiles and the tiles in order to avoid the surface of the tiles before packing. The rules are stacked, and the plastic film plays a good role in isolating tiles when stacking in the face of the specifications.

If the tile is paving, it will not tear off the plastic film. It may cause the tile plastic film to be hard to tear off after the completion of the tile, and it will greatly increase the workload. At the same time, it is easy to cause the unnecessary after sale problem, so it must be plastic before the tile with plastic film is paving. The film is torn off, and this action is absolutely beneficial without harm, and this step is also the key.

In fact, the plastic film on the surface of the glazed ceramic tile is only one of the packing layer, the real product is the ceramic tile. The plastic film plays a very small role in preventing the scraping, because the plastic film is the polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene chemical composition material, which itself is the material with low hardness, brittle and weak, so the surface of the ceramic tile is plastic. The so-called protective effect of material film in the later stage of ceramic tile construction is not very effective.
After the tile application is laid on the ground, it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the tile is clean and tidy, and the gravel can not be left on its surface. It is suggested that the protective layer, for example, be best used as a carton to cover the ceramic tile surface in all directions.