3 key points to test the quality of ceramic tile paving

3 Key Points To Test The Quality Of Ceramic Tile Paving

3 key points to test the quality of ceramic tile paving

1, to see the use and treatment of decorative materials

Tile varieties, specifications, grade, size, shape, smoothness, color and pattern should meet the design requirements for solid, uniform color stone, no crack, no pollution or deterioration of color, line, surface without warping, no blisters. The tile has no defects, sand drop, hole, drop angle, crack and other defects, the surface is neat, the color is consistent.

2, to see the quality of construction

Requirements facing layer surface to be smooth and clean, clear texture, uniform color, no skew warp, paste without hollowing; gap between veneer bulk uniform filled inlay very dense, flat, uniform color; brick special parts of pressure to the right, the whole brick using the appropriate position, arrangement of flat projections; application of whole plate cutting well, neat, smooth edges, uniform thickness, prominent.

3, to find and solve quality defects in time

After the wall tile construction prone to the following quality defects, we should carefully observe and supervise the construction personnel in a timely manner to solve.

(1) discoloration. Tile quality is poor, glaze is too thin and improper construction methods.

(2) the sloughing. Mainly adhesive material is not rich, brick impermeable and grassroots treatment is not clean.

(3) the seam is uneven. The main brick specifications are different and improper construction, such as the joint exceeds the allowable error, timely removal of wall tiles, resolutely rework.

a small coup in selecting high quality tiles

A Small Coup In Selecting High Quality Tiles

a small coup in selecting high quality tiles

View color: in the light good environment, observe the brick surface whether there are color difference, leakage, sliding marks, cracks, cracks, porcelain missing, color dirty and other defects, whether the color is bright. There is no obvious defect on the surface of the high quality product, the color is bright and uniform, and the size is regular.

Listening: tapping the brick body by hand, carefully identifying whether the sound is crisp and pleasant, and having metal sound ceramic tile, brick body density is high, sintering is good. If the sound is rough and dull, the sintering degree of brick body is low and the density is not high. Knock the sound hoarse, then this kind of polishing brick is inferior products, brick body may exist cracks.

Weigh: weigh by hand, feel heavy or not, sink to high density, strong hardness, on the contrary, poor texture.
Test the water: put a small amount of ink or tea on the brick surface for two minutes, then rinse with water or wipe with cloth, to see whether the residual traces are obvious. Traces clearly indicate the quality is general, otherwise the quality is better.

In short, polished quality has four elements: look, to shine; listen to the sonorous; a weigh heavy, strong; try, low water absorption rate.

mix modern bricks and create fashionable space

Mix Modern Bricks And Create Fashionable Space

mix modern bricks and create fashionable space

Modern antique brick is a nostalgic expression

Modern antique brick is a kind of natural and antique to a nostalgic state of performance, so that the entire space to create an antique flavor. The modern antique brick has several basic characteristics, is a modern antique brick reflects a natural taste in color; it is two in the color does not like other products so bright, reflect a kind of introverted cultural atmosphere, it will create a cultural atmosphere of the space; three is difficult to mold process get the biggest play in other products, but in the antique brick body can use many sophisticated technology to the performance.

Create space for fashion petty bourgeoisie

Modern Antique brick is suitable for all sorts of collocation. For example, Italy has adopted the most popular blank design in China, using metal edging to close edges, while forming a mashup on the material. Through the mix, the entire space will not be like the whole shop tiles are not so rigid, pixel tiles so dull, this mix of jumping the whole spatial sense of fashion and young feeling very well, but also with a little taste of the petty bourgeoisie, is by domestic designers.

Mix modern Antique brick, create fashionable space

The modern antique brick in color and features, suitable for collocation in the family bathroom, living room, balcony and other places, will create a simple and pure feeling, is currently in the domestic popular style tiles.

tips how do you clean the tiles

Tips: How To Clean The Tiles?

tips how do you clean the tiles

Method one : Brush by brush and brush

Toothbrushes and brushes are more common, and they are also the most practical tools for cleaning tiles, cracks and dirt. In the first place of ceramic tile aperture, using a toothbrush dipped in a small amount of detergent paste brush slot in the dirt, and then use the brush brush waterproofing agent in the crevice with a can, this method can not only prevent seepage, and can prevent the growth of mold.

Applies to: kitchen floors and walls, bathrooms, walls and floors, living room floor tiles.

Method two : Waxing clean

Wholesale tile floor waxing can effectively maintain the ground to tile waxing, also has a bright and clean effect to keep tile. First of all tile stains completely clean, such as plastic or stains, available neutral detergent or 100 clean cloth wipe. The first floor cleaning agent onto the tile, then water poured into a clean dry mop wax, wax evenly coated on the ceramic tile can be. After waxing let tile surface dry, dry to stampede.
Here to remind, many times after waxing tile surface will turn yellow, need to re waxing, wax removing agent treatment. The specific method is: wax removing agent used directly, without water, even then, about 15 minutes or so, wax removing agent into the tile, tile water will be wet, completely remove wax, wax or re not shiny. After removing the wax, please clean it according to the above procedures.

Applies to: kitchen and living room floor.

Method three : Steam fumigation

The oil is not cleaned for a long time, even if the product in the plane is difficult to clean, especially the gap in the kitchen grease, steel ball, cleaning agent…… Is not the most effective method, not only laborious and ineffective against oil pollution, kitchen tile gap, the best way is to use steam. As long as the kitchen tiles are heated in large pots in the kitchen, the walls are steamed by steam, and the oil can easily fall off naturally after being fumigated.

Suitable for: kitchen wall.

three kinds of fashion tiling method of ceramic tile

Three Kinds Of Fashion Tiling Method Of Ceramic Tile

three kinds of fashion tiling method of ceramic tile

With the increasingly high demand for decoration, but also more on the technical requirements so worker  grade, derived from many kinds of tiling method, the following three methods, to see which is more suitable for you.

First of all, ceramic tile adhesion method. This method is also called dry sticking method. It is a new kind of paving auxiliary material. It changes the wet method of mortar cement, the ceramic tile does not need to be soaked beforehand, the base surface does not need to wet, so long as the foundation condition of the pavement is better, the operation condition can be greatly improved. Its adhesion effect is also more than the traditional mortar cement, especially suitable for small work surface, the work environment is not ideal for small and medium-sized projects and family decoration.

Secondly, the cross bar positioning method. The use of the auxiliary materials, the construction technology of pavement cloudy angle, the positive angle has been greatly improved. Tiles no longer need to be cut at 45 degrees angle, saving hours and breakage. The cross positioning can improve the seam accuracy when paving tiles, and simplify the construction process.

Third, a combination of specifications. The utility model is characterized in that a plurality of tiles with different geometric sizes and sizes are selected and assembled in groups according to certain combinations. Because the floor tiles are made up of different sizes and combinations, the geometric lines of the ground are changed immediately, and the changes and vividness are reflected in the order.

how to pave the floor tile more beautiful and practical

How To Pave The Floor Tile More Beautiful And Practical?

how to pave the floor tile more beautiful and practical
1.Bedding before the notice of floor tiles: (1)the shop must be checked before the product, see the product packaging, qualified tiles are mostly use cardboard boxes for packaging floor tiles. The manufacturer’s name, product name, trademark, specification, size, grade, weight, color number and quantity shall be printed on the package. Avoid buying floor tiles that are inferior or inappropriate. (2)floor tiles in use before soaking half a day, until the floor tiles are not bubbling before they can.
2.The process for floor tile: (1)floor brick, bedding is the most important to have totally different tile joints, namely gap horizontal and vertical direction are on the straight, let new bricks as before on the wall of the same level. Otherwise, cracks appear between the bricks and bricks, which is not only beautiful, but also affects the actual use of the floor tiles. (2)in the bedding floor tiles to knock a knock, listen to the sound to identify whether the cement is not real enough, hear gaps, then rework immediately.
3.When the floor tile is finished, cover the brick face with cardboard, etc., and walk on the brick face at least 24 hours later.

Does Ceramic Tile Have Radiation?

Now each building has tiled tile, become indispensable adornment.But everything has two sides.With the requirement of ceramic tile expanding continuously, then the problem comes:does ceramic tile have radiation?Let’s know the problem:
Ceramic tile radiation refers to the phenomenon that ceramic tile contains radioactive material, the radioactivity of glaze brick is more apparent.Glazed ceramic tile is to apply a layer of glaze on ceramic tile base, ceramic tile surface color is varied, pattern and pattern is rich.Most of the ceramic tiles are from potassium minerals, such as feldspar and mica, which contain certain radioactive substances such as uranium and potassium. It is still radioactive after the process of physical chemistry, such as pulverization and sintering. And in order to clean the surface of the tile, the raw materials often include the high radioactive zirconium sand, which also makes some tiles highly radioactive.
The national building materials test center, however, ceramic and stone detection department senior engineering expressed: add a small amount of zirconium silicate porcelain production process is a kind of modern production technology, has a history of more than ten years in our country, it is comparatively mature technology.The radioactivity of brick is very little, wait for a year in normal household environment to absorb radiation quantity, much less than do an X-ray examination, so need not worry completely.And the radiation effect of ceramic tile on human body is less than the radiation that USES mobile phone to talk a minute to produce the influence big.

Glazed Tile Selection Guide

glazed tile selection guide

Glazed tile selection guide

First, to see the stability of glazed tiles.

Glazed tile according to its production process can be divided into a single firing and two firing. But according to its stability, glazed tile SINGLE-FIRED relative to the two firing for thermal stability will be better, but the process of two kinds of production have their advantages and disadvantages, therefore, consumers can also choose according to different requirements in the purchase.

Two, look at the green strength of glazed tiles.

When choosing the best choice for a well-known brand manufacturers, have the test proved that high standards to ensure brand manufacturers can be suspended load more than 100kg will not have fracture phenomenon, but some poor ordinary manufacturers are unable to bear the pressure of 50kg, some of them are still prone to cracking phenomenon. Therefore, in the purchase to see the brand awareness of manufacturers.

Three. Look at the water absorption rate of glazed tiles.

In general, the wall glazed tile in the water absorption rate is about 10-20%, manufacturers are generally around 18%, and a glazed brick firing and the water absorption rate of only 10%-13%, if some high water absorption tiles in the tiling is very dirty in the cement, agreed to absorb, it will be easy to make. The glaze and embryo surface cracking, and some shoddy bricks with a period of time behind the foot will come off. Therefore, in the purchase, we should pay particular attention to the water absorption rate glazed tile.

introduction decoration choose wood floor or tile

Introduction Decoration Choose Wood Floor Or Tile?

introduction decoration choose wood floor or tile
A few reasons why we love wood flooring

Natural wood gives a natural sense of texture, comfort and beauty, and has the advantages of so-called “upper grade”. If the room with wooden floor, not only comfortable, but also can greatly reduce the impact of sound on the floor of the room warm and quiet.

Wood floors are more “gentle”, and if there is an old man and a child falling down, it is not easy to walk. It will cause great harm, but if it is tile, it will fall more serious.

Wood floor defects

The wood floor is nice, but it needs more care. The wooden floor is influenced by the weather and moderate flooding effect, easy deformation curl up; need to wax regularly maintenance; easy to be sharp objects; composite wood flooring and formaldehyde release; compared to the shorter life of wooden floor tiles.

Two, preference tile reason

Now tile obvious advantages are: easy maintenance, simple maintenance, not easy to hide, no air pollutants, long service life, generally will not be scratched, and so on. If you’re more comfortable, choose the magnetic ring. Tile size, color is also very rich, decorative effect and wooden floor effect comparable, easy to care, just sweep, wipe clean.

Several defects of ceramic tile

Comfort is poor, tile cold, foot feels stiff, not warm; poor insulation insulation; ceramic tile paving complex and fussy construction; in the wet season is easy to slip.
Can be used in accordance with the requirements of different regions, the use of both, such as kitchen, bathroom are tiled walls, bedroom, living room, floor wood flooring, to play both advantages.
Do you have the answer to the choice of flooring? Whether it’s wood floor or tile floor, the right one is the best. You can choose according to your actual situation.

introduction: master living room tiles Raiders home life more enjoyable

Introduction: Master Living Room Tiles Raiders Home Life More Enjoyable

introduction: master living room tiles Raiders home life more enjoyable

Living room skirting board

Simplicity and fluency are forever themes. The concept of metaphysics and parquet are outdated superfluous. The skirting line is to be done, because the general wall paint, and paint and ground connecting parts often with the living room furniture feet and foot contact, easy to get dirty and damaged, and the use of a baseboard with tiles made to avoid this problem, and make the room more beautiful. The upper end of the foot line shall be ground to 1/4 or 45 degrees, and the machined surface shall be polished.

Tile color selection

Indoor requirements are spacious and bright, so that people feel relaxed and comfortable. So the light is appropriate, such as white, beige, color or pattern can be slightly, to high health requirements for the master, select solid color can better reflect the owner’s elegant, but to spend more time and energy, because the pure dirty, need frequent cleaning, for those busy, willing to spare time on the Internet, sleep and other aspects of the owners, the best choice with patterns or particles of ceramic tile.

Selection of tile material

Choose vitrified stone is better, because it is wear-resisting, bright, easy to clean. Some people like to use antique brick, antique brick color rich, reflecting the personality, but the color is often heavier, cleaning is also a certain degree of difficulty. Stone is best not used, because not only the high cost of stone, the color of a single, but most of the stone radioactive, surface finish and abrasion resistance is also very low. They are often used in large public places.

Selection of polished tiles

If the living room area of more than 30 square meters, 80*80 should be less than the brick, area under 60*60 standards, but not less than 40*40. Large size can make the room spacious and spacious, with a wide view. But the large size tiles if the shop is stuck in a small area on the ground, will make the size of the room collocation uncoordinated, like a man wearing an oversized clothes, on the other hand, if a large area of paving the small ceramic tiles, will appear crowded indoor complex.