What are modern floor tiles?

Modern tile, also known as “modern style tile“, is a new type of floor tile category. Modern floor tiles tend to be more inclined to and focus on the design of the product itself, and the embodiment of the cultural connotation. The modern style floor tile is not mysterious, with the rise of the younger generation of consumer groups, and the young consumer group of this generation is very particular about the decoration effect of home space, which provides very necessary conditions for the birth of modern style floor tiles.

The traditional floor tile is a kind of building surface decoration material, modern style tiles is a new category of floor tile, building space is decorated with modern style floor tile, its space decoration effect has been greatly improved, modern style floor tiles are not only different from traditional tiles. Moreover, the physical and chemical properties of its products have been greatly improved. The decoration of modern style floor tiles in the field of space application can be said to completely subvert the traditional tiles.

The modern style marble floor tiles, in the production process and process standardization, are also very particular, and it is harsh, to meet the quality of modern style floor tile design standards of factories and enterprises are not much. In order to produce fine quality modern floor tile products, factories and their enterprises must follow high standards of physical and chemical performance requirements to implement product production. Generally, the equipment of manufacturing modern style floor tiles price manufacturer is basically the leading level of industry.

Texture design has always been the soul of marble tiles. Texture design is also very important for modern style ceramic floor tiles. And the modern style flooring tile is not only more prominent in texture expression. Moreover, the essence of the stone floor tile has also been shown to the utmost. The large texture and large layout of the modern style floor tiles can give the product more vividness. At the same time, large textures and large layout also greatly enhance the core competitiveness of modern style floor tiles in the field of building materials.

The modern style floor tile designs, in the production process and the standard requirement aspect should be higher than other ordinary traditional glaze floor tile product, the flatness is the important parameter standard of the modern style outdoor floor tile. The general quality of the modern style floor tiles in the level of flatness of the performance are basically close to smooth, and the size of the error is basically controlled in the range of 0.1 – 0.6mm, and even comparable to the traditional floor tiles after polishing.

Home decoration space effect or not, can indirectly affect the quality of life, modern style kitchen floor tiles from the beginning of the birth of high quality home decoration to prepare for the effect of space. The glazed texture of modern style ceramic tiles add its dynamic surface texture design. This design gives a natural and specific cultural connotation. The four tones of black, white, grey and beige are also the main colors of modern style floor tiles. At the same time, black, white, grey and beige intermingled with four colors, and it also shows a unique style of modern style floor tiles.

The extension effect is another important feature of the modern style floor ceramic. The extension effect will directly affect the floor tile’s application in the whole space. Modern style floor tiles, because most of their products are black, white, grey and beige four colors are the keynote, the visual leap of product performance is not very strong. At the same time, this kind of visual sense of jumping is also controlled within the range that most people are easy to accept, so the effect of modern style floor tiles in the extended effect is outstanding.

The international model is the most obvious of the modern style marble effect tiles and the traditional glazed rustic floor tiles. The collection of the elements of the modern style floor tiles generally comes from the top products of foreign countries, which are designed with great style and foresight.

mix modern bricks and create fashionable space

Mix Modern Bricks And Create Fashionable Space

mix modern bricks and create fashionable space

Modern antique brick is a nostalgic expression

Modern antique brick is a kind of natural and antique to a nostalgic state of performance, so that the entire space to create an antique flavor. The modern antique brick has several basic characteristics, is a modern antique brick reflects a natural taste in color; it is two in the color does not like other products so bright, reflect a kind of introverted cultural atmosphere, it will create a cultural atmosphere of the space; three is difficult to mold process get the biggest play in other products, but in the antique brick body can use many sophisticated technology to the performance.

Create space for fashion petty bourgeoisie

Modern Antique brick is suitable for all sorts of collocation. For example, Italy has adopted the most popular blank design in China, using metal edging to close edges, while forming a mashup on the material. Through the mix, the entire space will not be like the whole shop tiles are not so rigid, pixel tiles so dull, this mix of jumping the whole spatial sense of fashion and young feeling very well, but also with a little taste of the petty bourgeoisie, is by domestic designers.

Mix modern Antique brick, create fashionable space

The modern antique brick in color and features, suitable for collocation in the family bathroom, living room, balcony and other places, will create a simple and pure feeling, is currently in the domestic popular style tiles.