how should the living room floor tile modelling be designed

How Should The Living Room Floor Tile Modelling Be Designed

how should the living room floor tile modelling be designed
1, in the market to select tiles, we must consider the Home Furnishing decoration style, now popular style is the new Chinese style, European style, and Mediterranean sun village style, Oriental garden style etc.. Home decoration involves tiles, sanitary ware, lamps and lanterns, curtains, kitchen cabinets, doors and windows, paint and other eight materials and jewelry, style of unity and coordination is extremely important, is to measure the quality of decoration and quality, the main concern. After determining the style, we should pay attention to consider some of their own personalized needs, security is very important.

2, we think everyone should know the wave line, and its role is to make the living room floor more surplus change, some lines overall looks particularly artistic charm. Mainly with some tiles and the main color of the tiles from the processing, the general use of dark tile based processing, and now there are special wave matching antique options.

3, there are a lot of people will give the living room floor tiles for decoration and flex spline in shape, is actually the tile ground decorative painting processing, some high-end brand with lots of patterns to choose from. General should pay attention to the selection, yarn, color and other floral to ground tile color and pattern to be consistent, mainly used in the door or the living room, dining table, the table below.