Kitchen Tiles Identification Skills

According to the special kitchen space, choose the right size of tile.

In the choice of kitchen tiles, pay attention to the thickness of the porcelain surface, the thicker the better, the color difference is small, brick size to specifications, each brick must be flat, not warping. Finally, the most important step is to see whether ceramic tile prices are appropriate. Sure what shop? The kitchen tile selection, according to different space spread, in the selection, matters needing attention are also different, the kitchen in general, ceramic tile stick space into two categories, namely, floor tiles and wall tiles. Selection of kitchen floor tiles.

The kitchen is every day we have to contact the place in the process of renovation must focus on decoration, for in the choice of floor tiles, choose the best kind of anti-skid tiles, because the kitchen every day in cooking, not to wash the dishes, which will splash some water on the ground, people will travel inconvenience, so in the choice of the kitchen floor tiles, to choose the best kind of anti-skid tiles, for the sake of their own safety.

Kitchen wall tile selection.
The kitchen wall tiles, in the selection, there is no need to consider whether the tile need slip, however, wall decoration more special, tile color selection is good or bad, affecting the entire kitchen collocation effect, so in the choice of kitchen wall tiles, kitchen decoration effect according to their best to choose suitable for decorative tiles.

Selection Of Color Of Kitchen Tiles

General kitchen room is relatively small, with windows and a door and cabinet, the net area is relatively small, in order to avoid the waste of space and maintain coordination, should choose the small size tiles, thus paving waste will be small, to avoid the inconvenience of large size ceramic tile cutting construction brings.

Kitchen operating environment is high temperature environment, the choice of tile color should be mainly light and cold colors, such as white, light green, light gray and other colors. This color can feel the breath of spring and cool, under the condition of high temperature and light colors can feel in space extended to avoid dark colors make people feel dull and depressed in a small space. Because there are many cabinets in the kitchen, the back of the cupboard should not be tiled, because it is a waste of tiles to be covered in such a place completely blocked by the cabinet.

The best matte paving tiles, matt tiles will make people feel not good cleaning, actually this is wrong, matt tiles of good quality not only very easy to clean, and the delicate, earthy luster can show elegant aesthetic master, make the kitchen more harmonious and natural taste. Avoid the use of tile waist line, because of the small space using the waist will make the space look cluttered, cumbersome, but suitable for ornament posted a few trailers pawnshop, the kitchen exuding some vitality and romantic.

The Color Of The Kitchen Tile Relates To Your Cooking And Appetite

Believe a lot of people know color is can affect a person’s mood and appetite, so the color of kitchen tile can also affect our cooking and appetite. So what color are our kitchen tiles better?
Now most interior design our house color is basically light color mainly, if the color is too deep or dark kitchen tile more than 60 words can cause depressing.So the color of the tile is the key to a kitchen, the kitchen is the place that cook, some families also have a meal, if the kitchen tile color too deep, can let a person produce visual fatigue.Easy to cause a person’s cooking slump, loss of appetite. Kitchen tile is best choose white, still have kitchen implement also. White kitchen tile can let a person more understand hygiene condition, can clean in time.

You also can use your favorite color, but you best to make it light color.Now I want to tell you a few colors of the kitchen tile:
Red means passion, and decoration can be embellished with a small amount of red. It has the effect of reducing fatigue and releasing energy.
Black and white have a calming effect. For insomnia and grumpy people, have a very good calming effect.

Green can give a person to bring comfortable, relaxed feeling. Suitable for bedroom and toilet decoration.
Orange is the symbol of vitality, use orange table and ambry can stimulate a person’s appetite and promote blood circulation.
So that the collocation of color is very important, then everybody kitchen tile color must choose good, otherwise can affect appetite.

How To Pave Kitchen Tile?

First, choose suitable tiles

The kitchen space is damp and easy accumulation of dust, oil, so in the choice of floor tiles, to choose the anti oil, good antiskid performance of the ceramic tile, kitchen space are generally not very large, so the tile specification is best not more than 300 X 300 mm, so as to better grasp in laying usage.

Second, how to pave the floor tiles

Is the rate calculated tile loss to do first before the renovation, usually based on three percent of the loss rate calculation is the most appropriate, when planning the first estimated dosage materials and the amount of auxiliary materials, usually calculated as amount of tiles: the number of housing area, floor area +3%= tiles needed, and auxiliary materials per square tiles probably need to use sand, 12.5 kg of white cement 108 glue and 34 kg.

Third, old brick renovation

If the house or second-hand housing renovation of the kitchen, remember that destroyed the original tiles, re do waterproof layer, under normal circumstances, when the original tile does not appear to damage, the owners may wish to consider the reservation, which is equivalent to saving a lot of overhead. If the tiles have been damaged, or the surface of serious wear and tear, stains are, they will be removed, re laying. If the floor tile basically intact, don’t be replaced, but it must be pointing at all clean, this is because the tiles are used for a long time, the seams accumulated too much bacteria or stains.