Introduce Some Common Knowledge Of Ceramic Tile Maintenance

introduce some common knowledge of ceramic tile maintenance

Method one: use multifunctional decontamination cream

The tile is often greasy, rust, soap scum etc. especially by ceramic tile juncture easier to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices. In order to adhere to the porcelain surface clean and do not damage the porcelain surface light, you can use multi-functional decontamination paste for cleaning. Cracks in the ceramic tile, should first use a toothbrush dipped in a little dirt cream to remove dirt, and then in the crack with a brush brush a waterproof agent can, so as not only impervious water, and can prevent mold development.

Method two: vitreous tile appearance antifouling is the key

After the glazed tile is polished, the hair pores are exposed, and the oil, dust and other easily penetrate. Some manufacturers have dealt with this problem through new skills. But many brands of products did not pass the anti pollution disposal as a pass product sold, consumers do not investigate the situation, the use of pavement does not care, it will attack the situation of stains and stains. Consumers should be clear when buying, do not do anti fouling treatment of glazed tiles in the use of waxing, ordinary floor wax can be. Before paving, in order to prevent damage to the brick surface in construction, the use of woven bags and other things not easy to decolorization, brick cover good.

In order to clean and protect the glazed tile, clean all the dirt on the brick floor thoroughly. If there is glue or sticky dirt, it can be wiped off with neutral detergent and 100% clean cloth. The floor cleaning agent is poured on the floor tiles, and the stains on the tiles are rubbed clean by waxing machine. Then pour the water wax into the clean dry mop and wax it on the floor tile. Let the appearance of wax tiles from the dry, dry after trampling on the top, also available electric assisted drying, ordinary waxing after 8 hours will be completely dry, if there is heavy to move must be can move the wax completely dry, so can protect floor light.

Method three: old ceramic tile with ceramic tile

Old ceramic tile to be innovative, general requirements will tile all shovel clear, labor intensity is very big. If a new ceramic tile is added on the old tile, the cement mortar is difficult to be competent. At this time, the resin type stone binder must be used. It is not afraid of the greasy dirt and stain on the ceramic tile, and has better bonding strength.

Daily protection also needs to grasp the light tile tips, cleaning can be used to clean water and detergent or soap; mixture with soap when washing with a little ammonia and turpentine, can make more polished tiles. If there is tea or its different daily necessities attached to the ceramic tile, it should be cleaned in real time, and clean in response to clean products when necessary. If the brick surface scratches, the toothpaste can be smeared on the scratch, and can be repaired by wiping with dry cloth. The brick and brick cracks can not use dirt cream to remove dirt, and then brush a layer of waterproof agent in the crack to prevent mold development.

ceramic tile and decoration style must match with ceramic tile coup

Ceramic Tile And Decoration Style Must Match With Ceramic Tile Coup

ceramic tile and decoration style must match with ceramic tile coup

Decoration style and ceramic tile Collocation: 1, fashion simple style

Fashion minimalist style is now the most common style of home decoration, its characteristics are simple and lively, practical and generous, in the design layout is based on simplicity. This style collocation tile should be as far as possible to choose the color elegant simple color tiles, polished tiles color is very good.

Decoration style and ceramic tile Collocation: 2, Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style has always been dominated by romance, in the tone of blue, white, yellow and other colors, the Mediterranean style decoration with tiles should be sub light antique tiles, mosaics and other tiles most suitable.

Decoration style and ceramic tile Collocation: 3, modern European style

Modern European style both European style and modern fashion sense, so in the choice of tiles, white marble, such as shallow imitation marble tiles, imitation marble texture, imitation stone tile is the best choice.

Decoration style and ceramic tile Collocation: 4, classical European style

Not many in China love classical European style family, but there are also people who love the atmosphere of classical European style luxury, so the choice of soft color, uniform texture, delicate, light imitation stone tiles in the classical European style decoration, color should not be too deep not shallow, the best is yellow or light brown mid tone.

Decoration style and tile Collocation: 5, pastoral style

Pastoral style emphasizes the return to nature, reflect the nature’s vicissitudes and the ancient sense of reality, the tiles can choose to wood texture color wood tile or antique brick, wood effect, reflect a kind of elegant decoration style.

Decoration style and ceramic tile Collocation: 6, mix and match style

Mix and match style is generally more pursuit of individuality, so tile collocation can casually, if is more simple style in tile collocation can be selected on a light coloured, this time can be a slight exaggeration, color collocation a little complicated imitation stone tiles, can make the entire space not because unity is simple and empty.

Home Furnishing tile decoration in the selection is a technical work, to carry out collocation according to their Home Furnishing decoration style, different style tile selection collocation is different, so in the choice of ceramic tile on everyone to pay attention to their own Home Furnishing decoration style, if you are blind to buy when buying tiles and do not consider the style of decoration, the last the whole family decoration effect will be very bad.

3 key points to test the quality of ceramic tile paving

3 Key Points To Test The Quality Of Ceramic Tile Paving

3 key points to test the quality of ceramic tile paving

1, to see the use and treatment of decorative materials

Tile varieties, specifications, grade, size, shape, smoothness, color and pattern should meet the design requirements for solid, uniform color stone, no crack, no pollution or deterioration of color, line, surface without warping, no blisters. The tile has no defects, sand drop, hole, drop angle, crack and other defects, the surface is neat, the color is consistent.

2, to see the quality of construction

Requirements facing layer surface to be smooth and clean, clear texture, uniform color, no skew warp, paste without hollowing; gap between veneer bulk uniform filled inlay very dense, flat, uniform color; brick special parts of pressure to the right, the whole brick using the appropriate position, arrangement of flat projections; application of whole plate cutting well, neat, smooth edges, uniform thickness, prominent.

3, to find and solve quality defects in time

After the wall tile construction prone to the following quality defects, we should carefully observe and supervise the construction personnel in a timely manner to solve.

(1) discoloration. Tile quality is poor, glaze is too thin and improper construction methods.

(2) the sloughing. Mainly adhesive material is not rich, brick impermeable and grassroots treatment is not clean.

(3) the seam is uneven. The main brick specifications are different and improper construction, such as the joint exceeds the allowable error, timely removal of wall tiles, resolutely rework.

tile laying details of the gap treatment is the key

Tile Laying: Details Of The Gap Treatment Is The Key

tile laying details of the gap treatment is the key

1, the importance of ceramic tiles remain seam
We must not literally understand, to carry out the so-called “seamless paving””. Because no matter what grade varieties between each piece of tile, are not exactly the same, its length, width, height, thickness error, seamless paving or seam properly, will make the tiles become crooked. The appropriate seam can also ensure the safety of the ceramic tile itself, otherwise, once the environmental temperature changes, even if tile thermal expansion and cold contraction, there are paving methods of ceramic tile, leaving the rules of the seam are different.

2, ceramic tile gap in 1-1.5mm
The common seamless brick should be sewn at 1-1.5mm, but not less than 1mm. And ordinary tiles, roughly between 3-5mm. Consumers should buy the special cross locator (width 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, etc.) in order to ensure the seamless seam and uniform size of the ceramic tile.

3. Widening the gap of ceramic tile
Ceramic tile for special effect can also widen the gap of ceramic tile. For example, the special effect of antique brick, exterior wall brick, cultural brick and so on should be left wide seam is appropriate. In addition, if the ceramic tile paving is in winter, pay attention to the seam should be slightly increased, to prevent thermal expansion and cold contraction, seam filling will be mutually squeezed.

three kinds of fashion tiling method of ceramic tile

Three Kinds Of Fashion Tiling Method Of Ceramic Tile

three kinds of fashion tiling method of ceramic tile

With the increasingly high demand for decoration, but also more on the technical requirements so worker  grade, derived from many kinds of tiling method, the following three methods, to see which is more suitable for you.

First of all, ceramic tile adhesion method. This method is also called dry sticking method. It is a new kind of paving auxiliary material. It changes the wet method of mortar cement, the ceramic tile does not need to be soaked beforehand, the base surface does not need to wet, so long as the foundation condition of the pavement is better, the operation condition can be greatly improved. Its adhesion effect is also more than the traditional mortar cement, especially suitable for small work surface, the work environment is not ideal for small and medium-sized projects and family decoration.

Secondly, the cross bar positioning method. The use of the auxiliary materials, the construction technology of pavement cloudy angle, the positive angle has been greatly improved. Tiles no longer need to be cut at 45 degrees angle, saving hours and breakage. The cross positioning can improve the seam accuracy when paving tiles, and simplify the construction process.

Third, a combination of specifications. The utility model is characterized in that a plurality of tiles with different geometric sizes and sizes are selected and assembled in groups according to certain combinations. Because the floor tiles are made up of different sizes and combinations, the geometric lines of the ground are changed immediately, and the changes and vividness are reflected in the order.

Related Steps Of Tile Anti-Slip Treatment

Ceramic tile is an indispensable part of our home decoration, it is also very interesting in anti-skid performance.So what are the methods of tile anti-slip treatment?Now let’s take a look at the relevant contents of tile anti-slip processing.
Related steps of tiling anti-slip processing:
1.In order to ensure better prevent slippery effect, use clean water to rinse the ground first, and then USES the brush with special cleaner to remove the ground floor is stubborn dirt, grease, wax polish, etc., and then 2 times waiting for the ground is dry, wash with water(no water stains on the surface, no need to wait until completely dry)
2.Spray or spray the product evenly on the ground, wait for 8-15 minutes, wash twice with clean water, brush with a stiff brush 2–3 times, until the residue on the surface is brushed. (note: when cleaning at last, brush the floor with hard hair)
3.Generally need to stay 8 to 15 minutes, but according to the different material quality, in order to better achieve prevent slippery effect, the product, the time stay on the ground will be elastic and a maximum stay of 30 minutes, the specific time shall be in accordance with the small area of the ground material test results.(if it is a homogenous brick, it is suggested that the anti-slip liquid should be cleaned with a rag after 8 minutes, and then the anti-slip solution will be coated once again. After 5 minutes, rinse with water.)
4.If large areas of spraying are needed, the ground will be divided into several areas to avoid the effects of uneven effects.

Does Ceramic Tile Have Radiation?

Now each building has tiled tile, become indispensable adornment.But everything has two sides.With the requirement of ceramic tile expanding continuously, then the problem comes:does ceramic tile have radiation?Let’s know the problem:
Ceramic tile radiation refers to the phenomenon that ceramic tile contains radioactive material, the radioactivity of glaze brick is more apparent.Glazed ceramic tile is to apply a layer of glaze on ceramic tile base, ceramic tile surface color is varied, pattern and pattern is rich.Most of the ceramic tiles are from potassium minerals, such as feldspar and mica, which contain certain radioactive substances such as uranium and potassium. It is still radioactive after the process of physical chemistry, such as pulverization and sintering. And in order to clean the surface of the tile, the raw materials often include the high radioactive zirconium sand, which also makes some tiles highly radioactive.
The national building materials test center, however, ceramic and stone detection department senior engineering expressed: add a small amount of zirconium silicate porcelain production process is a kind of modern production technology, has a history of more than ten years in our country, it is comparatively mature technology.The radioactivity of brick is very little, wait for a year in normal household environment to absorb radiation quantity, much less than do an X-ray examination, so need not worry completely.And the radiation effect of ceramic tile on human body is less than the radiation that USES mobile phone to talk a minute to produce the influence big.

why is the ceramic tile deformed after decorating

Why Is The Ceramic Tile Deformed After Decorating?

why is the ceramic tile deformed after decorating
Recently the owner says, after the house is decorated, the ceramic tile does not know how to deform? So why is the tile deformed? Today, I will give you some reasons for the deformation of tiles:
Generally speaking, there are more phenomena in the use of bathroom tiles in tiles or arches. This is because the ceramic tiles are affected by the tide, and the reasons for the ceramic tiles are generally the following:
1.Moisture in the air;
2. The cross section of the stone floor and the bathroom tiles is not closed;
3. Water bubble (such as water pipe rupture, water pouring on the balcony, etc.);
4. The floor is not dry, and the keel is reinforced with cement;
5. No special moisture-proof treatment for the first floor or other humid environment;
6.In addition, the product itself and improper construction will also cause the arch. For example, dry treatment, lack of health care, low water content, too shallow backchannel, unretractable cracks in construction, etc.

how to handle the problem of water seepage of toilet ceramic tile seam

How To Handle The Problem Of Water Seepage Of Toilet Ceramic Tile Seam

how to handle the problem of water seepage of toilet ceramic tile seam

Toilet ceramic tile seam seepage how to do? Believe this is the problem that many family toilet is more likely to happen.Cause there are many kinds of situations, ceramic tile water seepage or ceramic tile is of poor quality, or is laid with the quality of the lead to have crack, moreover is the water pipe and the place of ceramic tile mating seal does not reach the designated position, etc. So how to solve toilet ceramic tile water seepage? Let’s take a look at the solution to the water seepage of bathroom tiles:
Water seepage situation of toilet tile seam: the waterproof layer has a problem
If the situation it is ceramic tile must be removed to the wall to the waterproof layer, see the inner wall is preferred, then blow be bored with child again, to do the waterproof layer to metope, then shop sticks ceramic tile, general this kind of method is more complex, so suggest to check clear.
Water seepage condition of the water in the bathroom tile: water seepage caused by rupture of water pipe
This kind of situation, it needs to be check was carried out on the water pipe on the test, to see whether there is leaking water, if it is because water pipe broken, need to immediately find leaks, open the wall to replace the water pipe.
Water seepage condition of bathroom tile seam 3: damp and caused by the wall seepage water
Just need to pay more attention to the ventilation and cleaning in the bathroom daily.
Water seepage situation of toilet tile seam 4: ceramic tile gap is not good
First of all, it is necessary to fill the cracks with cement or filler, and then make a waterproof layer.

The choose and buy method of balcony tiles

The Choose And Buy Method Of Balcony Tiles

The choose and buy method of balcony tiles
The balcony is the only extension of the house to the outdoor part, it is not only the best place for drying clothes, but also our busy life in a rare square of pure land. So how should we choose the balcony tiles?
1. Style selection
Now residents housing area is bigger and bigger, small size ceramic tile can not meet the requirements of household, indoor metope ceramic tile of general with 250 x 360 mm size is relatively common, sitting room ground brick is generally not less than 500 x 500 mm, if sitting room area is more than 40 square meters, the floor tile specification requirement is larger.
2. Color selection
Because of the balcony light is bright, especially some bearing better balcony, plus the balcony is to rest and cool clothes in the bedroom, need to be relaxed atmosphere, therefore in the balcony had better choose more shallow the color of the tiles, for example, light yellow, white, rice white, shallow black, etc. But it is not suitable for deep color, such as big red, dark brown etc.
3. Ceramic tile size
For small ceramic tile of the person you like, the balcony of a strip, can choose a small balcony to laying brick, brick or buy large balcony through the modification is allowed, as long as according to the length and width of the balcony, it is good to follow the laid, on the other hand, because the area of the balcony is original is not very big, small space to choose ceramic tile can foil more space dimension sense, like a fat man is suitable for vertical stripes clothes don’t look fat, thin people wear suitable for horizontal stripes appear thin is not a reason, so choose ceramic tile size small balcony is ok.