BARANA interior wall tiles, build your exquisite life

There is a kind of life that is low-key, comfortable but harmless and noble and elegant. Refined, low-key and concise, the pursuit of quality. No show off, no pride, Just enjoy the beauty of life. BARANA interior wall tiles, with mysterious and elegant gray as the main beating, no publicity, no high key, with inherent elegance, create your exquisite life.

Insisting on refinement is responsible for the state of personal life, insisting on quality and demanding for details. A bit less haste, more sincere. BARANA interior wall tiles, select top raw materials, use modern high-tech technology to build, carefully carved every detail, persistent in the pursuit of quality, not live up to every inch of time.

The quiet bathroom space is transparent, and light colored flowers bloom quietly on the wall, rendering a room of graceful feelings. Without contrast, the natural lighting is more natural and transparent, creating a cool, harmonious natural atmosphere. Exquisite life, know how to embrace life, know how to face reality, do not complain of no fetters, and enjoy the time. It is the pursuit of the beauty of life, and also the highlight of life. BARANA ceramic wall tiles, using advanced dot matrix printing technology and exquisite plastic printing technology, give the product a very vivid and vivid texture and color effect to satisfy your wonderful pursuit of the wonderful life.

The simple home design meets the quiet mountain rock ash, and the texture of the vicissitudes adds an unpredictable historical sense to the concise space, and the texture is close to the fashion. Fine life, know how to stick to oneself, persist in rational thinking, do not drift with the tide. Think deeply about yourself, meditate on yourself, precipitate yourself, and touch your innermost feelings. Have a clearer goal and a more responsible attitude towards life and future. BARANA marble wall tiles, in order to make your exquisite life as the mission, with the help of new nano cutting equipment and digital precision cutting technology, make the product cut flat straight, easy to apply the application, decorative effect is more beautiful.

Shallow gray with deep blue, easy to create a kind of elegant and elegant breath. Born with dignity and warmth, soft and luxurious breath comes to us. Fine life is a kind of love for life, a kind of persistence for quality, with such love and persistence, to protect the most loved ones. Whether it is the elderly or the young people who are burdened with heavy burden or the children who worry about growing up. BARANA wall tile patterns, with the unremitting insistence on the quality of the product, with a comfortable and elegant temperament, love your love, adhere to your persistence, guard your guardian.

Tile and art are inseparable, a piece of magic collage, as if slowly staged a classic legend, through a deep light and light change, even can feel the brilliant designer in the use of the mind.

mosaic tile supplies

Kitchen And Toilet Ceramic Tile, How Should Choose Better?


mosaic tile supplies

Ceramic tile of choose and buy not only depends on its beautiful appearance, if only judging from beautiful degree tend to ignore the immanent quality of ceramic tile, once the quality is unqualified, caused of repair, water in the future, it is regret that quality is the life of ceramic tile products.The quality of ceramic tile is good or bad, want to see content of three aspects commonly: wear-resisting degree, absorb water, hardness. According to the use of ceramic tile and place is different, the range of choice is more extensive. Kitchen and toilet, because use frequency is taller, so need to choose wear-resisting degree relatively high, compared with our ordinary family, choose wear-resisting degree is in moderate to be able.
The wear-resisting degree of ceramic tile will be marked on the top of the price tag, or carefully ask the salesperson, understand the quality, also be the source of important information. According to the kitchen ceramic tile is afraid of oil pollution, the principle of ceramic tile is afraid of water, toilet when choosing the kitchen ceramic tile, often want to consider the water absorption of ceramic tile, if the ceramic tile with low water imbibition, its density of ceramic tile is taller, also to have some stains and water barrier. Especially in the environment of the bathroom, low water absorption can ensure that ceramic tile does not overexpand and produce deformation. It is very simple to judge the high and low water absorption rate of tile, as long as it drops a drop of water on the back of the tile of the sample, and observe whether it can absorb rapidly.
Hardness is also an important factor of ceramic tile quality. High quality ceramic tile general hardness is high, the toughness is strong, not easily broken. The inner quality of tile can be checked by tapping the debris. The two tiles are lightly tapped. If the brick’s voice is crisp and the sound of some metal indicates that the inner quality is very good and the hardness is high; If the sound is hoarse, the inside of the brick may have a crack, the hardness is not high.
Randomly to produce four specifications as ceramic tile, flat to the ground, the middle gap as small as possible, if it is tile must use four pieces to piece together a complete pattern, if relatively flat, when work that shows ceramic tile more conform to the specifications. The advantages and disadvantages of bricks are sometimes not easy to judge, especially when buying now, they are on board, inconvenient to pick off and compare carefully.

which kind of tile is bathroom floor tile good

Which Kind Of Tile Is Bathroom Floor Tile Good?

which kind of tile is bathroom floor tile good

The floor of the bathroom should be paved with low water absorption tiles. Because the ground will often wash with a lot of water, so that tiles can not be affected by water vapor, do not absorb stains.

1, pay attention to the anti slip tiles, toilet skid resistance is important, especially when there are old people and children at home, Matt brick has imitation of natural rock concave convex feeling, and excellent anti-skid, suitable for humid environment.

2, select tile low water absorption, in general, high quality tiles, water absorption rate is very low, so that it can soon dry. If the ceramic tile does not indicate the water absorption rate, may use the tea or the water drop in the ceramic tile’s back, after several minutes inspects the water droplet the diffusion degree, the more does not absorb water, namely expresses the bibulous rate to be low, the quality is better.

3, the choice of tiles, texture density, and when you buy Tiles, you can observe the brick surface from the side is smooth, whether the uneven thickness of the pinhole. At the same time, you can tap the tiles to listen to whether the sound is crisp, the more brittle the sound, indicating that the tiles of high density of texture, hardness better.