Marble Tiles, Once Again Subvert Your Perception


Natural stone material because of its grain nature, have very high adornment effect, so attract high-grade house, the hotel USES, but natural stone material is scarce resource, have necessary growth cycle. And the emergence of marble tile, not only solved the natural defect of natural stone material, also brings a new selection, to reduce damage of the natural environment conditions, can also enjoy marble adornment effect.

1. Impact resistance

The natural marble has the crack, fragile, the processing procedure requires very high, slightly unguarded will cause the fracture, the wastage when the decoration works; The marble tiles are made from physical pressing and chemical burning, which are hard and can be cut according to the actual decoration of consumers.

2. Fold resistance

Natural marble is easy to fold and easy to break, the personality is a big long board, the timely back glue fixed net, open groove and steel bar, the natural marble transport, the installation and the post is still very easy to break; The marble tiles are made of a hard and dense texture, which is hard and dense. The average car is not crushed by the bricks.

3. Abrasion resistance

Natural marble has a hardness of only 3 grade, and it is easy to wear and wear when used on the ground for a long time. Marble tile mohs hardness 4-5, surface with glaze protection, product super wear resistance.

4. Pollution resistance

Natural marble is mainly composed of natural calcium carbonate deposition, surface crack is more, easy penetration, all kinds of goods that occupy the home is infiltration into the marble, surface cleaning not clean, professional care is expensive; Marble ceramic tile surface is the glaze layer of high temperature firing, the stain is completely impermeable, and after polishing treatment, the surface is smooth, clean and convenient.

5. Defective color difference

Natural marble TianRanXing lead to marble surface texture color, defects, even if there is design and color is uniform flawless marble texture, the price also is very expensive, common natural marble will through filling adhesive, dyeing processing; Marble ceramic tile specialized production, raw material, process is completely controlled, flawless and chromatic aberration.

6. Production process

Natural marble is extensive mining and simple processing, and semi-finished products are not. At the same time, due to the irreducible nature of the product and the mineral resources, the supply is unstable, the replenishment is almost impossible, and the personal character of the family is that large engineering projects are difficult to control in the supply and construction period. Marble tiles are the finished products of standardized industrial production. The dimensions can be made according to the requirements. The products can be bought and used, the supply is stable, and the quantity can be delivered on a timely basis. The construction period is guaranteed.

7. Water absorption rate

Natural marble’s natural nature leads to small pores and cracks in the marble surface, easy to seepage water and high water absorption rate, which is why the marble cleaning nursing can not use water. And marble ceramic tile because of surface glaze is dense smooth, the absorption rate is less than 0.3, so marble ceramic tile can rinse clean with water.

In the future development trend of marble tiles, the prospect is good, because stone still has many natural defects. Natural stone as a scarce resource, one day will be mined, some stone less thousands of years, many hundreds of millions of years will constitute, we cannot wait.