maintenance tiles four coup so that home tiles lasting bright

Maintenance Tiles Four Coup, So That Home Tiles Lasting Bright

maintenance tiles four coup so that home tiles lasting bright

Using a bead

Advantage: can protect ceramic tile angle, decorate again, conceal short seam

The traditional tile is generally rectangular corner bead, solve safety problems have the child’s family can choose the thick tile collocation inverted arc. Materials suggested the use of stainless steel bead, Aluminum Alloy bead of soft material, in the construction process of slight collision or extrusion, will sag deformation.
In addition to the protection of the ceramic tile angle bead can beautify and conceal defects such as tiles, some tiles irregular cross-section, corner joints to perfect seam bead can be obscured.

Two, ceramic tile sealant

Benefits: high dirt resistance, strengthen the bathroom mildew

Floor tile is generally not easy to mildew and dirty, dirty tiles because the gap between the tiles is most moldy or falling dust, the traditional ceramic tile construction with cement, silicone sealant or even replace sealant, in fact as long as in the use of ceramic tile construction sealant well can prevent this problem.

Three, ceramic tile waxing

Benefits: waterproof, antifouling, bright and extended service life

Do not think that only the floor is actually need to wax, waxing is a protection material of the ceramic tile good way! A layer of wax paved tiles can improve its waterproof, anti fouling, not words polishing trouble can be carried out once every 2-3 months interval, a year only four times can get home the tiles are durable and beautiful, prolong life.

Four, anti oil stickers

Benefits: greasy dirt, lazy, good helper, easy to clean

The kitchen is the home of smoke heavily, lining tile most easy to get dirty and most difficult to clean, use a long time the kitchen tiles will fade, looked at heart stopper, and posted a piece of anti oil sticker in the kitchen tiles before use, the troubles can be easily solved.