how to maintain white ceramic tile

How To Maintain White Ceramic Tile?

how to maintain white ceramic tile
1.Anti-pollution measures of white ceramic tile wall:Paste anti-pollution sticker on the white tile with heavy oil pollution, use beautiful seaming agent in the seam of white ceramic tile, besmear the seam of white ceramic tile, both beautiful and oily.

2.The stain that soap leaves can be avoided, after daily wash bath, wipe the soap foam on the metope in time;In addition, the white ceramic tile that can be in between wei yu can besmear a layer of antifouling agent, can effectively avoid soap scale.
3.White tiles on the rear of the rust – prone water pipe can be used with anti-rust or professional rust remover to prevent rust and remove rust;In addition, it can also be used for the polishing, covering, grease, anti-rust oil and other methods of the white ceramic tiles that are easy to rust.
Master these small skill, believe will make the white ceramic tile “eternal youth”.