introduction decoration choose wood floor or tile

Introduction Decoration Choose Wood Floor Or Tile?

introduction decoration choose wood floor or tile
A few reasons why we love wood flooring

Natural wood gives a natural sense of texture, comfort and beauty, and has the advantages of so-called “upper grade”. If the room with wooden floor, not only comfortable, but also can greatly reduce the impact of sound on the floor of the room warm and quiet.

Wood floors are more “gentle”, and if there is an old man and a child falling down, it is not easy to walk. It will cause great harm, but if it is tile, it will fall more serious.

Wood floor defects

The wood floor is nice, but it needs more care. The wooden floor is influenced by the weather and moderate flooding effect, easy deformation curl up; need to wax regularly maintenance; easy to be sharp objects; composite wood flooring and formaldehyde release; compared to the shorter life of wooden floor tiles.

Two, preference tile reason

Now tile obvious advantages are: easy maintenance, simple maintenance, not easy to hide, no air pollutants, long service life, generally will not be scratched, and so on. If you’re more comfortable, choose the magnetic ring. Tile size, color is also very rich, decorative effect and wooden floor effect comparable, easy to care, just sweep, wipe clean.

Several defects of ceramic tile

Comfort is poor, tile cold, foot feels stiff, not warm; poor insulation insulation; ceramic tile paving complex and fussy construction; in the wet season is easy to slip.
Can be used in accordance with the requirements of different regions, the use of both, such as kitchen, bathroom are tiled walls, bedroom, living room, floor wood flooring, to play both advantages.
Do you have the answer to the choice of flooring? Whether it’s wood floor or tile floor, the right one is the best. You can choose according to your actual situation.