Glazed Tile Selection Guide

glazed tile selection guide

Glazed tile selection guide

First, to see the stability of glazed tiles.

Glazed tile according to its production process can be divided into a single firing and two firing. But according to its stability, glazed tile SINGLE-FIRED relative to the two firing for thermal stability will be better, but the process of two kinds of production have their advantages and disadvantages, therefore, consumers can also choose according to different requirements in the purchase.

Two, look at the green strength of glazed tiles.

When choosing the best choice for a well-known brand manufacturers, have the test proved that high standards to ensure brand manufacturers can be suspended load more than 100kg will not have fracture phenomenon, but some poor ordinary manufacturers are unable to bear the pressure of 50kg, some of them are still prone to cracking phenomenon. Therefore, in the purchase to see the brand awareness of manufacturers.

Three. Look at the water absorption rate of glazed tiles.

In general, the wall glazed tile in the water absorption rate is about 10-20%, manufacturers are generally around 18%, and a glazed brick firing and the water absorption rate of only 10%-13%, if some high water absorption tiles in the tiling is very dirty in the cement, agreed to absorb, it will be easy to make. The glaze and embryo surface cracking, and some shoddy bricks with a period of time behind the foot will come off. Therefore, in the purchase, we should pay particular attention to the water absorption rate glazed tile.