Old ceramic tile face with backsplash tile for kitchen

Old backsplash tile for kitchen to be refurbished, the general requirements of the tiles all shovel, labor intensity is very large. If you want to add new tiles on the old backsplash tile for kitchen, then cement mortar is difficult to do, this time must be used with resin type stone binder, it is not afraid of the ceramic tiles on the greasy, stains, but also a better bond strength.
Light colored backsplash tile for kitchen of daily maintenance also need to master some skills, can be used when cleaning water and detergent or soap. Mixed liquid wash with soap when you add a little ammonia and turpentine, can make the ceramic tile more smooth. If there is tea or other daily necessities attached to the backsplash tile for kitchen above should be promptly scrub clean, when necessary, apply the appropriate cleaning supplies clean. tile surface such as the appearance of scratches, can be applied to the scratches at the toothpaste, for cloth to wipe can be repaired. The gap between the tile and tile can not be used regularly to remove dirt and dirt, and then a layer of waterproof agent in the gap brush can prevent mold growth.

Travertine backsplash tile paving Raiders

The pavement before treatment to deal with the wall or floor, and according to the form of paving Travertine backsplash tiles to determine the way, if there is a directional pattern, the product should be posted i
n the direction of the icon. Pre tiling, two vertical lines in the treatment on the ground, and with the level of foot leveling, with a weight vertical wall.
Survey, according to the size of the Travertine backsplash tiles body mark the line, and the need to reserve mortar joint; paving process with sticky slurry in Travertine backsplash tiles seam filling scratch flat and tight pointing. Travertine backsplash tiles should be repeated with the handle of a hammer gently tap the tile, so that it can be bonded firmly; paving 1 hour, should be timely in the face of Travertine backsplash tiles cement or other fouling wipe clean. Putie after 12 hours should be knocking the walls for inspection, if found empty drums should be re surfacing.

How to choose the kitchen modern tiles?

Glaze should be smooth and delicate.
Will a few pieces of ceramic modern tiles to fight put together, in the light under the scrutiny, good product difference is very small, products are basically the same hue; and poor product difference larger, product color shades.
Ceramic modern tiles color, color is clear, natural, indicates that the porcelain degree is high, the color is not clear, the porcelain degree is low.
Color patterns to delicate, lifelike, no obvious lack of color, disconnection, dislocation and other defects.
Drop a few drops of tea juice or water in the back of the ceramic modern tiles, after a few minutes, depending on the extent of the water droplets inhalation diffusion, not water absorption or low water absorption is good quality.
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The important function of household is wei yu space. Want to make the bathroom is full of strong sense of design, need to pay attention to skills like makeup. Use hexagon floor tile to create personal characteristics the style of the bathroom. Overall collage, local ornament, or mixed color is tie-in, if colour is applied proper, can change the atmosphere of whole space that defend bath.
In rectangular space that defend bath, the hexagon floor tile color piece collage large area shakedown stick metope and ground, extends the space, make whole space. In a narrow strip, bouncing color piece to create a concise and lively, but creative style. The shop is stuck is not subject to the constraints of conventional brick, provides the combination point on the surface of the line.
Mosaic rich color for the space added a third dimension, with new Mosaic composed perfect combination gray hexagon floor tile, broke the past waist line design and conventional full-page monotonous colors.

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Now people requirement for white sparkle floor tiles design and color, style, has from the traditional sense of the planar ceramic tile, simple grid, flower pattern to the three-dimensional white sparkle floor tiles and three dimensional design. In recent years, the classic feelings in living in adornment is powerful with three-dimensional popular archaize ceramic tile market.
At present the most popular archaize white sparkle floor tiles has monochromatic brick and tiling styles. Monochromatic brick is mainly used for large area pavement, and tiling is used at local adornment as the ornament. General tiling design is manual coloured drawing or pattern, its watch is glaze, fashionable move is accompanied in restoring ancient ways, concise and easy do not break detail again. In addition, the breath of restoring ancient ways is usually through the texture of the sandstone brick act the role ofing to reflect. And the natural color of white sparkle floor tiles order make metope lifelike, soft texture, which is unmatched by any coating.
Imagine a wall in the living room in the home is full of ancient egyptians image brown archaize brick, match again with beige sofa, next to the sandstone clay, is a picture of a Mediterranean leisure scene?
Intense competition accelerates the art of ceramic tile white sparkle floor tiles industry and grade. Many ceramic tile manufacturers have not only surpass a whole piece of color no change single inflexible, developed the white sparkle floor tiles with cheng depth, surface gloss and various possesses typical pattern and colour clever collocation, add ceramic tile to culture lasting appeal.