Marble Tile Home Maintenance Cheats

marble tile home maintenance cheats

1, scrub marble tiles, do not use steel wire ball and other hard objects, generally with a wet cloth can remove surface stains.

2, the bathroom marble tiles if rust, dirt, soap and smear greasy, can buy detergent paste clean detergent paste is not expensive.

3, ceramic tile crevice can use brush dipped in a little decontamination cream to remove dirt, in order to prevent water seepage and mold growth, can brush waterproof agent in the crevice.

4, move heavy furniture, what are also a little bit careful, do not drag away, so as not to scratch the tiles surface layer.

The problem of maintenance of natural marble caused by everyone is due to the natural property of natural marble itself. Because of its loose material, easy to absorb water, stains, very sensitive to scratches and damage. Especially on the ground daily walking wear, if there is no regular maintenance care, it will lose luster, become gray, and even touch feel rough.

But unlike the marble tile tile properties, high density, high hardness, not easy to scratch, not water, corrosion resistance, stain is only on the tile surface, do not penetrate to the inside of the brick aesthetic.

purchase antique tiles tips

Purchase Antique Tiles Tips

purchase antique tiles tips

In the modern Home Furnishing decoration has become the protagonist, and tile antique is a classical decoration of popular art design, personality plus antique and elegant technique for the whole space showing the noble and fashionable breath.

First, from the style, antique tiles are generally seven romantic Europe, Africa, Egypt, the original mysterious ancient India style, elegant China, Babylon Kingdom series, each series has its characteristics out of the ordinary, popular in Europe and China is romantic elegant antique brick series. The color and color collocation, decision style and personality, is currently the most popular antique tiles the styles of monochromatic brick and tile, monochromatic brick mainly for large cracks, and then as an ornament for local decorative tiles, general tiling patterns are hand painted, its surface is glazed, with fashion the sense of retro, elegant and delicate.

The most important is to be optimistic about the quality of antique tiles, usually we can from the measured absorption rate, listen to the percussion sound, and look at these brick surface scratch tolerance to identify the pros and cons of antique tiles, measuring the water absorption rate of the simple operation is a cup of water in the back of the tile, spread so quickly that the water absorption rate is high; good product crackled hand percussion, namely the use of hard glazed brick draw will not leave traces, and the same batch of tile color difference is very small, shiny texture.

These simple selection of antique tiles skills you learned? If you learn, you should also pay attention to the maintenance of antique tiles Oh, good things must cherish. Matt tiles have poor oil resistance, and can be cleaned with neutral detergent when cleaning; and the surface of glazed tile has no pores, so it is not necessary to wax in daily maintenance so as to avoid the slippery surface of the tiles.

ceramic tile and decoration style must match with ceramic tile coup

Ceramic Tile And Decoration Style Must Match With Ceramic Tile Coup

ceramic tile and decoration style must match with ceramic tile coup

Decoration style and ceramic tile Collocation: 1, fashion simple style

Fashion minimalist style is now the most common style of home decoration, its characteristics are simple and lively, practical and generous, in the design layout is based on simplicity. This style collocation tile should be as far as possible to choose the color elegant simple color tiles, polished tiles color is very good.

Decoration style and ceramic tile Collocation: 2, Mediterranean style

Mediterranean style has always been dominated by romance, in the tone of blue, white, yellow and other colors, the Mediterranean style decoration with tiles should be sub light antique tiles, mosaics and other tiles most suitable.

Decoration style and ceramic tile Collocation: 3, modern European style

Modern European style both European style and modern fashion sense, so in the choice of tiles, white marble, such as shallow imitation marble tiles, imitation marble texture, imitation stone tile is the best choice.

Decoration style and ceramic tile Collocation: 4, classical European style

Not many in China love classical European style family, but there are also people who love the atmosphere of classical European style luxury, so the choice of soft color, uniform texture, delicate, light imitation stone tiles in the classical European style decoration, color should not be too deep not shallow, the best is yellow or light brown mid tone.

Decoration style and tile Collocation: 5, pastoral style

Pastoral style emphasizes the return to nature, reflect the nature’s vicissitudes and the ancient sense of reality, the tiles can choose to wood texture color wood tile or antique brick, wood effect, reflect a kind of elegant decoration style.

Decoration style and ceramic tile Collocation: 6, mix and match style

Mix and match style is generally more pursuit of individuality, so tile collocation can casually, if is more simple style in tile collocation can be selected on a light coloured, this time can be a slight exaggeration, color collocation a little complicated imitation stone tiles, can make the entire space not because unity is simple and empty.

Home Furnishing tile decoration in the selection is a technical work, to carry out collocation according to their Home Furnishing decoration style, different style tile selection collocation is different, so in the choice of ceramic tile on everyone to pay attention to their own Home Furnishing decoration style, if you are blind to buy when buying tiles and do not consider the style of decoration, the last the whole family decoration effect will be very bad.

3 key points to test the quality of ceramic tile paving

3 Key Points To Test The Quality Of Ceramic Tile Paving

3 key points to test the quality of ceramic tile paving

1, to see the use and treatment of decorative materials

Tile varieties, specifications, grade, size, shape, smoothness, color and pattern should meet the design requirements for solid, uniform color stone, no crack, no pollution or deterioration of color, line, surface without warping, no blisters. The tile has no defects, sand drop, hole, drop angle, crack and other defects, the surface is neat, the color is consistent.

2, to see the quality of construction

Requirements facing layer surface to be smooth and clean, clear texture, uniform color, no skew warp, paste without hollowing; gap between veneer bulk uniform filled inlay very dense, flat, uniform color; brick special parts of pressure to the right, the whole brick using the appropriate position, arrangement of flat projections; application of whole plate cutting well, neat, smooth edges, uniform thickness, prominent.

3, to find and solve quality defects in time

After the wall tile construction prone to the following quality defects, we should carefully observe and supervise the construction personnel in a timely manner to solve.

(1) discoloration. Tile quality is poor, glaze is too thin and improper construction methods.

(2) the sloughing. Mainly adhesive material is not rich, brick impermeable and grassroots treatment is not clean.

(3) the seam is uneven. The main brick specifications are different and improper construction, such as the joint exceeds the allowable error, timely removal of wall tiles, resolutely rework.

a small coup in selecting high quality tiles

A Small Coup In Selecting High Quality Tiles

a small coup in selecting high quality tiles

View color: in the light good environment, observe the brick surface whether there are color difference, leakage, sliding marks, cracks, cracks, porcelain missing, color dirty and other defects, whether the color is bright. There is no obvious defect on the surface of the high quality product, the color is bright and uniform, and the size is regular.

Listening: tapping the brick body by hand, carefully identifying whether the sound is crisp and pleasant, and having metal sound ceramic tile, brick body density is high, sintering is good. If the sound is rough and dull, the sintering degree of brick body is low and the density is not high. Knock the sound hoarse, then this kind of polishing brick is inferior products, brick body may exist cracks.

Weigh: weigh by hand, feel heavy or not, sink to high density, strong hardness, on the contrary, poor texture.
Test the water: put a small amount of ink or tea on the brick surface for two minutes, then rinse with water or wipe with cloth, to see whether the residual traces are obvious. Traces clearly indicate the quality is general, otherwise the quality is better.

In short, polished quality has four elements: look, to shine; listen to the sonorous; a weigh heavy, strong; try, low water absorption rate.

tile laying details of the gap treatment is the key

Tile Laying: Details Of The Gap Treatment Is The Key

tile laying details of the gap treatment is the key

1, the importance of ceramic tiles remain seam
We must not literally understand, to carry out the so-called “seamless paving””. Because no matter what grade varieties between each piece of tile, are not exactly the same, its length, width, height, thickness error, seamless paving or seam properly, will make the tiles become crooked. The appropriate seam can also ensure the safety of the ceramic tile itself, otherwise, once the environmental temperature changes, even if tile thermal expansion and cold contraction, there are paving methods of ceramic tile, leaving the rules of the seam are different.

2, ceramic tile gap in 1-1.5mm
The common seamless brick should be sewn at 1-1.5mm, but not less than 1mm. And ordinary tiles, roughly between 3-5mm. Consumers should buy the special cross locator (width 1mm, 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, etc.) in order to ensure the seamless seam and uniform size of the ceramic tile.

3. Widening the gap of ceramic tile
Ceramic tile for special effect can also widen the gap of ceramic tile. For example, the special effect of antique brick, exterior wall brick, cultural brick and so on should be left wide seam is appropriate. In addition, if the ceramic tile paving is in winter, pay attention to the seam should be slightly increased, to prevent thermal expansion and cold contraction, seam filling will be mutually squeezed.

attention should be paid to ceramic tile selection

Attention Should Be Paid To Ceramic Tile Selection

attention should be paid to ceramic tile selection

1, look at product packaging. Ceramic tiles are usually packed in cartons. The name of the product and the product must be printed on the package. Trademark specification, size grade, color number, etc.. Some of them are labeled with ISO9000 quality system certification. The product qualification certificate should also be placed in the packing box. In the purchase of tiles, must choose complete identification, clear products, especially to pay attention to the selected ceramic tile and packaging box logo specifications, color number is consistent.

2, look at the appearance of the product. From the box any checks several tiles, see the product surface had the following defects: lack of glaze, spots, crack, bump, bubble, peeling edge, corrugated and so on. Generally from the porcelain 3M visual inspection, the defect is not obvious, does not affect the use of qualified products. Each ceramic tile has a product mark on its back, and it is not allowed to adhere to the sides and back of the glaze and other obvious failures that affect its use.

3, see color difference. Due to the large number of tiles purchased, if there is a significant color difference, the decoration effect is very affected, to all packaging products sampling contrast, observe the change of color difference, color difference can not choose. Also should pay attention to each box of ceramic tile color is consistent, whether or not chromatic aberration.

4, listen to tile sound. How to distinguish the inner quality of ceramic tile is not to be seen. It can be distinguished by sound.The method is: each hand holding a tile, with a brick corner gently hit the brick surface of another brick, the sound is loud and clear

5. Look at the size. One by one inspection, size error greater than 0.5MM, flatness is greater than 0.1MM products, not only will increase the difficulty of construction, but also after the decoration effect is poor, can not be used for engineering.

Selection Of Color Of Kitchen Tiles

selection of color of kitchen tiles

General kitchen room is relatively small, with windows and a door and cabinet, the net area is relatively small, in order to avoid the waste of space and maintain coordination, should choose the small size tiles, thus paving waste will be small, to avoid the inconvenience of large size ceramic tile cutting construction brings.

Kitchen operating environment is high temperature environment, the choice of tile color should be mainly light and cold colors, such as white, light green, light gray and other colors. This color can feel the breath of spring and cool, under the condition of high temperature and light colors can feel in space extended to avoid dark colors make people feel dull and depressed in a small space.

Because there are many cabinets in the kitchen, the back of the cupboard should not be tiled, because it is a waste of tiles to be covered in such a place completely blocked by the cabinet.

The best matte paving tiles, matt tiles will make people feel not good cleaning, actually this is wrong, matt tiles of good quality not only very easy to clean, and the delicate, earthy luster can show elegant aesthetic master, make the kitchen more harmonious and natural taste.

Avoid the use of tile waist line, because of the small space using the waist will make the space look cluttered, cumbersome, but suitable for ornament posted a few trailers pawnshop, the kitchen exuding some vitality and romantic.

maintenance tiles four coup so that home tiles lasting bright

Maintenance Tiles Four Coup, So That Home Tiles Lasting Bright

maintenance tiles four coup so that home tiles lasting bright

Using a bead

Advantage: can protect ceramic tile angle, decorate again, conceal short seam

The traditional tile is generally rectangular corner bead, solve safety problems have the child’s family can choose the thick tile collocation inverted arc. Materials suggested the use of stainless steel bead, Aluminum Alloy bead of soft material, in the construction process of slight collision or extrusion, will sag deformation.
In addition to the protection of the ceramic tile angle bead can beautify and conceal defects such as tiles, some tiles irregular cross-section, corner joints to perfect seam bead can be obscured.

Two, ceramic tile sealant

Benefits: high dirt resistance, strengthen the bathroom mildew

Floor tile is generally not easy to mildew and dirty, dirty tiles because the gap between the tiles is most moldy or falling dust, the traditional ceramic tile construction with cement, silicone sealant or even replace sealant, in fact as long as in the use of ceramic tile construction sealant well can prevent this problem.

Three, ceramic tile waxing

Benefits: waterproof, antifouling, bright and extended service life

Do not think that only the floor is actually need to wax, waxing is a protection material of the ceramic tile good way! A layer of wax paved tiles can improve its waterproof, anti fouling, not words polishing trouble can be carried out once every 2-3 months interval, a year only four times can get home the tiles are durable and beautiful, prolong life.

Four, anti oil stickers

Benefits: greasy dirt, lazy, good helper, easy to clean

The kitchen is the home of smoke heavily, lining tile most easy to get dirty and most difficult to clean, use a long time the kitchen tiles will fade, looked at heart stopper, and posted a piece of anti oil sticker in the kitchen tiles before use, the troubles can be easily solved.

mix modern bricks and create fashionable space

Mix Modern Bricks And Create Fashionable Space

mix modern bricks and create fashionable space

Modern antique brick is a nostalgic expression

Modern antique brick is a kind of natural and antique to a nostalgic state of performance, so that the entire space to create an antique flavor. The modern antique brick has several basic characteristics, is a modern antique brick reflects a natural taste in color; it is two in the color does not like other products so bright, reflect a kind of introverted cultural atmosphere, it will create a cultural atmosphere of the space; three is difficult to mold process get the biggest play in other products, but in the antique brick body can use many sophisticated technology to the performance.

Create space for fashion petty bourgeoisie

Modern Antique brick is suitable for all sorts of collocation. For example, Italy has adopted the most popular blank design in China, using metal edging to close edges, while forming a mashup on the material. Through the mix, the entire space will not be like the whole shop tiles are not so rigid, pixel tiles so dull, this mix of jumping the whole spatial sense of fashion and young feeling very well, but also with a little taste of the petty bourgeoisie, is by domestic designers.

Mix modern Antique brick, create fashionable space

The modern antique brick in color and features, suitable for collocation in the family bathroom, living room, balcony and other places, will create a simple and pure feeling, is currently in the domestic popular style tiles.