The difference between the polished tile and rustic tile

What is the polished tile? Polished floor tiles is a bright tile made from the surface of the whole tile’s body. Hard and wear-resistant. It is suitable for use in most indoor spaces, toilets and kitchens. Due to the factors of aesthetics, the ceramic tile market has always been dominated by large and large size polished tiles. It is not only a luxurious atmosphere, magnificent, large space visual effect, to a certain extent, is also a representative of identity and image.

What is the rustic tile? The rustic wood tile is not the product developed by our country, it is imported from abroad. Stone flooring evolved from colored glazed tiles, essentially glazed porcelain tiles. The only difference is that in the process of firing, the technical requirements of rustic tiles are relatively high. After the press of thousands of tons of hydraulic press, it has been sintered at high temperature by 1000 degrees. It has high strength and very strong wear resistance. The carefully developed antique brick has the characteristics of waterproof, anti slip and corrosion resistance.

The difference between the ceramic polish and the rustic tile:

1.The hardness and water absorption of the polished stone tiles are high, and the surface hardness is as high as 7. Because the rustic tile has a glaze (vitreous body) on its surface, its hardness is only less than 6. The polished tiles are porcelain tile flooring with high vitrification, less than 0.5% water absorption and 38Mpa (1Mpa=1.02kg/cm2) flexural strength, and most of the rustic tiles are stoneware, the water absorption rate is high, and the strength of the brick is only about 28Mpa.

2.The color pattern of the paving tile is relatively simple. It looks more plain, neat, bright and other visual effects. The features of the rustic tiles appear to be visually diverse, which can form a variety of color patterns with an antique flavor. In addition, rustic tiles are used for paving with many kinds of accessories, so there are main tiles and accessories.

3.Antiskiding, antifouling polished tiles in the production of the concave and convex holes, these pores will hide dirt, resulting in the surface easily infiltrated into the pollutants, and even some tea poured on the polished porcelain are weak. The rustic tile is fired after the surface is glazed, so that the polished tiles are more imitated. From the skidding, the polished tiles can only be laid on most indoor spaces outside the bathroom and the kitchen, and the rustic tiles paving scope is more comprehensive, thus the anti skid ability is better. the surface of rustic tiles is matte, which is less polluting than light polished tiles, and is more environmentally friendly.

4. The price is different due to the manufacturing process and requirements of the two tiles. The price of polished tile is much cheaper than that of rustic tile.
5. The size of polished tiles is larger, the largest is 2400X1200, and the rustic tile is smaller, and the largest is 600X600. Moreover, the trend of rustic tile has been developing towards small specifications recently.
6. Because of the simple color of polished tiles, the placement process is easier. Also between polished tiles should be laid as far as possible without cutting. Because of the needs of surface decoration such as the pattern and pattern of rustic tiles, the technology of rustic tiles is rather complicated. There is also the design of the designer to carry out the actual construction. Moreover, the paving of the rustic tiles requires a certain gap, and it is not allowed to cut and paste at will.

Glamour marble tiles, light luxury and enjoy a good time

Light luxury is a kind of attitude towards life. Light luxury is the designer’s redefinition of modern simple life. Light luxury is a kind of refinement, like a French elegant feeling. Whether walking in the palace of art, or walking on the beautiful Champs Elysee street. Design from life, rather than creating a ubiquitous “style”, we prefer to introduce some modern home dress aesthetics, and integrate the elements of residence with the essence of French.

The fashion of the luxury industry has the elegance of the Paris style, so the flexible design and collocation can also maximize the personality, meet the different styles of home solutions, the perfect combination of classic flavor and modern taste, and create a light luxury home for you.

Marble is a metamorphic rock formed by the high temperature and high pressure of the crust in the crust of the earth’s crust. The internal force of the earth’s crust causes the process of the original variety of rocks to change. Common marble is colorful with varied colors and patterns, which is the charm of marble. BARANA marble tile product features: The marble is the design blueprint, the tone is gentle and elegant, the magnificent and elegant, the classical beauty and the royal style, the marble tile after polishing crystal clear, and the smooth natural stone muscle texture, the structure color is rich, the color and lustre is delicate and delicate, the gloss enchanting mapped out its noble and elegant quality.

Applicable style: light luxury, Jane, the new Chinese style, modern
Applicable space: The living room and bedroom have a large area of rhomboid and normal. Slate surface and convex pits on the wall, the natural sense of strong, polished tile under the classical collocation, harmony.

Living room
Marble ceramic tiles is directly laid down, with a diamond shaped sofa carpet brick, rich in a sense of hierarchy, with a marble tiles background wall, to create a modern style and fashion beauty, to create a popular light gray space.

Kitchen room
The marble floor tiles used in the kitchen, diamond paved, collocation of marble tiles line, build a simple European style low-key luxury.

Marble tile is used in the bathroom, the whole brick floor, the upper wall, with the square washbasin and mirror, condensing the new Chinese style.
The light luxurious industrial wind is a very simple style, which abandons the traditional luxury, simplifies the decoration, and returns to nature. It also gives people the fashion of avant-garde, elegance, and the feeling of warmth and comfort. Achieve elegance and beauty, life is light, and romance is just right.

Green home decoration guide for BARANA marble tiles

Fresh grass green, fresh mint green, steady green, and surprising grey green–The spring in the works of art masters is sufficient to provide a chance to alternate the next season. There are many kinds of greens, but they can all help us eliminate fatigue, clear our brains, and calm our emotions. Art masters have their own tricks. What about us? How can we get Green into our home? Let spring live in home? Don’t worry, let me show everyone to look at the BARANA marble flooring green home renovation guide.

The home is the most relaxing and pleasant place. In there, we can do whatever we want to do, just like the spring of the garden where the courtyard walls cannot be closed. It is so comfortable. This free space needs a little “brightness” to sweep away all the darkness and depression and restore the true color of the home. The home is dressed in green, and the entire home exudes vitality. The stylish home is exquisitely green, even if it is used in a large area, it will not give you a too strong visual impact. Instead, it will break the overall gloomy tone.

Exquisite chandeliers, Chinese-style dining tables, Chinese styles and line feelings hit people in a modern sense. The floor is covered with a large area of BARANA green marble edge tile, which instantly breaks this deliberately worn atmosphere and brings a deep, spring-to-peppered vibrancy in the spring.

The desire for nature never stops. In the Mediterranean style, a large number of natural elements are used. Naturally grown logs are used as tops. A pot of spiders hanging down freely is naturally within reach. Arched porches, large floor-to-ceiling windows, fully embrace the sun. The ground is made of BARANA green marble ceramic tile tiles, and the blue inlay brings the entire space to a sunshine seaside. The green plants outside the window tell us that this comes from the spring of the sea and what is life like.

The splendid charm of BARANA marble floor tiles occupy most of the space and set the style of the living room. The exquisite beige ceiling, with simple chandeliers, it is elegant. Modern decorative paintings and artistic ornaments on the wall, the era of the new time floated. The small creative ideas that match each place are free from space constraints and universal.

In addition to the large-scale use of the green marble tiles, embellishments on small areas can often inject fresh energy into the home. A touch of green on small items is another magic weapon for style-makers to create “Spring Home.” The function of a small local color embellishment space is fully utilized in this space made of BARANA marble bath tile.

The homes that have won the true meaning of Southeast Asian aesthetics are often used for amazing space. Looking in the longitudinal direction, the dark brown teak cabinet separates the bedroom from the living room, and the wood ceiling connects. When the spring rainy season comes, listening to the rain in this home space is a wonderful experience.
When the green collection fashion home, everywhere is full of vitality. Let us use marble shower tile around with the green color, let spring live in the house, and let the good live in life.

Use small size tiles to make the bathroom more colorful

The tile application is very common in home decoration, the decorating effect is the same as nature wood tile. Characteristic elegant demeanor tiles create an ingenious bathroom style. Pursue creativity in color, and in the way of laying, the pursuit of a hundred changes. There have a big different on small ceramic floor  tiles and common size tiles. It is the small figure that shows a great taste. If you use small tiles to decorate the bathroom, what kind of scenery it will bring. Normally, the ceramic tiles used in bathrooms should be light colored. This will help to expand the space and improve the brightness of the bathroom.

Small figure that shows a great taste. Small pieces of small ceramic tiles will bring different sense of brightness to bathroom space. If the light color is too monotonous, you can match small size colored tiles. Actually, as long as use light or light colored small size ceramic tiles for decorate, we moreover changed, they can also be infinitely wonderful. If the bathroom spaces is too large, we can use dark colored tiles and light colored tiles. In this way, small size tiles can not only activate the atmosphere, but also show a steady temperament.

If you stick to your style and show your uniqueness, you need to show your extraordinary creativity. Although there are a lot of tiles and ceramics on the market, this fixed pattern is very popular, but it can also break the fixed pattern through its own creativity. For example, you can take your favorite animations, favorite picture and world famous paintings, or give your own interesting idea to manufacturer, so that they can show different design bathroom spaces, although the price is more expensive and the time spent is longer, but it is still worth it. Small size ceramics  can be put together with different design, but not too dazzled. Disorderly will destroy the original beauty. Though the style of stripe and three-dimensional stripe is not my favorite, but it is also the most commonly used design method in fashion industry. How is the small striped tiles? Using strong stripe to decorate a strong sense of three-dimensional sense, it brings not only very strong feelings, but also a very ordered arrangement.

Is it a good idea for a small  mosaic tile in the bathroom? No matter when and where, the beauty of the effect is absolutely inseparable from the participation of color, using the variety of colors to express their distinctive, in the same space, such a color change, can increase the level of the interior. Stripe small size ceramic tile, the three-dimensional sense of creation is beyond compare with others.

Use elegant and fashionable as the main theme of the bathroom, it can feel the feminine color brought by flower and grass patterns. Though light color tile is the main color of bathroom decoration, it is also the most commonly used color. But the romantic and warm flowers can create a soft color that is not created by the shades, and introduce the natural curves, colors, interesting and diverse patterns into it. With the embodiment of flowers and plants and recover the original simplicity, it is the main future trend of bathroom decoration. The theme of the concept is to put a wall in the bathroom space, by designing the wall, to highlight the character of the wall, to quote the theme to the bathroom, and to bring a new experience to life and vision. Publicize the uninhibited creativity and let the secret space tiles appear. This is the most powerful part of the theme concept.

The avant-garde design concept, let the color of small ceramic floors tiles add a brilliant color, we should not use too gorgeous color, usually white as the bottom, in white or light color small tiles on the outline of the theme. Don’t afraid too exaggerated, exaggerated theme will have a look.


BARANA tile large porcelain tile, find the beauty of space!

With the higher and higher pursuit of quality of life, the aesthetic pursuit of space is becoming higher and higher. But the ceramic tile cannot be underestimated in building adornment space position.The space collocation of porcelain tile is not simple ground piece together. Even the same space, the adornment effect that the tiles porcelain of different design color, different texture creates is also very different. Since last year ,BARANA porcelain throw brick is on the market. Its’ adornment sex and function perfect set in a body of great advantage. It is affection in adornment space extensively by the designer and the consumer.. A year after the introduction of that shocking, Barana  ceraceramic tile largemic tile series.It will bound to once again subvert the decorative industry and favored by consumers.

BARANA marble porcelain tiles: Venice gold and silver mink decorate the home space.Venice gold paved the ground and silver mink cut freely the table is full of luxury, elegant and luxurious. Colorful romantic Venetian gold has a wealth of natural textures Beige level of the gradual change of tenderness without loss of tolerance. White stars dotted among them and it likes exposure to the Milky way. Giving the space gorgeous aristocratic atmosphere and expressing, the low-key luxurious feeling.

BARANA large porcelain tile: Venice gold and fish tripe white matching in home space. Venice gold ground and fish belly white background wall .It’s noble and elegant.  The atmosphere without loss of harmony. Fish belly white background wall, pure white, full and slightly transparent.The texture is thick while the tactile feeling is warm and meticulous.

BARANA porcelain floor tile: Kelo gray collocation office space. Kelo gray get from natural marble texture.It feels soft and elegant tone, elegant, elegant, very classical beauty and royal style. Silvery white texture like starlight across, leaving a charming luster, reflecting its restrained luxury in the United States.

BARANA marble tile: snow white and platinum rice with the club space. Snowflake white magnificent and platinum rice yellow feel pure clean. Mutual reflecting leisurely and do not lose the luxury of air.It looks luxury and without losing the nature. White golden rice yellow texture materials from imported marble in Turkey. Strong and powerful white texture on the background of light beige color.Shows fusion, temperament pure and refined, showing a pure clean feeling.

BARANA  marble tiles design: silver mink and Kelo gray and snowflake white with the commercial space. The silver mink gray under the steady convergence contains a grand atmosphere. The classical beauty of Kelo gray and royal style show snowflake white white body white and pure texture. Outline elegant, retro and luxurious atmosphere show the lobby space.

BARANA ceramic tiles manufacturers: Kelo gray and jazz white decorate with the commercial space. The ground of the Kelo gray, natural marble texture, soft and elegant tone, luxurious and generous, show classical beauty and royal style.The background wall of the jazz white makes milky white as the main tone. It shows a unique clear landscape lines, a combination of fresh and bright freehand brushwork and pure and elegant texture. The Greek Marble Jazz White full of  its deep prehistoric civilization imprint.It appears present elegant ,clear product characteristics, and contains the elegant temperament after the blending of modern fashion and historical flavor.

The BARANA tile: The exterior facade of the stadiums with Angolan ash. Angolan ash it self has a very pure gray. But the pale white of Angolan ash further strengthens its pure texture. And the Angolan ash combines aristocratic taste with artistic qualities. It makes noble ,elegant texture and artistic quality incisively and vividly. Make the venue appear noble and extremely artistic characteristics as well.


BARANA ceramic floor tile: the exterior facade of the stadiums. Although the appearance of the stadiums is ordinary, the exterior facades of the stadiums are fitted with the plush and elegant stadiums, soft and elegant, elegant and elegant. This decoration full of the classical beauty and royal style.

A large ceramic tile likes a piece of cloth. It can cut freely out rich specifications and shapes. It also can make up for the limitations of traditional ceramic tiles. No matter it is dry hanging of the outer facade, or cutting freely, grooving, chamfering, etc. For the designer to bring more inspiration and play space.

At the same time, it also makes up for the wear resistance of polished brick. The simple design and color, the rich color of cast glaze brick, but not the lack of wear resistance, which integrates functionality and decoration.

And it overcomes all kinds of natural defects of stone. And it has many advantages such as,atmospheric specifications, overall continuity, stronger sense of extension; less seams, anti-fouling and durable, more practical; free cutting, more combinations, stronger applicability.

Production Technology and Application of General Marble tiles

When we talk about the source of marble tiles. Firstly,we always think about natural marble. In the past, people had a special love for natural stone. However, natural stone belongs to non-renewable resources and it cannot be used inexhaustible in supply and always available for use.What’s more, it is wear-inresistance,without anti-fouling, corrosion, non-folding. If it is always used in the home, then the time and cost of subsequent maintenance will be multiply.

Confronting with the non-renewable resources and people love natural marble problems. The ceramic industry has begun to research and develop, produce not only overcome the natural defects of stone, but also has the natural texture of natural stone products-marble and stone.

The birth of the whole marble completely meet the current demands of marble and love. It is not only the upgrade version of common marble tiles, but also the new favorite designers!!!

Why is the universal marble tile becoming more and more popular?

1.Natural quality texture

Natural marble has experienced thousands of years of geological movement .In the process of rock quality changes ,nature has the formation of a myriad of textures. These texture trends are consistent, ups and downs, high and low. Every cross sections of natural rock layer are different. The Grammy designer intercepts completely the nearly perfect cross section as the design blueprint. The beauty of marble lies are that the most varied textures among the roughly identical textures.


2.Top production process

The Grammy music ceramic all-body marble tile used advanced technology ,which combined with with green body color or cloth, ink jet printing and screen fruit glaze. It makes ceramic tile color from surface to inside and near the thick texture of natural stone. The upgrading of technology and the improvement of technology have higher requirements on production costs. Itis a clear stream in the era of “serious homogenization of products”.


3.Fearless deep machining

The traditional marble tile can see the rough body inside white or gray when it comes to chamfering, edge grinding and grooving. It is not harmonious with the surface effects, which is not good for the application of processing and laying. The general marble tile can make up the defects of the traditional glaze ,which throwing products such as drawing groove, chamfering, grinding edge and so on. Through mixing the color of the brick billet or adopting the cloth technology, making products the bottom of the tile have the same pattern as the surface pattern. So it is easy make up for the defects of the traditional glaze throwing product in the process of use. Universal marble tile has many advantage characteristics, so it is suitable for all kinds of need to reverse edge. Pull groove ,other secondary processing of bathroom wall, background wall, curtain wall decoration.


4.One stone has N planes

The whole marble tile has one stone and Nplanes. It has thick texture And especially suitable for residential or high-grade commercial space with larger space. Grammys music ceramic have been used in high-end places such as villas, high-end hotels, restaurants, clubs and so on.


5.The superior performance of ceramic tile

Under the guarantee of modern production technology, marble tiles are excellent in waterproofing, smoothness, flexural strength and other practical properties. It completely abandons the defects of natural marble, such as large color difference, many defects, seep water and dirty.It’s also difficult to manage, high price and long supply cycle. Its emergence, for provide consumers a new choice in the field of high-end decorative materials.


6.Green environmental protection and conservation of resources

The marble tile meets the new requirements of “scientific development” and “beautiful China” to architectural ceramics ,which appears under the continuous innovation of technology and technology.: Excellent decorative effect, excellent use performance and beneficial to the protection of ecological natural environment. It makes more people to enjoy realistic decorative effect of natural marble. At the same time to reduce the demand for natural marble ,which avoids the latter mining and processing process on the ecological environment.


The progress of technology brings more convenience to people. More and more natural stones can satisfy all people’s preference . And it has more advantages than natural stone. This is not the reproduction of natural marble, but the resurrection of natural marble.

how to buy tile with value for money

How To Buy Tile With Value For Money?

how to buy tile with value for money

First, look at the appearance. Tile color should be uniform, surface smoothness and smoothness is good, the surrounding rules, patterns intact, from a box of four or five pieces, to see whether there is color, deformation, lack of edges, less angle and other defects. In the distance of 1 meters, with the naked eye to observe the ceramic tile surface has no pinhole, if there is, indicating that the glaze is not completely fused, it is easy to accumulate dirt. All superior and qualified products require that at least 95% of the tiles in this distance “vertically observe the surface without defects.”. Observe warped (bending) curvature. To carefully observe the surface smooth degree, if Alice (bending). The situation is serious, it will affect the firm after the day.

Two. Listen to the sound. With a hard object tip, the sound is more crisp, the higher the degree of porcelain, the better the quality. Can the left thumb, forefinger and middle finger clip tile corner, easy to hang, with the lower right index finger and tap the tiles, such as voice clear and sweet for the top grade, such as sound dull and sluggish muddy beneath contempt.

Three, observe its hardness, ceramic tile with good hardness, toughness, not brittle rotten as the top grade. Scratch the edges and corners of the ceramic tiles to see if there are scratches. If there is, it means that the glaze is poor, the surface glaze is polished, once the brick surface is dirty, it will be difficult to clean.

Four. Drop test. Drop a few drops of tea juice or water on the back of the ceramic tile. After a few minutes, the quality of the water will be better if the water absorption is not diffused or the water absorption rate is low.

kitchen tiles identification skills

Kitchen Tiles Identification Skills

kitchen tiles identification skills

According to the special kitchen space, choose the right size of tile.
In the choice of kitchen tiles, pay attention to the thickness of the porcelain surface, the thicker the better, the color difference is small, brick size to specifications, each brick must be flat, not warping. Finally, the most important step is to see whether ceramic tile prices are appropriate. Sure what shop? The kitchen tile selection, according to different space spread, in the selection, matters needing attention are also different, the kitchen in general, ceramic tile stick space into two categories, namely, floor tiles and wall tiles. Selection of kitchen floor tiles.

The kitchen is every day we have to contact the place in the process of renovation must focus on decoration, for in the choice of floor tiles, choose the best kind of anti-skid tiles, because the kitchen every day in cooking, not to wash the dishes, which will splash some water on the ground, people will travel inconvenience, so in the choice of the kitchen floor tiles, to choose the best kind of anti-skid tiles, for the sake of their own safety.

Kitchen wall tile selection.
The kitchen wall tiles, in the selection, there is no need to consider whether the tile need slip, however, wall decoration more special, tile color selection is good or bad, affecting the entire kitchen collocation effect, so in the choice of kitchen wall tiles, kitchen decoration effect according to their best to choose suitable for decorative tiles.

Several Tips For Tile Selection

several tips for tile selection

The first is material selection, ceramic tile has a variety of materials, divided into glazed tile, brick, polished tile, glazed tile, mosaic of several categories. Mosaic, because of its small, colorful and easy to decorate in the bathroom small space to foil the atmosphere. Among them, the glass mosaic is the most eye-catching. In the kitchen, living room and other large number of public space, the first choice is matt glazed tiles, it can create “fashion” effect. At present, many brands have rich colors matt glazed tiles for consumer choice.

Then you should consider the tile fashion and your overall home fashion is adjusted, whether with your personal distinctive personality. As long as we get rid of the old tradition of blindly and blindly purchasing ceramic tiles, “ceramic tiles are also fashionable”, only consumers spend more time on some illustrations and collocation consultation, and more efforts should be made to design and overall coordination.

More importantly, we should have the concept of tile decoration. A wall tile looks beautiful alone: pure background, bright pattern. Can be densely packed repeatedly after laying a good wall, often dazzling, disorganized, visual impact is too intense. So the choice of tile also need to report the “decoration” starting point. Consumers can also refer to the business model with the legend of the model, or choose to let the business effect according to your creative professional advice and advice. The number of businesses offering such consultancy services has increased.

Introduce Some Common Knowledge Of Ceramic Tile Maintenance

introduce some common knowledge of ceramic tile maintenance

Method one: use multifunctional decontamination cream

The tile is often greasy, rust, soap scum etc. especially by ceramic tile juncture easier to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices. In order to adhere to the porcelain surface clean and do not damage the porcelain surface light, you can use multi-functional decontamination paste for cleaning. Cracks in the ceramic tile, should first use a toothbrush dipped in a little dirt cream to remove dirt, and then in the crack with a brush brush a waterproof agent can, so as not only impervious water, and can prevent mold development.

Method two: vitreous tile appearance antifouling is the key

After the glazed tile is polished, the hair pores are exposed, and the oil, dust and other easily penetrate. Some manufacturers have dealt with this problem through new skills. But many brands of products did not pass the anti pollution disposal as a pass product sold, consumers do not investigate the situation, the use of pavement does not care, it will attack the situation of stains and stains. Consumers should be clear when buying, do not do anti fouling treatment of glazed tiles in the use of waxing, ordinary floor wax can be. Before paving, in order to prevent damage to the brick surface in construction, the use of woven bags and other things not easy to decolorization, brick cover good.

In order to clean and protect the glazed tile, clean all the dirt on the brick floor thoroughly. If there is glue or sticky dirt, it can be wiped off with neutral detergent and 100% clean cloth. The floor cleaning agent is poured on the floor tiles, and the stains on the tiles are rubbed clean by waxing machine. Then pour the water wax into the clean dry mop and wax it on the floor tile. Let the appearance of wax tiles from the dry, dry after trampling on the top, also available electric assisted drying, ordinary waxing after 8 hours will be completely dry, if there is heavy to move must be can move the wax completely dry, so can protect floor light.

Method three: old ceramic tile with ceramic tile

Old ceramic tile to be innovative, general requirements will tile all shovel clear, labor intensity is very big. If a new ceramic tile is added on the old tile, the cement mortar is difficult to be competent. At this time, the resin type stone binder must be used. It is not afraid of the greasy dirt and stain on the ceramic tile, and has better bonding strength.

Daily protection also needs to grasp the light tile tips, cleaning can be used to clean water and detergent or soap; mixture with soap when washing with a little ammonia and turpentine, can make more polished tiles. If there is tea or its different daily necessities attached to the ceramic tile, it should be cleaned in real time, and clean in response to clean products when necessary. If the brick surface scratches, the toothpaste can be smeared on the scratch, and can be repaired by wiping with dry cloth. The brick and brick cracks can not use dirt cream to remove dirt, and then brush a layer of waterproof agent in the crack to prevent mold development.