refuse to dazzle designers teach you how to choose tiles

Refuse To Dazzle, Designers Teach You How To Choose Tiles.

refuse to dazzle designers teach you how to choose tiles

For the relatively small space, and the poor light collection of the bathroom, in the wall tiles above, it is not appropriate to choose dark ceramic tile. Dark tiles make the entire bathroom space dark. In order to better reflect the toilet color, you can generally use light colored tiles, the sun can also reflect the sun very well during the day. You can also use bright colors, patterns, selection of imitation jade or marble, at the same time to reflect the simple and lively effect.

For good lighting toilets, you can use bright colored dark tile. Some people think that the color of the ground with a visual contraction features, will make the original little space seems to be more narrow. In fact, not necessarily, as long as the material is bright tile surface, there will not be such a problem.

At present, antique brick is more popular, they are semi matte or matte material, some surface is a small box, for the bathroom is not only beautiful but also practical, can slip.

tile collocation tips let tile become more fashionable

Tile Collocation Tips: Let Tiles Become More Fashionable

tile collocation tips let tile become more fashionable

In the home decoration of the time, in appearance, easy to clean and meet the basic needs, people will pursue romantic, fashion sense, in fact, through a few tips, let more fashion engineering ceramic tile ceramic tile is not difficult.

The first is material, there are a variety of materials tiles into tile, whole body tiles, polished tiles, tiles, mosaic several categories, colorful and easy embellishment on the small bathroom space to heighten the atmosphere, which is the most conspicuous and eye-catching mosaic glass, in the kitchen, dining room and living room area of larger public space. The first choice is matte glazed tile, it can make the effect of the current fashion, many brands have rich colors matte glazed tiles for some exotic preference for consumer choice, usually, the ladies will love playing some of the color, some brands of ceramic tile have gorgeous color light or fruit, while men love those subtle fashion antique series, with a thick Italy style.

Secondly, rely on color tile embellishment, we often see a model showing magnificent effect, is often touch by a few innovative ideas, temperament tiles, tile engineering in this area we have to mention the import of ceramic tiles, European architectural designers more creative by different series of different styles, it is not only the tiles. The more the art atmosphere, spend hundreds of dollars on several “tiles art” seamless interface in their Home Furnishing space, should be able to have a bit of effect, if you want to save a little purse, warm series can be considered.

color matching method for kitchen til

Color Matching Method For Kitchen Tile

color matching method for kitchen tile

Generally speaking with light yellow tiles for ordinary families is better to accept, not too fancy, but it is quite satisfactory collocation dark brown cabinets, both classical and stable atmosphere. To cook in this space, a quiet, a quiet, enough to make you calm down carefully and enjoy the process of cooking.

White for most people are very fond of, all-match, young, bright, especially in the kitchen tiles. The gray tiles match the brightly colored cabinets, and the sense of fashion stays visible. Crisp is the kitchen decoration has been pursued, the gray tile for light refraction is very helpful, and then you will not because of the kitchen and can not afford to cook the desire to cook.

Kitchen wall tiles can also choose some cool colors, not only can absorb the heat from the kitchen, and can feel makes people feel quiet in the hot summer, cool heart tends to be more important than physical feelings come.

how to reduce the loss of tiling

How To Reduce The Loss Of Tiling?

how to reduce the loss of tiling

First, buy products

There will be many inferior tiles, color deviation is not square in the paving process prone to loss problem. So consumers should try to pick a brand in the market, the purchase of qualified products, but also to ensure customer service, to determine whether a good negotiation can fill, return, replacement, the claim process, once the processing is also more convenient.

Two, accurate measurement of area

Area, paving pattern and loss of the housing, so the number of tiles need to estimate according to these conditions, consumers in the purchase of ceramic tile prior to space size measurement accuracy, to be aware of how much to buy tiles. The smaller the room, the greater the loss, so the size of tiles should also be taken into account, such as ordinary 10-30 square meters of room, generally choose 600*600 mm specifications following tiles, specifications too much more damage.

Three, careful selection of workers

Paving process, the owner good overall supervision, to prevent workers at random cutting tiles or unreasonable use. Skilled workers employ skilled workers, and the technical proficiency of the workers will affect the tiling loss. Skilled workers will also provide owners with cost-effective solutions. Therefore, careful selection of workers is also an important part of reducing consumption.

how do you match tile colors what should be paid attention to tiling

How Do You Match Tile Colors? What Should Be Paid Attention To Tiling?

how do you match tile colors what should be paid attention to tiling

First, ceramic tile color with six rules

1 collocation, dark and light, such as black and white, deep and shallow, dark green and gray collocation can be used.

2, similar color collocation, such as light yellow and deep yellow, black and gray collocation.

3, similar colors match, such as yellow and green, red and purple, red and orange, orange and yellow.

4, cool colors and warm colors, cold and warm color relationship is to rely on contrast, produced by people’s natural life experience, and collocation is also very distinctive.

5, the non-polar color and color collocation, black, white, gold, silver, ash is called non-polar color, they can match any color.

6. Compare the colors, such as red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange, black and white.

Second, ceramic tile shop notes

1, ceramic tile shop before consumption should be checked, to see the grade, color difference and the samples are consistent, such as confirmation, so that the construction leader sign, or notify ceramic tile vendors immediately.

2, if the wall is putty wall or press cement wall, must first root out, do roughening treatment. Wall tiles must not be smaller than 1/3 blocks.

3, the ground should be fully wet, and the horizontal line on the wall and placed on the ground pre row, to ensure that each room on the same level of low brick.

4, floor tiles with good “dry shop” method.

5, bathroom tiles should be good, about 1% of the gradient, and below the floor tiles about 10mm. Kitchen tiles should be appropriate to reduce the slope.

6, in case of yang angle, should use 45 degrees cutting angle processing, waist line of the lower edge should be the window of the upper edge.

7, brick paving after 3-5 days before drilling construction, “laying tiles on the day after the re construction.

wood brick than wood flooring highlights will be the new trend of consumption

Wood Brick Than Wood Flooring Highlights, Will Be The New Trend Of Consumption

wood brick than wood flooring highlights will be the new trend of consumption

Environmental protection performance concerns, wood brick obvious

Consumers in the choice of ground decoration materials, the importance of environmental protection. Research has learned that wood grain bricks imitate wood fine lines, easy to clean, and flame retardant, non corrosive features. Compared with the floor, the wood grain brick has long service life and wear resistance. Therefore, wood grain tile is to meet the needs of the vast number of consumers.

The design of wood brick products exceeds wooden floor and integrates with nature

In recent years, is imported wood brick tile brand, had to jump out of this category, not only to the nature of the wood as the object of imitation, product forms have become more integrated, the outside elements or wood texture elements into the design of the original wood blocks. The wood brick of the future will no longer be a simple grain, texture, ceramic tile, it will be more diverse and integrated in the texture effect, and the product will be more diversified and diversified.

Wood tile has longer service life and easier maintenance

Wooden floor in the maintenance of the premise of properly, the service life is generally in 8-10 years, without maintenance, 2-3 years will be the effect of degradation, and wood brick service life is very long, paving post use 20, 30 years is not a problem.

Wood brick prices are more stable

From the market demand and sales point of view, in recent years, wood brick sales in steady growth. On the one hand, the application and promotion of wood flooring have been deeply applied to consumers, which makes wood brick more acceptable and recognized. On the other hand, wood brick with its outstanding decorative effect and product characteristics, the wooden floor plays an alternative, as well as the role of adding short board. Wood brick has become a new trend in the consumption of building materials.

which kind of tile is bathroom floor tile good

Which Kind Of Tile Is Bathroom Floor Tile Good?

which kind of tile is bathroom floor tile good

The floor of the bathroom should be paved with low water absorption tiles. Because the ground will often wash with a lot of water, so that tiles can not be affected by water vapor, do not absorb stains.

1, pay attention to the anti slip tiles, toilet skid resistance is important, especially when there are old people and children at home, Matt brick has imitation of natural rock concave convex feeling, and excellent anti-skid, suitable for humid environment.

2, select tile low water absorption, in general, high quality tiles, water absorption rate is very low, so that it can soon dry. If the ceramic tile does not indicate the water absorption rate, may use the tea or the water drop in the ceramic tile’s back, after several minutes inspects the water droplet the diffusion degree, the more does not absorb water, namely expresses the bibulous rate to be low, the quality is better.

3, the choice of tiles, texture density, and when you buy Tiles, you can observe the brick surface from the side is smooth, whether the uneven thickness of the pinhole. At the same time, you can tap the tiles to listen to whether the sound is crisp, the more brittle the sound, indicating that the tiles of high density of texture, hardness better.

whether the balcony should stick ceramic tile where to stick to be better

Whether The Balcony Should Stick Ceramic Tile, Where To Stick To Be Better?

whether the balcony should stick ceramic tile where to stick to be better

1, most families are using the balcony to do laundry cleaning area, so relative to other areas, to be relatively damp, if the wall tiling, you can play a good protection on the balcony.

2. for closed balcony, and do not intend to do laundry area, in fact, there is no need to attach tiles to the wall.

3.the open balcony dust will be relatively large, wall tiles affixed, the cleaning work is relatively simple, tile smooth, water resistant, very scrub.

4. balcony wall tiling than tiles do not cost high, on the one hand need to choose the right tiles, in addition, labor costs are relatively high. If you do not stick wall tiles, you only need to do a good job of latex paint.

balcony decoration tiles posted to which location is good?

1. paving tile cost is still very large, buy Tile money, find a professional chef tiles more money, so everyone in the shop is stuck before it is necessary to consider whether the top issues.

2. balcony tile paving height should be maintained at more than 1.5 meters, about 2.8 meters to the top general. If the balcony as a recreation area for beautiful of course to the stick to being good-looking; put a cupboard, it should stick better, can play the role of curing, but labor costs will be higher than a length; if only to dry clothes on the balcony, there was no need to paste to the top, otherwise it is a waste of money.

how to choose the wall ceramic tile for toilet

How to choose the wall ceramic tile for toilet?

1.Choose ceramic tile that absorbs low water rate
Generally speaking, the ceramic tile with high quality, the absorption rate is very low, this can dry very quickly. If ceramic tile not indicate the bibulous rate, can use a tea or water droplets in the back of the ceramic tile, minutes after inspecting the diffusion degree drops, the less water absorption, it indicates that the bibulous rate is low, the quality is better. Bibulous rate is high after heat bilges cold shrink can cause cracks on the surface of the ceramic tile ceramic tile and the whole piece of floor tile of wall of spalling, decorate toilet clear four seasons of the northern region, more should pay attention to this problem.
2.Choose high-density tile texture
When shopping for ceramic tile, can see whether the brick face is flat from the side, whether the needle hole that appears thick and uneven. At the same time, can knock ceramic tile to listen to sound whether the sound is clear, the sound is more brittle, the texture density of ceramic tile is high, hardness is better. This kind of ceramic tile is laid to defend bath space, not easily damaged, also facilitate maintenance cleanness. Generally speaking, this actually also has little hard requirement, as long as waterproof is good, the glaze foot, choose a suit that suits your home to defend bath color to be able. The light is good, can use a little dark brick, but if the light is not good, suggest only use light color, relatively inferior smooth brick, don’t look too cold, suggest don’t use the highlights.

Small modern bathroom tiles to spell out the world

One of the modern bathroom tiles, it is most likely to think of a large block of large, dark, clean, neat bathroom or kitchen. In fact, now the ceramic tile design has long been out of a fixed mode of thinking, the modern bathroom tiles of this material performance is very excellent, small ceramic tile can spell out a piece of a different kind of “colorful world” for you.
Modern bathroom tiles room colors, not simply will tile pieced together, but the originally independent individual set up, optimization design, functional, aesthetic and cultural fusion together, is more beautiful, harmonious, rational and humane.
Now the modern bathroom tiles in addition to beautify the role of living space, along with a variety of different types of heat preservation, antibacterial, anti-static and other more other functions.
Most of the previous users mostly use light colored ceramic tiles, and now, the variety of ceramic modern bathroom tiles from a single white dominated by the color of the Department, to develop a variety of colors, people refreshing. In one space, we use the change of the material, color, pattern and pattern of the ceramic tile to increase the sense of hierarchy. Under normal circumstances, the use of three different tiles to collocation a colorful room.