There Are Five Problems To Pay Attention To Tile

As is known to all, decorate choose ceramic tile is very important, but if you buy a good ceramic tile, post didn’t pay attention to the shop is very damaged engineering of one thing, the small make up today is to teach people, must pay attention to the 5 items in the shop sticks ceramic tile.

1.The ceramic tile should be soaked thoroughly
Ceramic tile are through full immersion in front of the shop is stuck, it is to give the pore to absorb moisture, ceramic tile in the shop is stuck not easy to appear the phenomenon of empty drum, fall off, if not immerse directly to the wall ceramic tile, is likely to be sucked through the moisture in the cement directly to the ceramic tile, reach a certain amount of time, ceramic tile can appear even crack, this will cause a lot of waste ceramic tile, and the quality of the shop is stuck is bad.
2.Choose high-quality cement sand
Ceramic tile should want to have good spread quality, must choose high quality cement sand, such ceramic tile can stick tight solid; The main point of selecting cement is to check whether it has QS certification, and to see if it has a shelf life. If it is past its expiration date, it is better not to choose. Sand had better choose river sand, river sand contain water is bigger, paste effect will be better.
3.Three, cut ceramic tile had better put in the position of corner
Cutting ceramic tile seems always seem to be some uneven, so the location of the best cutting ceramic tile is in the corner, this position at the end can use sealant to seal, does not affect the housing decoration effect. If you put it in a prominent place like a window, it will affect the beauty of the house.
4.The first brick should be selected
The first brick in the seat position to the full range wall ceramic tile, so the location of the first piece of ceramic tile must be chosen, if there is an error in the location of the first piece of ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of the entire wall will be warped.
5.Five, must achieve wall pressure ground
Wall pressure is above the floor tile of wall brick wanted, the advantage is not water, the water will flow down the wall brick in the wall and floor tile surface, easy to clean, because the more troublesome, so some bricklayer’s looking for a variety of reasons not willing to do, this is decorated must supervise bricklayer’s owner, let them do the project well.

Marble Tiles, Once Again Subvert Your Perception


Natural stone material because of its grain nature, have very high adornment effect, so attract high-grade house, the hotel USES, but natural stone material is scarce resource, have necessary growth cycle. And the emergence of marble tile, not only solved the natural defect of natural stone material, also brings a new selection, to reduce damage of the natural environment conditions, can also enjoy marble adornment effect.

1. Impact resistance

The natural marble has the crack, fragile, the processing procedure requires very high, slightly unguarded will cause the fracture, the wastage when the decoration works; The marble tiles are made from physical pressing and chemical burning, which are hard and can be cut according to the actual decoration of consumers.

2. Fold resistance

Natural marble is easy to fold and easy to break, the personality is a big long board, the timely back glue fixed net, open groove and steel bar, the natural marble transport, the installation and the post is still very easy to break; The marble tiles are made of a hard and dense texture, which is hard and dense. The average car is not crushed by the bricks.

3. Abrasion resistance

Natural marble has a hardness of only 3 grade, and it is easy to wear and wear when used on the ground for a long time. Marble tile mohs hardness 4-5, surface with glaze protection, product super wear resistance.

4. Pollution resistance

Natural marble is mainly composed of natural calcium carbonate deposition, surface crack is more, easy penetration, all kinds of goods that occupy the home is infiltration into the marble, surface cleaning not clean, professional care is expensive; Marble ceramic tile surface is the glaze layer of high temperature firing, the stain is completely impermeable, and after polishing treatment, the surface is smooth, clean and convenient.

5. Defective color difference

Natural marble TianRanXing lead to marble surface texture color, defects, even if there is design and color is uniform flawless marble texture, the price also is very expensive, common natural marble will through filling adhesive, dyeing processing; Marble ceramic tile specialized production, raw material, process is completely controlled, flawless and chromatic aberration.

6. Production process

Natural marble is extensive mining and simple processing, and semi-finished products are not. At the same time, due to the irreducible nature of the product and the mineral resources, the supply is unstable, the replenishment is almost impossible, and the personal character of the family is that large engineering projects are difficult to control in the supply and construction period. Marble tiles are the finished products of standardized industrial production. The dimensions can be made according to the requirements. The products can be bought and used, the supply is stable, and the quantity can be delivered on a timely basis. The construction period is guaranteed.

7. Water absorption rate

Natural marble’s natural nature leads to small pores and cracks in the marble surface, easy to seepage water and high water absorption rate, which is why the marble cleaning nursing can not use water. And marble ceramic tile because of surface glaze is dense smooth, the absorption rate is less than 0.3, so marble ceramic tile can rinse clean with water.

In the future development trend of marble tiles, the prospect is good, because stone still has many natural defects. Natural stone as a scarce resource, one day will be mined, some stone less thousands of years, many hundreds of millions of years will constitute, we cannot wait.

how to choose floor tiles

How To Choose Floor Tiles

how to choose floor tiles

1, if your home space is relatively small, it is like cooking area, bathroom area, you can choose a smaller size of the tile, so that the shop will not waste more, but also to make the space looks more coordinated. The utility model can also avoid the inconvenience caused by the construction of the large-scale cutting of the ceramic tile.

2, we should also pay attention to the selection of water absorption rate, which is an important indicator of its quality. We can pour some water on the back of the tiles. If the water disappears faster, the higher the water absorption rate is, the looser the texture is and the weaker the strength is, and vice versa.

how should the living room floor tile modelling be designed

How Should The Living Room Floor Tile Modelling Be Designed

how should the living room floor tile modelling be designed
1, in the market to select tiles, we must consider the Home Furnishing decoration style, now popular style is the new Chinese style, European style, and Mediterranean sun village style, Oriental garden style etc.. Home decoration involves tiles, sanitary ware, lamps and lanterns, curtains, kitchen cabinets, doors and windows, paint and other eight materials and jewelry, style of unity and coordination is extremely important, is to measure the quality of decoration and quality, the main concern. After determining the style, we should pay attention to consider some of their own personalized needs, security is very important.

2, we think everyone should know the wave line, and its role is to make the living room floor more surplus change, some lines overall looks particularly artistic charm. Mainly with some tiles and the main color of the tiles from the processing, the general use of dark tile based processing, and now there are special wave matching antique options.

3, there are a lot of people will give the living room floor tiles for decoration and flex spline in shape, is actually the tile ground decorative painting processing, some high-end brand with lots of patterns to choose from. General should pay attention to the selection, yarn, color and other floral to ground tile color and pattern to be consistent, mainly used in the door or the living room, dining table, the table below.

what are the advantages of imitating marble tiles

What Are The Advantages Of Imitating Marble Tiles?

what are the advantages of imitating marble tiles

In the past, most of the tiles were mainly made of matt tiles. Now, with the improvement of the technology, the material has changed to polished tiles. The material and process changes make the brick face look more luxurious and the visual effect is better. Tile texture of natural and fresh, color and natural marble can almost fake true.

Natural marble has many shortcomings, it is not only heavy weight, construction is difficult, but also there is a certain radiation, so people will not be laying a large area in the decoration. But imitation marble tiles broke the limits, it is not only easy to cut, and whether it is in art, mosaic, sculpture, and ground applications are aspects of combination.

Natural marble although very beautiful, but the difficulty of maintenance is relatively large, the use of a long time will appear oxidation discoloration. The imitation marble tile is a good way to avoid such problems, it is not only very beautiful, but also with high brightness, low water permeability, no radiation and other advantages, more suitable for indoor public space.

what are the advantages of retro tiles

What Are The Advantages Of Retro Tiles?

what are the advantages of retro tiles

1, the use of ceramic tile has a lot of benefits such as slip, the ceramic tile appearance is no polishing processing, so the brick surface friction coefficient will be relatively high, in the above step sureness, warm and comfortable, wear resistance. Because the surface glazing reduces polishing link, non mirror effect is not prone to scratches, many families in the kitchen using retro brick, because of its strong anti fouling, the surface glaze layer to prevent stains permeable brick, easier to clean.

2, as well as in color and pattern of the style is very much, in the design are almost according to some wood, crystal, flowers, skin and other patterns of modeling, production color, pattern rich and colorful, specifications change. At the beginning of more than a small Vintage brick available specifications, the development has also appeared in many large retro brick specifications, six more angle, octagonal shape, more easy to do mosaic style, different styles of decorative Home Furnishing. When restoring the ancient style becomes the trend, the retro brick is the spokesman of the fashion. Its waterproof, anti-skid, wear-resistant and acid alkali characteristics make its physical properties stable. The decorate space timeless, the use of a wide range, suitable for indoor living room, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, more suitable for outdoor square, walkways etc..

Classical style should use soft color, uniform texture, delicate perception marble tiles to decorate can dilute the whole space Home Furnishing dull atmosphere, but also can enhance the sense of space “, that space is very quiet, gentle, low-key style show.

what are the decorative styles of marble tiles

What Are The Decorative Styles Of Marble Tiles?

what are the decorative styles of marble tiles

This kind of tile has a natural texture, a bright color and a wide range. It can be used in European style, mix and match style, classical style and other style residence.

European style should be selected as a white background, gray or black light marble paving tiles can create a luxurious temperament, but also has a rich cultural atmosphere for the whole room space, reflecting master quality and elegant life; in the mix of style of decoration, should pay attention to the simple and marble tiles complex, dark and light colored collocation.

ceramic industry modern antique storm coming

Ceramic Industry Modern Antique Storm Is Coming

ceramic industry modern antique storm coming

The wind of change Home Furnishing consumption, so the modern minimalist style takes up.Especially in the last two years, in the interaction of multi thrust under the modern antique wind intensified, a large number of ceramic tile brands began to re planning and positioning, to give the brand a “modern, simple, natural, light luxury” new label.


Change is not accidental. A new generation of young consumers, personalized, their choice of Home Furnishing activities more and more critical, life attitude and life style and modern minimalist style interpretation, just with the new generation of consumers to Home Furnishing pursuit of life has become a symbol of young people agree without prior without previous consultation, the quality of life. In addition, with the purchase pressure continues to increase, the demand for small house type decoration increasing. Small house type reflect luxury style is relatively difficult, and modern, simple, natural style in small house type  can be very good performance.


In many ceramic tile brand looks, this is “modern brief wind”, become the foundation of inevitable development trend in the future.The fact is true, whether it is in Europe and the United States in the sense of consumption and the level of advanced, or in the more sophisticated marketing model of the home industry, the modern simplicity of the wind has a good reference for reference.

how to maintain tile

How To Maintain Tile?

how to maintain tile

As we all know, in the Home Furnishing life, ceramic tile is very important, however, there will be wear and tear, discoloration and other common problems in the use of a long time, especially the bathroom tiles, because the bathroom itself environment is more humid, so it is more serious, which requires us to pay attention to the maintenance of ceramic tile the details in life!

There is also a convenient and environmentally friendly way to clean your body, using white vinegar and lemon peel. Clean the dirt on the surface of the sanitary ware first, then dip the soft cloth on a little white vinegar to wipe the surface of the sanitary ware or wipe with the lemon peel. Only a little while, the sanitary ware will be shining as new, and the fragrance will be sent out.

small tiled tiles are becoming more popular in the kitchen

Small Tiles Are Becoming More Popular In The Kitchen

small tiled tiles are becoming more popular in the kitchen

In the choice of tiles, it is more important to the tiles “decoration” concept. A wall tile looks beautiful by itself: the background is pure and the pattern is bright. Can be densely packed after a good wall, often confused, disorganized, visual impact is too intense. Therefore, tile selection also needs to “decoration” as the starting point. Consumers can also refer to a business model with a legend, imitate, or let merchants give professional advice and advice according to your creative ideas, and businesses offering such consultancy services are becoming more and more popular.

To highlight the effect of changes in the kitchen space, dark tiles are no longer the only choice. When the kitchen is generally small, light colored tiles are conducive to expanding the field of vision, more and more popular. Worth of pure white is the most popular color, it doesn’t even need any rewards or twill, pattern, only to spend and all kinds of decorative lines to be decorated, can be taken out quickly, the feeling of fashion. Blue, cold purple color tiles are also very popular, many of them with white tile paving up collocation.