Lay tiles for seams, and should be use the cross

Ceramic tile is a ceramic product fired by high temperature. Its physical and chemical properties are quite stable. Why there is no problem when many ceramic tile products are sent to the customer for acceptance? There are various problems after laying. How to ensure that the paving construction is all the same? At that time, the tile cross played its unique role.
The tile cross is a kind of plastic products used in the construction of ceramic tile, which is used to adjust the size of the seam. The use of the tile cross not only improves the efficiency of the slit, but also improves the precision of the seam and the seam.

The more mature products in the building materials market are HDPE materials, the color is porcelain white, milk white, its advantages are good toughness, good tensile strength, non-toxic and odorless, resistance to impact, moisture resistance, and chemical resistance.
Ceramic floor tile left seam, wall to 1 – 2MM for good, some small tiles, in order to beautiful, to retain the seam but need big; the ground seam, in addition to the ancient glaze tiles generally need to leave a larger gap 2.5 – 5MM, the other varieties of tiles generally 1.5 – 3MM for good.

Under normal circumstances, a piece of tile with one, 5MM tile cross can be taken down if the tiles are almost dry, it can be recycled at least three times, which can save some cost; the tile cross of 3MM and 2MM is not easy to take off, otherwise the tile can be easily taken off, only after the tiles are dry thoroughly can be taken down, so the general is very difficult to reuse, do not want to put down on the inside to fill the seams to see, it is recommended in accordance with a tile with a tile cross of the principle of the purchase.
The cement mortar of ceramic flooring and paste ceramic tile will have heat expansion and shrinkage problem. In the process of temperature or humidity change, the ceramic tile and cement mortar will have some expansion. If no seam is left, it will lead to the drum or crack in the process of the later use.

Although the ceramic tiles are now mechanized production, but in the process of tiles production, there will be a certain size error (the error is too large for the quality of the product). If no seam is left, it is easy to appear the joint unevenness when tile paving, affecting the beauty of ceramic tiles.
Tile paving is a very high proficiency of a construction project, the workers in the whole process of paving, it is impossible to complete the placement of every tile when there is no error, the workers’ mood is not good, daytime and night, and other different conditions of tile, the effect will be different, if no seams, the same, the same It is difficult to ensure the straight seam of ceramic rustic tile, which affects the aesthetics of tiles placement.

What’s the benefit of the seams?
1, sewing can prevent ceramic tile flooring from hollowing, deforming, cracking, jumping or even falling off.
2.Retention of seams can save materials
3.All tiles have errors, and tile joints can reduce the negative effects of errors.
4.Proper retention of seams can enrich the effect of paving
5.Avoid slit more difficult to clean
6.Reduce the uneven joints caused by the construction error
7.It is more convenient to maintain and replace later

Why do you need to remove wax before paved the tile?

When polishing tile, glaze tile, microcrystalline stone tile and other bright face tiles, many people will have such experience, think that the tiles construction is finished on the ground, is this true right? In fact, there is a very important process after the tile is completed, that is, wax removal, but it is such a simple process that is often easily ignored.
The ceramic tiles will be beforehand treated before they go out of the factory. The wax treatment is mainly to prevent the tile from accidental damage in the future, and the thick surface of the wax is also the main cause of the tile dark light, so the wax layer can be well restored to the original gloss of the ceramic floor tiles, but also the wax is also available. In order to improve the antifouling performance of the ceramic tile surface, the uniform wiping of the wax can well fill the small pores on the surface of the ceramic tile, and make the anti fouling molecular distribution more uniform on the surface of the antifouling layer, thus improving its antifouling performance and wear resistance.

Wax removal can restore the gloss of ceramic flooring, improve the antifouling performance and enhance the wear resistance. The main method of removing wax for ceramic tiles is surface wiping.
Commonly used materials: double fly powder, washing powder, flour, wax powder, powder and other powder, generally recommended to use double fly powder, double fly powder is also widely used to remove wax, the main chemical composition of the double fly powder is calcium carbonate, but also contains a small amount of magnesium carbonate, double fly powder itself is no toxic, no harm to the human body, but the removal of wax needs Attention should be paid to avoiding inhalation of dust and protective mask when operating. The surface of the ceramic tiles is cleaned first, and the wax is scattered under the condition of dry surface, such as several kinds of wax removal materials mentioned above, and then wiped with a rag or dry towel.

After the polishing process, the floor tiles, generally its surface must be treated with wax, and then add a layer of plastic film to cover the surface of the ceramic tile with the same size as the size of the ceramic tile; its function is to prevent the spillover of the wax layer and stabilize the wax layer on the surface of the tile; two, as the wax is an organic chemical, if it is an organic substance. For a long time exposure in the air will be oxidized, causing the wax layer to solidify on the surface of the ceramic tile and increase the unnecessary process in the later period. Three, the ceramic tile and the ceramic tile are isolated, and the tiles and the tiles are both faced and back between the tiles and the tiles in order to avoid the surface of the tiles before packing. The rules are stacked, and the plastic film plays a good role in isolating tiles when stacking in the face of the specifications.

If the tile is paving, it will not tear off the plastic film. It may cause the tile plastic film to be hard to tear off after the completion of the tile, and it will greatly increase the workload. At the same time, it is easy to cause the unnecessary after sale problem, so it must be plastic before the tile with plastic film is paving. The film is torn off, and this action is absolutely beneficial without harm, and this step is also the key.

In fact, the plastic film on the surface of the glazed ceramic tile is only one of the packing layer, the real product is the ceramic tile. The plastic film plays a very small role in preventing the scraping, because the plastic film is the polyvinyl chloride and polyethylene chemical composition material, which itself is the material with low hardness, brittle and weak, so the surface of the ceramic tile is plastic. The so-called protective effect of material film in the later stage of ceramic tile construction is not very effective.
After the tile application is laid on the ground, it is necessary to ensure that the surface of the tile is clean and tidy, and the gravel can not be left on its surface. It is suggested that the protective layer, for example, be best used as a carton to cover the ceramic tile surface in all directions.

The knowledge of full body glazed rustic tile

The full body glazed rustic tile is a kind of tile formed in the glaze polishing process. It is the last glaze applied to the rustic tile. At present, it is generally transparent surface glaze or transparent convex flower glaze. The full body glazed rustic tile of full cast glaze has the advantages of the polishing tile and the rusric tile. The glaze is as smooth as polished tile, and the glaze color is like antiquity. The tile – like pattern is rich, and the color is thick or gorgeous.
The appearance of full body glazed tiles of floor brings the tile back to the “light age”. Compared with the full glaze crystal gloss tile, the original polishing tile and rustic tile all become “Cinderella”, thus raising the glossy and magnificent effect of the ceramic tiles to a new height.

However, as a new production process, full body glazed rustic tile is not so perfect either in material, equipment or technical level, such as wear, pollution, and outway, but the new technology is perfected in continuous development and experiment.
The full body glazed rustic tile belongs to the technical innovation. Because of its environmental protection and energy saving, and the low entrance threshold, the ceramic rustic tile enterprises are facing the bottleneck and difficulty of innovation. All kinds of factors have caused the popularity of full body glazed rustic tile in the market. To some extent, full body glazed rustic tile is actually an upgraded version of crystal floor tiles that were once popular in the past.

The production of full body glazed rustic tile products is beneficial to energy saving and emission reduction.
The full body glazed rustic tile has little requirement for porcelain sand and porcelain clay, and the internal quality is not affected by various impurity components of porcelain sand, which is beneficial to saving mineral resources. Full body glazed rustic tile equipment throws products with high brightness, electricity saving and low breakage.

The long use time, more colorful texture
Full body glazed rustic tile is more rich in flower and color, after burning ceramic floor tiles at high temperature, the pattern coloring texture is the dialysis color, not the rough pattern on the surface of the ordinary ceramic tile, but the special coloring muscle that can be seen and felt, the color is bright, the variety and the texture are natural.

Full body glazed rustic tiles can reduce cost, change color and emulation degree, and all fired glazed tiles have long service life. Glazed tiles fired by full body glazed rustic tile are thick and not easy to wear.
The thickness of glazed layer of rustic tile is generally between 0.3mm~0.8mm, and the glaze layer of full body glazed rustic tile and waist tile is thicker, generally between 0.6mm~1.3mm, and some of them reach 1.5mm or more. The glazing layer of the full body glazed rustic tile is thicker, mainly through the thickening glaze layer to make up the deformation of the tile, so that the polished surface will not be exposed. The hardness of the glaze layer is in the Moir 5~7 range.

Consumers are most willing to believe in their own eyes, rather than the various characteristics and advantages of the big fee to introduce the full body glazed rustic tile, the sample is better, “seeing is real”. When consumers see the full body glazed rustic tile can show all kinds of home style incisively and vividly, the product is clear about everything.
The large market of full body glazed rustic tile, some big enterprises want to be the high-end brand of the rustic tiles design, but the “pure blood” of the imported brand is lack of competitiveness, and the development of rustic tile meets the bottleneck, then it changes the direction. This brings good opportunities for smaller rustic tile enterprises to enter the rustic tile market.

It is a bit far fetched to define the full body glazed rustic tile as an rustic tile. The next trend of the rustic tile may be how to combine the technology of full body glazed rustic tile to upgrade and sublimate the unique advantages of the former rustic tile in the new process. The rustic tile will be refined and refined around the Mediterranean and pastoral areas.
The combination of rustic tile and full body glazed rustic tile is a new product. It should be called the new classical tile, which just satisfies the desire of the enterprise to develop bigger and stronger. Rustic tile is not without stage, but to cater to the market trend, re locate. Keep pace with the trend, do not blindly follow suit, take the new classical line on the basis of the original rustic tile.

Why do family decoration choose marble tiles?

Marble tiles have the realistic texture of natural stone, both the superior performance and green environmental characteristics of the tiles, and the popular decoration owners’ favorite. Marble tiles floor have become the mainstream choice of the public house. But because of the continuous expansion of the market, the related Dali stone tile products and brands are becoming more and more. Therefore, how to choose the marble tiles that are desirable is particularly important. What are the important features of high quality marble floor tiles?

Marble floorings have abandoned the fragile and fragile properties of natural marble stone. In the hardness of products, the marble tiles are hard and wearable. The marble tiles not only resurrect the ceramic tiles, but also give the life of the tiles. At the same time, the marble tiles return to the original appearance of the natural marble, and the awe can be fearless, and the marble tiles are fearless. It is not only the infinite reverence for the life of nature, but also the artistic conception that ceramic people pursue the product perfectly.

The texture of marble stone on the surface is orderly and orderly, and every texture has the nature of nature. The rich texture presentation and color seem to be a grand decorating banquet. The rich texture effect of the layers is more satisfied with the needs of the perfect decoration.

With the support of exquisite ceramic technology and top ceramic equipment, marble tiles not only have the hard physical properties of the tiles, but also create the fine texture of the marble tile products. The fine texture of the marble tiles also gives more expressive force to the product itself.

Marble tile is one of many kinds of ceramic tiles, however, the ceramic tile flooring is the art of soil and fire. In the past, it is difficult to achieve the expectation in many kinds of ceramic tile products, but the marble tiles are exactly the appropriate parameters of the tiles, and it is the ultimate harmony. Marble tiles are the most exquisite symbol. Every marble tile product is so smooth, so gentle and pure, and it is also a kind of softness.

The decoration of marble floors is very strong, it can set up all kinds of home application space and scene perfectly. The effect of the shock is not only to the enjoyment of infinite vision, but also to a very good fusion of people and the environment. As far as ceramic tile design are concerned, marble tile is a kind of tile like natural stone. Fidelity is the first parameter to select marble tile. It emphasizes its fidelity, compares porcelain tiles with natural marble, and has a good similarity under the premise of removing impurities.

The pattern of the marble tiles design is its unique and indeterminate change. In order to avoid the hard sense of space, the stone grain on the tile should not repeat as far as possible, and a few cases of tile are laid on the ground to see whether the pattern is repeated, the lower the repetition, the better the decoration effect.

The imported inkjet printer is an important equipment for making marble tiles. High precision inkjet printing technology can perfectly restore the natural color of natural stone. It is true and solid: at least 360DPI precision spray printing is needed in the picture. It is clear whether the pattern is clear at the scene, and the mesh can not be seen from the naked eye at 10CM. The drawing line is of high quality.

The ceramica floor tiles with low water absorption is not easy to absorb dirt and better quality, good marble tiles should be very low water absorption, high vitrification and tile body, not easy to seep water: water absorption should be below 5/1000, can try to drop water on the back of ceramic tiles, water infiltration slow or non absorbent, the quality of ceramic tiles is better.

As a ceramic tile, all kinds of friction or impact can not be avoided in the daily use of the family. Hardness is also one of the most important elements of marble tiles. In order to avoid the tiles easily damaged, the durable marble tiles should have high hardness: the thematic moth hardness should be more than 6, and the hard iron with the blade and so on is in the outdoor ceramic tile table. Face scratching, without leaving scratch quality.
The mass density is closely related to the weight of marble tiles. In the case of equal size, the larger the weight of the ceramic tiles means the thicker the quality of the tiles, the more sufficient the materials, the higher the density.

BARANA tiles: Love, and love more

Edison said that genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.
Steve Jobs said that he could persist because he was sure that he loved his career.
Perhaps it should be said that all the persistence in the world is due to love. Some persistence is because you expect returns, and calculations will eventually get them. And some insistence is the thing you start from finding that direction. Only when people are very keen on their own love, can they pour all their passions and enduring enthusiasm. The former insists that you may become a successful person in other people’s eyes. The persistence of the latter will make you feel alive. And most of the time, this kind of persistence that pays no attention to rewards will often bring you fame and wealth. BARANA tiles, because they love their careers and love their happy home life, insist on creating quality products and love them more because they love them.

Because of love, so in the process of perfection.
The BARANA tile, founded in 2004, is a dark horse in the ceramic industry.
BARANA ceramic tile has strong strength, has 4 production bases, more than 20 advanced production lines, the annual output of ceramic tiles can reach 90 million square meters. While ensuring the quantity of ceramic production, BARANA tiles pay more attention to the quality of ceramic production. Therefore, BARANA tiles are not reluctant to pay heavy money to buy the world advanced level of Italy inkjet machine and other machinery equipment and the whole production line, to ensure the quality of each tile.

Because of love, so the quality of excellence.
BARANA tiles attach great importance to R & D innovation, and employ professional scientific researchers to establish a deep qualified product R & D team, and develop their own advanced technology and product innovation.
BARANA ceramic tile is also committed to building a business platform that is in line with the market, product structure, complete specifications, and manufacturers to win, to produce marble tiles, rustic tiles, full body glazed tiles, and polished tiles. The company has always adhered to the brand concept “from the artistic charm of nature”, adhere to the “customer first, quality first, continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence” management policy, focus on the perfect wood style ceramic floors tiles design, the pursuit of customer satisfaction as the highest purpose, with advanced technology and advanced technology dedicated to the customers meticulously play. Create excellent quality and constantly surpass the brand vision of “global wood and leader brand”.

Because of love, so the design in the heart.
In order to absorb the excellent ceramic production technology and product design concept of foreign countries, the BARANA tile ceramic floor R & D team is often conducted in European countries for the integration of the technology and technology with Europe.
Therefore, the product of BARANA tile ceramic perfectly interprets the global fashion trend and artistic beauty, creates aesthetical, by him, and natural space art, while also with its distinctive “natural artistic charm” features, from a variety of ceramic products stand out from the popular consumer pursuit. BARANA tiles also won the top 10 ceramic brands in 2016.
Because of love, and more love. BARANA tiles will continue to create the greatest value for the franchisees and consumers with quality products and dedicated services, and create a happy home life.

BARANA tiles ceramica: what do you look like in your ideal home?
In your life, the longest space you have with you, except for the office, the rest should be “home”.
So, what do you look like in your ideal home?
Everyone should fantasize the outline of their ideal home layout.
Maybe you love winter, like hot coffee in front of the big window to see the first snow; maybe you like spring, like to watch the city rain and listen to the sound of spring on the big balcony.
If you use a word to describe a family, what will your answer be?
There are many definitions of a family. Different people have different understandings of their home.
No matter which answer, it must be a comfortable space.

BARANA full body marble tile flooring Turkey yellow, from Turkey’s rare and precious natural marble, it is the magic of nature, the tone and texture, and the natural harmony of luxury and elegance. The space of the full body marble tiles, The silt is not stained, but the elegance of the clean and not demon is not luxurious. It makes people seem to be in peace. and at this time, what you want to do is to release yourself.
Because you are comfortable, you can do yourself unscrupulously.
A comfortable home is the ultimate station for your soul. Let the heart be placed and let your exhausted you be full of strength and continue to set out.

From the violet Lily from Italy stone tile, the country of marble, the white bottom reveals the sense of jade. The purple mesh texture is full of noble and elegant sense of space.
Time elapses, the vicissitudes of the world, this from the BARANA tile full body marble tiles space still waiting for you, waiting for you,The white clouds are leisurely and the years are quiet.
Compared to the romance of the viola, the simplicity and refinement are more to your heart.

The Italy marble stone tile with the noble texture of natural rock, is uncommon, from the high stone Italy, the pure natural breath, the unique external display, the creation of quiet space, that is, the ear of no bamboo, nor the work of the letter.
Such elegant space makes your body and mind more peaceful.
If low-key and romantic can not satisfy your pursuit of luxury, the exquisite and nostalgia of Italy marble stone tile will bring you different feelings.

Italy cave stone, a noble texture with natural marble stone tile, was born uncommon. From the high stone Italy, it is pure natural breath, unique external display, create a quiet space, always give people exquisite, nostalgic impression.
This is the ideal home of BARANA ceramic tile full body marble tiles, in addition to this, adhering to the “originate from the natural art charm” brand concept of BARANA tiles and thousands of different styles of ceramic tiles, its space with unique design and excellent product quality is also popular with the majority of dealers and consumers.

Ceramic tiles output has maintained steady growth, China brands have many opportunities.

In the world tile industry, Italy and Spain are strong traditional ceramic tiles. They lead the world trend with superb technology and leading design. The tile ceramic industry in China and India and other Asian countries has developed rapidly in recent years, and have become the world’s main tile production base. Among them, China’s ceramic tile production and sales far greater than other Asian countries, the world’s largest tile ceramic floor production and the main export of ceramic tile flooring. By the end of 2016, the production of Asian tiles accounted for 71.47% of the world’s total production, and the share of the proportion was further improved, mainly due to the increase in stone ceramic tile production in China, India, Vietnam and Iran. The total amount of ceramic tile consumption in Asia accounts for 69.98% of the world’s total.

In recent years, China’s ceramica floor tiles output has maintained steady growth. According to the statistics of “production and marketing demand and market prospect analysis report of China ceramic tile industry” issued by the forward looking Industry Research Institute, China’s ceramic brick production increased from 8 billion 700 million square meters to 10 billion 180 million square meters from 2011 to 2015.

China has a comparative advantage in raw material resources and labor force. In recent years, China’s ceramic industry has developed rapidly and its output has been increasing, which has become a large producer of ceramic tiles in the world. By the end of 2014, China’s ceramic tile production accounted for 48.35% of the total production of the world.

In 2015, China’s ceramic tile output showed negative growth for the first time. According to investigation and calculation, the effective utilization rate of actual production capacity of the national floor ceramic production line in 2015 is less than 80%. The contradiction between supply and demand imbalances intensifies the market competition, the production and marketing rate has also continued to decline, and many enterprises have taken the means of reducing the price in order to keep the market share. In 2016, China’s ceramic market improved, the production and marketing rate exceeded the 2013 level, reached 82.51%, the production of ceramic tiles also completed a small increase of 1.81%, to 11 billion 76 million square meters.

Home decoration tile are mainly used in the living room, kitchen and bathroom walls and other spaces, with strong decoration, and therefore have conspicuous consumption attributes. In addition to its functions, consumers focus on external factors such as brand, appearance and taste. Compared with the mass ceramic tile, the high-end tile not only wins with the quality, but also wins with the design sense, the artistic sense and the expressive force reflected in the home decorate design and the public place decorate application, making the whole decoration effect more grade. The barriers to middle and high-end market come first from the brand accumulation and product level.

The replacement of the product structure caused by the changing trend of tiles consumption will not only accelerate the expansion of the mid and high-end market capacity, but also accelerate the formation of the industry leader. These new consumption trends have greatly enhanced the competitive barriers of manufacturers in product development, terminal image, user services and supply chain capabilities. The disadvantages of low end brands in pursuit of cost lead and single product line will not meet the demand of diversified consumers. Market share will be transferred to the first line of product innovation. At the same time, the long-term advantages of these first line brands in product quality and sales channels will accelerate the market share promotion.

The scale of China’s ceramic tile industry is about 500 billion, but the pattern is scattered. As of October 2015, the number of building ceramics enterprises in China above the scale of 20 million yuan and above is 1455, the average revenue of the enterprise in 2014 is 307 million yuan, and the occupation rate of the industry is only about 1%. But different from the bathroom sanitary ware, the high-end and scale brands in the domestic ceramic tile market are almost domestic brands, including Barana, Dongpeng tiles, Monalisa, Nobel and so on, making the real estate agents select the domestic brand in large-scale procurement.

BARANA lappato big size marble tiles series

The gentle morning sun is the best gift for nature. BARANA lappato big size marble tiles series adopts the innovative multi-jet intelligent soft-drag technology and industry-leading particle carving technology. Under the dynamic balance soft-polishing process, it realizes the flat soft light to three-dimensional light span across large slab tiles. The surface feels softer and gives a more comfortable look.

With the accelerating pace of international standards, the international style of fashion and atmosphere is undoubtedly more in line with the needs of the consumer groups at home and abroad. In response to this market demand, BARANA marble ceramic tiles product research and development team has been intensively researching and developing larger specifications and more style lappato big size ceramic marble series. These products are based on the natural muscle mold technology, so that the appearance of texture closer to the texture of natural marble, so that the texture and feel of marble tiles is better than natural marble stone.

The powerful grand panel combined with a whole piece of white snowflakes successfully deduced a white charm for space and brought a strong perspective to the space, creating a change in the overall style, freeing space, and making the vision simple. Spiritual return to the true.

Fashion life, freedom and leisurely combined into one, brings a stylish atmosphere to home life, gives a relaxed and comfortable feeling of comfort, when looking critically into the living space, the curves of the emphasis on clear space and art show The extraordinary appearance of space atmosphere. With its big size magnificent marble floor tiles, the texture is clear and smooth, the color is bright and smooth, the paving effect is very visual, the detail is subtle, and it shows the avant-garde lifestyle and extraordinary taste.

The delicate texture of the big size marble tile is simple but without change. It brings a fresh visual impact between the squares. The elegant and refined color makes the space exudes a distinctive sense of disappointment and adds a noble atmosphere to the calm space. The natural noble color, delicate and realistic texture, the soft surface shines with the most primitive luster of nature, and the organic combination of natural elements and modern home concept makes this product deeper and quieter and more elegant.

Big size Lappato slab marble series restores the original life delicately, elegant, pleasing to the eye, crystal clear and bright like jade, rustic, simple and elegant. Natural realism enriches the elegant and stylish atmosphere of the years, and the grand and cosmopolitan international style gives you an extraordinary quality of life.

BARANA tiled time rustic tiles create an elaborate home for you

Lu Xun said that if you do not live by selling your text, you don’t need to “trick” it. In the evening, we were in a hurry. We looked at the flow of people and built countless “detailed” delusions. We long for life to be slower, slower, and meticulously intensive and clear.

In Asia, the first healing art documentary “The Great Shokunin” was directed at the craftsmanship of 20 ingenious craftsmen in Asia, truly recording and displaying the process of making unknown craftsmanship and exquisite artifacts. The form of the show exquisite 20 artifacts and local culture. The lens faithfully reproduces the local cultural landscape and customs of the craftsmen. They (her) are a light in the time; they are the inheritors of life and meticulously carve the beauty of life.

It took three years for Suzhou Jing, a fan artisan who was obsessed with ancient culture, to visit only the remaining traditional craftsmen in Suzhou. With these old craftsmen, he not only restored the work of the old ancestors, but also inherited the art of the old literati. The silk fan of silence for a thousand years has passed from the past to modern society. The group fan represents a kind of attitude towards life, living in a dark, peaceful and elegant world. Although it is mellow and reserved, it is generous and natural. This move by Li Jing has made the ancient fanatic radiance of the new era.
Li Jing said that there is no worthless art, only repressed efforts. Respond to secular prejudices with your own opinions. Not for their own name, only to pass on the name. In the end, I let my true love things be treated by any era. As history rolls forward, wood type printing has been abandoned in the old paper pile?

The 14th generation of Wang Chaohui, the 14th generation descendant of the wood type printing technique in Jiangnan Dongyuan Village, was more than Lianjia. He still insisted on printing the genealogy in wood type. In the era of electronic typography and type printing, he personally left ink in the book pages. A kind of ancient art that was supported by the ritual sense, still persists in its own attitude in the torrent of the times. Maybe this is a faint sound, but it cannot disappear.
Wang Chaohui said that there is no shortcut on the road to become a master. The most clumsy efforts can also be harvested slowly. Although Yugong is foolish, he also sees his craftsmanship.

Some people say that the passage of time recalls that time; some people say that whether the fast-paced life can be a short pause; some people say that life lacks a kind of ingenuity and serious beauty. In fact, I want to say that this beauty is in your home. Home is a sheltered bay; home is a small street light; home is a warm hotel and an eternal destination. For each of us, the family is very important. With the indifference of the people, we hope that the family can warm our hearts; in a cruel society, we hope that our family will bring us good things; a huge pressure of life, we hope to return home and enjoy quietly.

Tiles, as an important part of home decoration, always resonate with our hearts. When we suffer from the coldness of the outside world, we walk into a space that is carefully designed with ceramic tiles. It is simple and stylish, as beautiful as a painting. Some soft outfits add a little bit of fortune, touch the hand and feel the moment when the last drop of water in the desert evaporates.

Carving time rustic tile new products series, through inkjet technology and glaze processing technology, showing athens rustic wood tile series of antique charm, open the athens culture of fashion aesthetics, recalling the beauty of time. The heavy texture, well-embossed line patterns, such as the rugged mountains of the mountains, are also the marks after years of polishing, depicting the texture of modern fashion.

The deep gray tone and fine lines give the product itself more vividness, such as the melody of the beat, the minimalist design, the sense of fashion, and a sense of space. Sensual brown, light and bright lines, like the shallow texture of the flow of river, combined with movement. The simple bookcases allow the elegant space to be full of fashion and personality.

What is the marble tile of the full body?

The full body marble tile is the upgrading product of marble tiles with large tile body and surface texture and color. On the full body marble tile, the color, texture and function of the full body tiles are infinitely close to the qualitative effect of the natural stone layer, and the texture is penetrating and stronger. The entire tile’s body can achieve perfect texture from any angle and any cutting method. It can achieve real texture and high-end atmosphere.

First. What is the faux marble tile of the body?
The full body marble tile is the upgrading product of natural marble with large ceramic tile body and surface texture and color. The appearance of natural stone is consistent with the inner billet, but the effect of traditional marble tile is very difficult to achieve this. Thus, in the process of deep processing, the internal different colors of the body can be clearly seen in the process of processing, such as slots, chamfering, arc and so on. It looks very incongruous with the effect of the glaze surface of the tiles. It’s a pity. And the process and system of making marble tiles is to improve this problem. It is necessary to make the color and texture of the body close to the surface effect, even in the same way.

Second. The advantage of full body marble ceramic tiles
1.Full body marble tile on the tile body, the color, texture, function infinitely approach the qualitative effect of the natural stone rock formation, the texture is more transparent.
2.The combination of the full body three-dimensional fabric and the color-mixing and coloring process enables the entire body-to-surface glaze layer of the ceramic marble body to be exactly the same. The entire brick body can achieve the perfect texture rendering effect from any angle and any cutting method, so that the true texture body can be achieved.
3.Full body marble floor tile products are pressed and formed at a high tonnage press and fired at high temperature. The finished tiles are more delicate in color and have higher performance and quality.
4.The appearance of the natural stone is consistent with that of the inner slab. The full body marble tiles restore the natural precious stones and bring the distance between the marble tile and the natural marble products closer.
5.Tile blanks are full of changing textures, and products and spaces are full of soul. Not only do designers like it, but the effect is natural, elegant, and more satisfying to consumers’ needs.

Third, the full body marble tiles decorative effect
Full body marble tiles have the same characteristics as the surface, so it is suitable for all kinds of wall surfaces such as wall surfaces, curtain walls, etc.
Full body marble tiles are multi-faceted with heavy texture, especially suitable for larger residential or high-end commercial spaces. Full body marble tiles have been applied in villas, high-end hotels, restaurants, clubs and other high-end places.

BARANA interior wall tiles, build your exquisite life

There is a kind of life that is low-key, comfortable but harmless and noble and elegant. Refined, low-key and concise, the pursuit of quality. No show off, no pride, Just enjoy the beauty of life. BARANA interior wall tiles, with mysterious and elegant gray as the main beating, no publicity, no high key, with inherent elegance, create your exquisite life.

Insisting on refinement is responsible for the state of personal life, insisting on quality and demanding for details. A bit less haste, more sincere. BARANA interior wall tiles, select top raw materials, use modern high-tech technology to build, carefully carved every detail, persistent in the pursuit of quality, not live up to every inch of time.

The quiet bathroom space is transparent, and light colored flowers bloom quietly on the wall, rendering a room of graceful feelings. Without contrast, the natural lighting is more natural and transparent, creating a cool, harmonious natural atmosphere. Exquisite life, know how to embrace life, know how to face reality, do not complain of no fetters, and enjoy the time. It is the pursuit of the beauty of life, and also the highlight of life. BARANA ceramic wall tiles, using advanced dot matrix printing technology and exquisite plastic printing technology, give the product a very vivid and vivid texture and color effect to satisfy your wonderful pursuit of the wonderful life.

The simple home design meets the quiet mountain rock ash, and the texture of the vicissitudes adds an unpredictable historical sense to the concise space, and the texture is close to the fashion. Fine life, know how to stick to oneself, persist in rational thinking, do not drift with the tide. Think deeply about yourself, meditate on yourself, precipitate yourself, and touch your innermost feelings. Have a clearer goal and a more responsible attitude towards life and future. BARANA marble wall tiles, in order to make your exquisite life as the mission, with the help of new nano cutting equipment and digital precision cutting technology, make the product cut flat straight, easy to apply the application, decorative effect is more beautiful.

Shallow gray with deep blue, easy to create a kind of elegant and elegant breath. Born with dignity and warmth, soft and luxurious breath comes to us. Fine life is a kind of love for life, a kind of persistence for quality, with such love and persistence, to protect the most loved ones. Whether it is the elderly or the young people who are burdened with heavy burden or the children who worry about growing up. BARANA wall tile patterns, with the unremitting insistence on the quality of the product, with a comfortable and elegant temperament, love your love, adhere to your persistence, guard your guardian.

Tile and art are inseparable, a piece of magic collage, as if slowly staged a classic legend, through a deep light and light change, even can feel the brilliant designer in the use of the mind.