The choice of building materials is the key to the house decoration

Home decoration is a very costly event. No one really can guarantee that you will not buy the wrong thing in the decoration. It is as large as furniture, household appliances, all kinds of materials, and the hardware accessories of the path. My friend has such a painful energy, when decorating the bathroom, I bought the wrong floor tiles, and I found the toilet is slow to live in a few months, and it is also very serious and bitter.

Tiles design are an indispensable part of home decoration. There are various kinds and different spaces to choose different kinds. In modern society, the demand for marble tiles decoration are higher and higher, which makes manufacturers accelerate the pace of updating marble floor tiles. There are more styles of tiles on the market, and consumers are beginning to get confused. This Let us don’t know how to choose tiles.

The functional area of the family is generally divided into anhydrous and damp areas, so the demand for ceramic floor tiles is also different. Most families choose to use all glazed tiles to lay the living room and bedroom, and use rustic tiles to spread kitchen and bathroom. This is because the full body glazed tiles can remain bright for a long time, and is hard, wearable and beautiful enough for the living room bedroom. The cement tiles are more slippery and suitable for water in bathroom and kitchen.

The living room can be described as the highlight of decorating, and we need to consider carefully from quality to style. Sofa is the soul of the living room, the wrong choose on it will make the living room lose the soul. First of all, we should pay attention to the size and color of the sofa and the environmental problems. The size of the sofa should be determined according to the space size of the living room. The choice of furniture should be in accordance with the proportion of space. The total number of all furniture should not exceed 1/3 of the total living room space. Too much furniture will not only affect the appearance, but also make the whole space seem cramped. The sofa of small space should choose well, the length and height should be controlled well.

The color of the sofa should match the tone of the living room and other furniture. Light coloured lines do not match the unexpected dark colors. The quality of the sofa also should be paid attention to, the choice of too cheap sofa will not only allow the living room of the moment to reduce the style, but also poor quality material is not environmentally friendly, will harm the health of the family. Refrigerators should choose the right refrigerators or they will have more trouble later. If no one in the home is free to defrost the refrigerator often, or when you put the floor on the floor of the refrigerator, I suggest that you choose a cold refrigerator, even if it’s not easy to freeze, and don’t need to worry too much.

Small space house kitchen itself has little storage space, equipped with tableware, kitchenware, oil and salt, but also to install small kitchen treasure, and then a water purifier, it is too much of the place. If there is water demand, you can choose the desktop water purifier and put it in the living room and dining room. Cheap air purifier is better than no buy, psychological comfort is not necessary. Too cheap purifier for air purification can not play a role, can only satisfy your psychological comfort.

It’s best to choose a lower basin. There are three kinds of washbasins: wall-hung basin, pedestal basin and table basin. The tabletop basin is generally applicable to us. The table style is divided into two kinds: the platform basin and the lower basin. There are many styles and beautiful appearance on the stage, and they are also very fashionable. But the biggest drawback is that it’s not practical. Platform basin: with the strong table material (such as granite, artificial marble, etc.), the basin body is installed below the table, the naked eye from the table can not see the edge of the basin is called the lower basin. It is not recommended that you choose the pots on the stage, and the pots on the stage will take up more space. Moreover, the height of the basin is not convenient for us to wash our hair and wash our hair.

Skirting tiles: the amazing point of the decoration

The skirting tiles, as the contour line of the ground, will easily attract the attention of the line of sight. When decorating, choosing the skirting tile, there are many things to consider. The skirting tiles are also an essential part of a family outfit. This is also mainly due to the role of skirting tiles which is quite a lot. But if you want to play the right role on skirting tiles price, you have to choose the right skirting floor tiles.

In the decoration, the small skirting tiles have many functions. The role of visual balance: using skirting tiles design linear feeling and material, color to echo each other indoors, can play a better beautification and decoration effect. Protection function: the skirting tiles are the area of the wall of kick area, so it is more susceptible to impact. Making the skirting  tiles can make the wall and the ground firmly integrate, reduce the deformation of the wall and avoid damage caused by external force collision. The skirting tiles for sale  scrubbing is easier.

The color of the wall is close to the ground. When the color is mixed, it is separated by the skirting tiles and the high color of the skirting tiles. The transition and connection of the upper and lower spaces are more perfect, and the whole decoration is harmonious and natural and integrated. Skirting tiles prevent floor degeneration: This is the most important function of skirting tiles, and there is no skirting tiles, and the floor can not be laid. The wood floor tiles is hot and flexible, if the floor is laid tightly when the floor is laid, when the temperature changes or the natural factors affect it, the wood floor can not expand, and the floor is extruded, and it will be warped, deformed and even damaged. Therefore, the biggest role of skirting tiles are this, leaving room for expansion, so that the wooden floor will not be extruded deformation.

Occlusion line, beautiful visual perception: because of decoration, some of the lines can be hidden in the polished floor tiles, playing a very good role in modification. This kind of choice can be used for grooving on the wall to set up the line and modify the skirting tiles, or the skirting tiles with line holes can be directly placed. The use of skirting tiles can protect the wall. After having a skirting tiles, even if the house is a white wall, we don’t have to worry about cleaning the walls. It can effectively protect the wall from being dirty and make scrubbing very convenient. Especially when the wallpaper is attached, the skirting tiles are more useful.

We should pay attention to the selection of the skirting tiles, the color and the material, and the different choices will have different effects: White wall is basically a kind of wild color in home decoration, and it also applies to the selection of skirting tiles. If you use a white skirting tiles, the style you basically match will not be very wrong choose. The deeper color skirting tileswill have the effect of pulling down the lower layer. When choosing the deep color skirting tiles, we can choose the same color as the door frame, the ground or the wall. Weaken the existence of skirting tiles and expand the space of the ground.

The wooden skirting tiles is made of solid wood and composite wood. It looks like a wooden appearance. Solid wood skirting tiles are natural, high price, easy to damp; compound wood is cheap, visual sense is softer, texture is poor. The use of wood skirting tiles are also very good. When using wooden floor, sealant can be filled at the tiles seam. Use glass glue to block part of the gap, because glass glue is elastic, and only covers the surface of the gap, so it does not affect the floor expansion. It is beautiful and can be used for a long time.

Which is the good choose of small space living room between polished tiles and polished glazed tile?

Tiles are a very important part of the house building materials, after all, the style of the tiles will make different choices according to the different scenes. The tiles on the market are also different. Today we will show you about the polished tiles. Wood floor tiles become the heart of the public love, it seems that tile have been gradually eliminated, but in the country, there are many owners to choose tiles, after all, tiles floor to be cheaper than wood flooring tiles, better to take care.

The polished tiles are mainly used for wall and ground in interior decoration. The surface of the stone polishing are smooth and bright, and the texture is thin and light, but the hardness is enough. It is often compared with the glazed tiles, the glazed floor tiles are more resistance to dirty, corrosion resistant but strong water absorption, and high price. polished porcelain tiles are used to polish the surface of the full body and make the effect of imitation stone and imitation wood by modern technology. However, the concave and convex holes left during polishing will prevent the tile polish from becoming dirty. Good polished tiles will have a layer of anti fouling layer.

The common polished tiles include soluble salt, micro powder tiles, polished porcelain floor tiles and microcrystalline stone tiles. The market share of soluble salt tiles is more than 90% in porcelain polish. It belongs to the basic polished tiles. For this kind of tiles, we must pay attention to anti pollution treatment. The micro powder tiles are pressed for two times. It is easy to crack, but it has low water absorption and good impervious ability. The multi-tube polishing tiles have a lot of material tube in the blanking, and it is made by one time, so the color and pattern are very natural, but it is not exactly the same, it can be used instead of marble tiles. The thickness of the microcrystalline stone tiles are about 3 times that of the ordinary ceramic polish, the surface is similar to the glass, it is basically not seeping, the water absorption is nearly zero, but it is not wear-resistant, and the surface is easily scraped.

In order to choose and purchase must be noted that there must be no scratch and no obvious color difference and visible defects of the naked eye, the color should be uniform and clear, and as far as possible to select the mirror effect is good, the more bright the better the better, the higher the degree of vitrification. You can tap the marble porcelain tiles, the sound is crisp, it is more wearable, not easy to be polluted. In addition, when purchasing, you can also test the ink to see if it will leave traces and marks on flooring tiles. The lighter the traces, the better the quality.

Small space room will always be less room and small space, usually thinking of using walls to separate, the result is more separated, and more narrow. It is not as small as each room, the proper integration of space, the kitchen, the hall, living and even the study together into one, become a relatively large core space. This way of combining all spaces into one is very common in Japanese small family housing, called LDK space. Restaurant and kitchen as a whole, a table, you can solve the daily needs of small household. It is suggested to choose some curtains, glass, short cabinet, and so on. It is not only to distinguish space but also to connect the line of sight, so as to ensure the permeability of the space.

Most of the small family height is not high, so try to avoid the overall ceiling or can choose not to do the ceiling, in the vision to avoid all the possible crowding, it looks more bright and open, will not be depressed because of the high and low level. Now the most popular is the entire living room walls and ceilings are left blank, when the walls are built, the walls and beams are leveled, so that the overall sense is very strong. In terms of storage, the upper wall of the wall can be hung, suspended and merged. Follow the basic principles of fixing furniture along the wall, leaving room in the middle and leaving the floor empty. The purpose of the upper wall and suspension is to maximize the floor area, combine the lamp belt at the bottom of the cabinet, float away from the ground, extend the floor, visually have a sense of unlimited expansion, and avoid the dead angle of health.

An article shows you the tiles culture all over the world

Italy, as a universally recognized art country, is full of artistic sentiment in many aspects of Italy, the same as tile flooring. If we choose one form to match, we can use painting to imitate Italy’s tiles art. Italy tiles color soft, often with low-key color: such as beige, coffee, light red, walnut color, and so on. Let your feeling warm comfortable of life. Italian handmade tiles have natural color difference in color. The floor tiles thickness difference, manual glaze difference and kiln temperature difference kiln effect, tile designs after kiln firing each tile has inevitable chromatic aberration difference, thus forming.

It is difficult to convey the artistic flavor of the industrial mass production. The manual ceramic tiles emphasizes the thought of creation, the culture and history of the material and the personality of the molding, which can reflect the value of the art more. The handmade tiles price have the beauty of manual defects, which is formed by rough edges, natural kiln discoloration and irregular style. There are more than 700 years of Italy with the history of handmade buy tiles. Many traditional crafts have been spread to the present, even in the texture and pattern processing of the tile still remain hand-painted tradition.

Although the cheap tiles does not originate from Portugal, it has developed to the highest level of art in the region, and it has been restored to fruition. Lisbon, capital city, is a city depicted by glazed ceramic tile painting. The Portuguese cheap ceramic floor tile are deeply branded with European culture and influenced by the blue and white porcelain of the Ming Dynasty from China. They integration of the West and the west is full of dramatic tension. The Portuguese add narrative skills to flooring tiles, just like the curtain of the drama, and all kinds of wonderful pictures are displayed on the rigid tiles. A wide range of subjects include the record of historical events, religious themes, the daily life of the aristocracy and the landscape of Lisbon, and the appearance of a Portuguese style blue and white porcelain art.

When the art of ceramic painting entered Portugal in sixteenth Century, it was decorated only in buildings in churches, monasteries, royal houses and aristocratic mansions. Later, the art of decoration became more and more popular, they began to appear in all kinds of buildings. The Portuguese ceramic tile flooring art you must not be missed, including: Almost all of Rees’s local iron station works of all kinds of art wall tiles. Splendid Lisbon national tiles art museum. In ancient Greece, marble mosaic was widely used, people often using black and white stone marble mosaic. Then experience the development and evolution, color gradually colourful. Mosaic art is like the magnificent music written through black and white keys, which is spread from the Mediterranean coast. Mosaic collage mainly use small stones, ceramic tile shower, shellfish, glass, glass beads and other materials. After cutting, make creative combinations.

“Blue romantic feelings, sea sky color, bright sun shining pure beauty natural” blue and white of glass mosaic and rustic floor tiles, become one of the representatives of the Greek and Mediterranean style, the artistic style and atmosphere are revealed. Mosaic is actually a small piece of tiles that splits various decorative patterns. Therefore, the color and collage of small tiles decide the final effect of decoration. Staggered paving, gradient paving, and size drop paving. such as the rhythm of music changes, it is light and heavy, often slow and urgent.

The ceramic floor applied to the art of building and interior decoration, reached the peak of its style in the central city Persian region of Islam. In most of the Islamic buildings, we can clearly see the beautiful and decorative elements of the wall tiles, the art of tiles more presented on the building, radiant brilliance. The most prominent feature of the Imam mosque in Iran is the beautifully decorated ceramic tiles price inlaid outside the outer wall, which can be seen in the door, the dome, the interior wall, the dome and so on, and the exquisite and complex tiles can be seen. In the architectural art of Islam, the architectural style or space characteristics can be seen clearly by matching the buildings of Bai Lou, dome and bright tiles.

The Ahmad mosque in Sultan, Turkey, used a large number of white glazed glaze to be decorated with porcelain. The outer wall of the large area of the temple is almost full of exquisite and gorgeous ceramic tile design. Many modern tile mosaic space performance, all love spell geometric elements posted to patterns, or pattern collocation elements as features of style. In addition, many tiles with obvious Persian style decoration are often used in modern indoor bathroom and kitchen walls.

Some knowledge of selection tiles

Look at the appearance: the glazed tiles with good quality should be smooth and delicate, the glaze glazed and bright, and the matte glaze is soft and comfortable. Under the irradiation of sufficient natural light or fluorescent lamp, the tiles should be observed vertically at one meter away, and no obvious glaze defects should be observed. The flower pattern floor tiles with decorative patterns should be delicate and lifelike, without obvious defects such as lack of color, disconnection and dislocation. The quality of tiles on the back shading, trademarks and so on are clear and complete, and there are few glaze marks or defects.

Stitching effect: good tiles size deviation is small, put a batch of products vertically on a plane to see if there is any uneven phenomenon. Look at the flatness, and you can close the edges of the two tile together to see if there are any gaps. Good tiles deformation is small, paved after the btiles surface is smooth and beautiful. Look at the color difference of the tiles, take several tiles blocks together, check carefully under sufficient light, the tiles with different tones, the overall effect after the paving is not good.

Percussion: gently tap the ceramic tiles price, listen to their voices carefully, and the ceramic tiles with better quality are clear and sweet. Poor quality tiles due to improper formulation of raw materials, firing cycle is short, firing temperature is low, knocking will be issued “empty” sound. The weight of tiles price is generally weighed. Generally, the same size tiles has a high water absorption and a good internal quality.

Contrast varieties: flooring tiles are glazed tiles and unglazed tiles according to glaze condition. Glazed floor tiles are mainly used for floor decoration in bathroom and kitchen, and are used in conjunction with interior tiles. Most of the stone floor polish are polished by surface and become polished tiles. Most of the polished tile have less than 0.1% water absorption, also known as vitrified tiles. Polished floor tiles are smooth and mirror like, which are high-grade tile designs.

Tiles edge angle: in paving rustic tiles, many consumers and workers have encountered difficulties in the edge angle difficult to align, which indicates that the flatness of the porcelain tiles may not be too close. When selecting tiles, select a few randomly tiles, look along the border line and diagonal line of the marble tiles. If there is a “warp edge” phenomenon, it shows that the flatness of the tiles are not enough. If there is no, it shows that the flatness of the tiles are basically a pass, which is also a small trick to choose the tiles design.

When choosing the cement tiles, first of all, we should consider the overall style of the interior design, determine the basic color tone of the ceramic, and the feeling after the tiles are decorated so as to coordinate with the overall style of the living room. For example, modern simplicity style, modern simplicity style ceramic polish and vitrified tiles. Vitrified floor tiles and polishing tiles similar, but the production requirements are higher, the press is better, it can suppress the higher density, at the same time the burning temperature is higher, can achieve all porcelain.

Tiles characteristics: the size of the ceramic rustic tiles are uniform, which saves construction time and is neat and beautiful. The lower the water absorption rate, the better the degree of vitrification, the better the physical and chemical properties of the ceramic tile size, the less likely to be cracking or spalling due to the thermal expansion and cold shrinkage of the climate. The tiles with good evenness has no bending surface, no corners and easy construction. After construction, the floor tiles are flat. Strength: high flexural strength, good abrasion resistance, resistance to heavy pressure, easy wear and tear, and durable, suitable for use in public places. The wood tiles are placed on the floor and arranged in a square meter. They are separated from three meters to see whether the colors are different or unable to connect.

The full body tiles are a kind of wear-resistant tiles, although there are varieties, like full body soluble salt, but relatively, the full body tiles not good than glazed rustic tiles. As the interior design is more and more inclined to the color design, the color tiles are becoming more and more fashionable. The tiles are widely used in the floor of the hall, the aisle and the outdoor walkway. Generally, the colors tiles are seldom used on the wall, and most of the antiskid tiles belong to the tiles.

Is it worth the cost of the ceramic tile sealant?

The history of  ceramic tiles sealant evolution: when there was no such thing as “tiles sealant”, it was said to sew. White cement is the most commonly used to fill in. Using white cement as a sealant, it usually adds quartz sand to increase strength and whitening titanium dioxide. The price is low, the whiteness is very high, but later it tends to moldy and darkened. It looks particularly dirty, but it affects the appearance. No one has used it now. Unless your tile worker is in a special pit, you will fool him with white cement if you do not specify.

On the basis of white cement, adding other materials to improve it becomes a floor tiles sealant. The cement tiles sealant has improved waterproof and antifouling properties, and there are many colors to choose from. It is sure that the ceramic tile flooring sealant is not good, in fact, the filling agent is not so unbearable, the normal family use, the mildew proof waterproof effect is good. At present, most of the family sealants are filled with tiles sealant, and the price ratio is high. The United States sealant is a product which is upgraded on the basis of the tiles sealant. It has more color, better waterproof property, better decoration and practicability than the sealant. The traditional sealant is not used alone, but needs to be applied to the surface of the sealant to protect the sealant while beautifying the gap. The new type of sealant that is out now does not need a sealant as the foundation and can be used directly.

Will the tiles design seams become dirty? Yes, It will. There is no such thing as clean and new in the world, especially in damp environment. General sealant and seams are two or three years after the beginning of discoloration, if the use of dark color, it can not be seen basically, white color will be a little more obvious. Business publicity of what the tiles seams for 10 years will not turn black, it means that the material itself will not turn black, if used in wall tiles, flooring tiles in the gap, every day its surface will contact a large number of dirty things, the same dirty is impossible. However, from the terms of service life, the more expensive it is, the longer it can be carried out. So no matter what you choose to sew, it will be better to choose dark color.

When you use ceramic tile shower beauty seams, you will meet with half filled or filled options. Full fill, the gap is filled with the seams filled; Half filling is to use a stitching agent to fill part of the tiles as a base, and the rest of the surface is filled with sealant. The routine is to fill of the sealant. Because they are made of tiles beauty seams, the advantages are strong enough to maximize service life, though the price is relatively high. So if the gap is relatively small, fill it in directly. If you fill it in half, it will not be enough for the seams to solidify. Half fill because the seams below the seams with the top of the seams are not the same material, the service life will be shortened, but the benefits of half filling is to save money, after all, seams cost a lot more than sealant, the more seams, the more expensive. If the gap is large, we can try to fill it in half from the budget point of view.

At least 24 hours after the laying of the grey ceramic tile, and then wait until the base surface is dry. Any tiles can be made of seams. The so-called seamless tiles also need to be sewn up, otherwise it will be annoyed by drums and cracks. Generally, seamless tiles leave 1mm width crevice, and archaize tiles are ideal for 3-5mm width gap. Family decoration whole tiles are used by the sealant sewing agent is the practice of local tyrants, the general family does not need the whole house beautiful seam. The sealant can meet the normal needs, and the most expensive sealant is more waterproof and mildew resistant than the sealant, and more resistant to dirt. Therefore, it is not wrong to spend money in making tiles. Some areas in the home will do better.

What is the reason for the cracking of tiles?

The cracking of floor tiles is divided into the crack of glaze and the cracking of the embryo. Because of their geological problems will cause a certain degree of subsidence, resulting in wall deformation and cracking, but also caused cracks in ceramic floor tiles. The cracking situation is generally a coherent and regular crack. Pry the rustic tile and shovel the cement mortar to see if the wall is cracked or deformed. The walls that have just been reformed do not immediately paste the tiles.

Used the High standard cement. The tiles are usually made of ordinary 425 ordinary silicate cement, and the proportion of cement sand is 1:3. If the cement label is too high, when the cement mortar solidify, the cement will absorb the moisture in large quantities. When the moisture of the tile is absorbed too much, it will be easily cracked. Many flooring tiles cracked, and the direction of cracking texture was irregular.

The glazed ceramic tiles are covered with empty drum make the tiles are cracked. The expansion coefficient of cement mortar and tile design is different due to the hollowing and non hollowing parts, resulting in deformation and cracking of tiles. The cracked tiles are irregular in distribution, and the cracks are irregular. The cracks are linear and vary in length. Take a coin to knock the tiles surface, listen to the sound, see whether it is hollowing? The sound of the knocking is low and cloudy, that is, the empty drum.

The slots will also cause the tiles to crack. No cracks are laid on the tiles, the expansion of the ceramic tile cost and the foundation layer is not consistent, and the thermal expansion and cold contraction cause the marble flooring to crack. Tile edges and corners are split, the surface cracking texture is fine, and the texture is relatively short. It is suggested that the paving should be kept in the gap. The tiles are cracked due to insufficient water before wall tiles. When the water is not enough, when the cement mortar is solidified, the cement absorbs moisture and causes the marble tiles to crack. The cracked tiles are irregular in distribution, irregular in cracks, irregular in shape and different in length. Water is not enough to cause tiles cracking generally appear after tiles paving soon.

Smashing walls causes vibration of tiles price and cracks. If the next door neighbor is decorated behind, the wall will be vibrate and the stone wall tiles will be cracked. The cracked wall stone are concentrated on the wall that is close to the neighbours. The tile was cracked by the impact of the external force. For example, direct impact of heavy objects will also cause cracking of tiles. The number of cracked tiles is small, and the cracking texture is reticulate. From the surface, the surface of cracking is damaged.

The ceramic tiles that have been cut and processed are cracked. During the cutting process, a dark crack is formed. After a period of time, the tiles are cracked due to the influence of cement shrinkage and external force. It is easier to distinguish. If there are more marbling for cutting, BARANA recommends that they be processed to professional paving plants and then put to the shop. The tiles are so close to the fire stove that the color tiles are cracked. It is too close to some heat sources and is affected by supercooling and superheated temperature. The thermal expansion and cold contraction cause tiles cracking. This phenomenon usually occurs in the kitchen and boiler room.

The quality of the colors tile itself causes cracking. Tile quality problems generally have two points: first, some tiles water absorption rate is high, the degree of compression is not enough, resulting in tile cracking; Second, the tiles are not burned in the firing process, causing cracks in transportation, storage and use. The quality of tiles are generally characterized by mesh, such as the size of the fine hair, the relatively high proportion of cracking, and the possibility of cracking in a tile. This situation generally occurs in lower grade products.

Generally, when the tiles cracks occur, everyone will think that this is the quality problem of glazed rustic tiles. In fact, the production technology of polished tiles factory is relatively mature now, and the quality control is also very stable. Generally speaking, the quality of tiles basically goes through the border. From the various reasons mentioned above, we can see that there are many reasons for the cracking of the tiles, not only the problem of marble porcelain tiles quality. Most of the problems are due to external causes.

The tile’s placement technique and maintenance method

The tile adhesive: also called dry paste method, is a new type of pavement accessories. It changes the wet practice of mortar and cement. The ceramic tiles need not be pre soaked, and the base surface needs no wetting. As long as the basic conditions of the pavement are better, the operation condition can be greatly improved. Its adhesive effect also surpasses the traditional mortar cement, especially suitable for small and medium-sized works and family decoration with small work surface and unsatisfactory working environment.

Multicolor sealant: it is not ordinary coloured cement, it is usually used for ground or wall with slit paving. Its characteristics are strong fixation of color, resistance to pressure and wear, non-alkalinization, non shrinkage, non powdery, not only change the defects of ceramic floor tile slots and sticky defects, but also make the color of the gap and tiles match uniform and coordinated, and complement each other.

The application of these auxiliary materials has greatly improved the construction technology of the overcast angle and yang angle in the pavement. Don’t need for tiles 45 degree trimming, saving labor time and breakage. The cross positioning can improve the seam accuracy of the floor tiles and simplify the construction technology.

A variety of combinations: it is characterized by the choice of geometric size of different tiles, according to a certain combination of groups of pavement. Because the flooring tiles are combined by different sizes and combinations, the geometric lines of the ground change immediately, and changes and vividness are reflected in the order. The ceramic floor tile is made up of many colors. This is the latest trend of the Spanish tile. It is made by random combination of cement tiles with different glaze colors. Its visual effect is different and reverie. This is a challenge to our traditional aesthetic concept of “symmetry and unification”. It is suitable for large auditorium.

Crevice pavement: now the market is popular with rustic tiles, which mainly emphasizes the return of history. The surface of the glaze is uneven, and the straight edge is also corroded. The necessary crevice in the paving is filled with color cement, which makes the whole effect unify and emphasizes the sense of history. Wall pavement: the combination of 45 degrees slanting and vertical paving makes the wall rich and varied from the original monotonous geometric lines, enhancing the three-dimensional and active atmosphere of the space.

Many people see stains on tiles surfaces, they use strong acids to clean stains. As a result, the tile surface is eroded and tarnished. Sometimes stains are still inside the ceramic polish. Many people see stains on marble tiles surfaces, they use strong acids to clean stains. As a result, the tile surface is eroded and tarnished. Sometimes stains are still inside the tiles. Sometimes the stain is cleaned with acid, but it will soon be dirty and easier to seep. The use of acid to remove stains is a quick and effective method, but it is easy to use or not be used by professional people, especially in the polished tiles. Otherwise, it is easy to destroy the gloss of the tiles. If the tiles are dirty, first determine what stains. If the surface of cement or other stains can be removed with weak acid. If it is impermeable to the stains in the inner micropores of the tiles, professional cleaners can be selected. It is important that the gloss of the polished floor tiles can not be damaged, and the high quality antifouling treatment will be done immediately after the cleaning and cleaning, so as to prevent the surface of the tiles from being impermeable.

The tiles surface needs wax, as we all know, but not the all tiles need waxing. Many people think that wax can protect floor tiles better because they lack professional knowledge, but they do not know a mistake in marble floor tile maintenance. Especially for the stone floor polish, it is found that the surface of the tile polish has a stain on the surface of the polished tile, and then the wax is reproduced immediately, and the original wax is not removed, so that the ceramic polish will lose its gloss. When cleaning and protecting vitrified tiles, we must thoroughly clean all the stains on the floor tiles. If there is glue or sticky dirt, wipe with neutral detergent and scouring cloth. For porcelain polish to waxing again, it must be spilled on the surface with water free wax remover. After 10-15 minutes, water is used to wet the ground and remove old wax. After cleaning, follow the normal waxing steps to maintain.

We can see in many decoration experience, after the wall tiles decoration is finished, we need to open windows to speed up air drying. However, it ignores the fact that tiles should also be locked in moisture. When the stone tile is dried, it not only needs moisture, but also more importantly, it must lock the moisture and ensure that the moisture does not drain. After laying the tiles, sprinkle some water on the marble wall tiles that have been laid out everyday, but avoid splashing water. It is best to keep the ground moist, so that it can last for 4-6 days.

Decorate tiles to choose cheapest, the consequence is very serious!

Family decoration to buy tiles, need to consider the quality is the basic common sense. But many people in the process of purchasing floor tiles, covet cheap, unwilling to buy quality and reasonable quality ceramic tiles. Many buyer often buy a lot of unqualified tiles because of the cheap, seriously affecting the later decoration. Why is the good floor tile more expensive?

Tiles need dozens of natural raw materials, through dozens of equipment, through dozens of harsh craft manufacturing. The production process of good floor tiles is strict and the cost is high. Tiles need to be inspected to remove glazed tiles, problems such as glaze problems, tiles deformation and defective absorption rate. Good selection criteria for tile are stricter than national standards and need to eliminate unqualified products.

A good tile is not only about product, but also with good service. To choose tiles, we need to consider the decoration style, color matching, hard fitting and soft matching, and paving scheme. In order to satisfy your daily home life, you may also need to paint tile maps and renderings of tiles design, all of which require services. The premise of service is the profit, each company is to survive, the profit can be reduced properly but can not disappear, you take the guarantee of the survival of all the profits, the quality of the product, the after-sales service to whom to guarantee?

Most of the tiles are too cheap. This tiles also have quality problems. The glaze has bubbles and pinholes, It will affect the beauty of the whole home decoration. The polished tiles with too high water absorption have poor resistance to dirt and are easy to blacken over a long time. The glazed ceramic tiles with too light weight are easy to crush when they are thin, It’s easy to crush on the ground. The main types of cheapest tiles: There are various defects in the first grade and qualified tiles of the normal sales tiles. The inventory of tiles that have been eliminated, the tiles price themselves are not sold well, and the colors are obsolete. There is no guarantee for the quality of the debt tile and the punching tile. Failure tile (factory closures, inventory clearance), there is no after-sales guarantee.

The cheapest tiles do not have after-sale and quality assurance, do not provide door-to-door housing, after-sale quality assurance, will lead to several problems: You bought tiles to go back and found that there were many tiles. Sometimes you bought more tiles to go back and found that it can not be let it back to suppler. If the tile is bought less, it is found that there is no original tile. The marble tiles were broken and rotten, and the store did not charge you much money, not to mention you, not to mention compensation. Many times you sold cheap tiles and found that after waiting for a long time, the flooring tile was not delivered to the home, only to find that the money was paid, and the shop was gone.

Why do we need to leave gaps when paved tiles?

The tiles must be treated with gaps when they are laid. No matter tiles belong to the “seamless tiles” or “round tiles“, they need to leave a gap treatment when they are decorated. The cement mortar of ceramic tile and paste ceramic tile will have heat expansion and shrinkage problem. In the process of temperature or humidity change, the ceramic tile flooring and cement mortar will have some expansion. If there is no gap in the process of paving, it will lead to the drum or crack in the process of the later use.

Although the ceramic floor tiles are now mechanized production, but in the process of product production, there will be a certain size error (the error is too large for the quality of the product). If there is no gap, it is easy to appear the seam when tile paving is unevenness, and affect the beauty after the tile paving.

Tile placement is a very high proficiency in a construction project, the workers in the whole process of paving, it is impossible to complete the placement of each piece of brick when there is no error, the workers’ mood is not good, daytime and night, and other different cases of tiles, the effect will be different, If no gaps are left, it is also difficult to ensure the joints and straightness of ceramic floor, which will affect the aesthetics of tile placement. When the tiles are put into use, it is unavoidable to be replaced because of pipeline maintenance and other reasons. If the gap is laid, the replacement will be more convenient.

In the course of sales, why do many customers refuse to leave gaps, and prefer to leave no gaps? Customers are being erroneous propaganda by other shops or manufacturers. They feel that seamless tiles can leave no gaps and do not know the adverse consequences of seamless paving. “seamless tiles” is different from the “original tiles“, not the real seamless tile. Seamless tiles in the industry is really called “edge tiles.” The word “seamless tiles” is caused by the incorrect publicity of some manufacturers and businesses when the edge tiles come out.

Someone considered that it is more nice not to keep the gap paving. With a gap, it is easy to get dirty, yellowish and moldy in the seams. It is hard to see that it is easier to take care of hygiene by sewing smaller ones. In the process of use, the small tiles will still be stained with dirt, or can’t really feel like no gap, but after the gap, the overall effect is more hierarchical and more stereoscopic. After filling in the gap of different colors, the visual fatigue is better relieved. If the gap is not laid, the crevice is too small. If dirt is found, it will be more difficult to clean.

Others think that the color of the sealant is monotonous and the placement effect is not ideal. The previous sealant used are white cement and poor filler, now the filling material has been greatly improved, now there are sealant, sealant, sealant and other new products, no dirty, easy to yellow, easily mouldy and other problems. The color of the filling material is also rich. Basically it can be coloured with all kinds of floor tiles.

The size of the gap, BARANA suggested to leave 3-6mm, specific to the specifications, color, style and so on to determine the brick, sometimes the designer in order to achieve a special effect, the gap may be left to reach 10mm. Sealant and other cross stitching materials, as well as different specifications of the cross, is the best assistant to paved tiles.