How To Buy Tile With Value For Money?

First, look at the appearance. Tile color should be uniform, surface smoothness and smoothness is good, the surrounding rules, patterns intact, from a box of four or five pieces, to see whether there is color, deformation, lack of edges, less angle and other defects. In the distance of 1 meters, with the naked eye to observe the ceramic tile surface has no pinhole, if there is, indicating that the glaze is not completely fused, it is easy to accumulate dirt. All superior and qualified products require that at least 95% of the tiles in this distance “vertically observe the surface without defects.”. Observe warped (bending) curvature. To carefully observe the surface smooth degree, if Alice (bending). The situation is serious, it will affect the firm after the day.

Two. Listen to the sound. With a hard object tip, the sound is more crisp, the higher the degree of porcelain, the better the quality. Can the left thumb, forefinger and middle finger clip tile corner, easy to hang, with the lower right index finger and tap the tiles, such as voice clear and sweet for the top grade, such as sound dull and sluggish muddy beneath contempt.

Three, observe its hardness, ceramic tile with good hardness, toughness, not brittle rotten as the top grade. Scratch the edges and corners of the ceramic tiles to see if there are scratches. If there is, it means that the glaze is poor, the surface glaze is polished, once the brick surface is dirty, it will be difficult to clean.

Four. Drop test. Drop a few drops of tea juice or water on the back of the ceramic tile. After a few minutes, the quality of the water will be better if the water absorption is not diffused or the water absorption rate is low.