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How to Applying Grout to the Tiles?

Remove the spacers before you apply grout. While the thinset adhesive is still slightly wet, pull the spacers out from between the floor tiles. This should be about 1.5 hours after you applied the adhesive and added the spacers. Make sure you collect all of the spacers before you start the next phase of tiling. […]

What Should We Pay Attention to Tiling Tiles?

Add spacers in between each of the floor tiles to ensure even grout lines. As you’re hanging up the tiles, position plastic spacers in between them to make room for the grout later. The spacers fit between the marble tiles and stick into the adhesive. Some tiles have built-in spacers. Be sure to check yours before you […]

How to Hanging Tile for a Wall?

There is nothing as beautiful as a well-designed tile wall tiles. Tile walls are normally found in bathrooms or the splash guards of kitchen cabinets, but they can be used decoratively anywhere you want to tile a wall. Although the idea of installing a tile wall on your own may be daunting, you can break down […]

Deciding on a Pattern Before Tile a Wall

If you’re working on a very large wall, you may need to replace the water after a few passes of the sponge to ensure that the water is clean and the sponge is picking up the dust. Roll waterproofing sealer over the walls if you’re tiling in a bathroom. Pick out a few rolls of […]

What Should We Do Before Tile a Wall?

Measure the width and height of the wall to find out how many marble tiles you need. Use measuring tape to take precise measurements of the area of wall you’ll be tiling. To find the area of your wall, multiple the length times the width, and then divide this number by the area of 1 box […]

How to Make Ceramic Tiles?

Ceramic tile can be a beautiful addition to your home or garden. It begins with just a lump of clay, which is mixed with other ingredients to create a medium by which to form the tiles. Pigments and designs are added before glazing to add color and texture. If you love working with your hands, […]

What Should We Do Before Clear Porcelain Tiles?

Keep porcelain tiles spotless isn’t difficult, but it can get tricky when the tile is stained or hasn’t been protected or sealed property. Thankfully, there are several cleaning options at your disposal to clean the porcelain tiles. You may have polished or glazed porcelain tiles, unpolished or unglazed porcelain tiles, or textured marble porcelain tiles. You […]