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Ceramic Tile Selection Is Critical

How to choose polished tiles? Diagonal ratio dimension Two pieces of the same kind of brick face to face overlap, four corners aligned, rotating one of the four sides of the same size is always good. This method is especially suitable for glazed tile inspection. Check the flatness Two pieces of the same kind of […]

Introduction Decoration Choose Wood Floor Or Tile?

A few reasons why we love wood flooring Natural wood gives a natural sense of texture, comfort and beauty, and has the advantages of so-called “upper grade”. If the room with wooden floor, not only comfortable, but also can greatly reduce the impact of sound on the floor of the room warm and quiet. Wood […]

Introduction: Master Living Room Tiles Raiders Home Life More Enjoyable

Living room skirting board Simplicity and fluency are forever themes. The concept of metaphysics and parquet are outdated superfluous. The skirting line is to be done, because the general wall paint, and paint and ground connecting parts often with the living room furniture feet and foot contact, easy to get dirty and damaged, and the […]

The Choose And Buy Method Of Balcony Tiles

The balcony is the only extension of the house to the outdoor part, it is not only the best place for drying clothes, but also our busy life in a rare square of pure land. So how should we choose the balcony tiles? 1. Style selection Now residents housing area is bigger and bigger, small […]

How Does Ceramic Tile Spread Stick Relatively Firm?

How should ceramic tile put up? It might seem simple, but it’s not. Should pay attention to all sorts of the skill of tiling and the use of auxiliary material, ability lets ceramic tile affixed more firmly, the surface is more beautiful. Today come with ceramic mesh to study together, ceramic tile laid how to be […]

How To Pave Kitchen Tile?

First, choose suitable tiles The kitchen space is damp and easy accumulation of dust, oil, so in the choice of floor tiles, to choose the anti oil, good antiskid performance of the ceramic tile, kitchen space are generally not very large, so the tile specification is best not more than 300 X 300 mm, so […]

Kitchen And Toilet Ceramic Tile, How Should Choose Better?

  Ceramic tile of choose and buy not only depends on its beautiful appearance, if only judging from beautiful degree tend to ignore the immanent quality of ceramic tile, once the quality is unqualified, caused of repair, water in the future, it is regret that quality is the life of ceramic tile products.The quality of […]

How To Maintain Waterproof Floor Tile?

1, at home free time, most of the women will be cleaning, for the floor, we usually have to clean up, it is best to regularly clean, select the appropriate cleaning agent for removal. Acid and alkali properties of the cleaning agent can effectively remove ceramic tile surface stains, but because of the acid-base composition […]

Simple and Practical Marble Ceramic Tile To Buy Seven Standard

The similar appearance, the superior performance of ceramic tile, marble together makes this different quality marble tiles become popular with users of the popular building materials, but in the face of a variety of marble tile brands on the market, with only a bibulous rate, the basic testing factors such as stiffness is not enough […]