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How To Buy Tile With Value For Money?

First, look at the appearance. Tile color should be uniform, surface smoothness and smoothness is good, the surrounding rules, patterns intact, from a box of four or five pieces, to see whether there is color, deformation, lack of edges, less angle and other defects. In the distance of 1 meters, with the naked eye to […]

Kitchen Tiles Identification Skills

According to the special kitchen space, choose the right size of tile. In the choice of kitchen tiles, pay attention to the thickness of the porcelain surface, the thicker the better, the color difference is small, brick size to specifications, each brick must be flat, not warping. Finally, the most important step is to see […]

Several Tips For Tile Selection

The first is material selection, ceramic tile has a variety of materials, divided into glazed tile, brick, polished tile, glazed tile, mosaic of several categories. Mosaic, because of its small, colorful and easy to decorate in the bathroom small space to foil the atmosphere. Among them, the glass mosaic is the most eye-catching. In the […]

Introduce Some Common Knowledge Of Ceramic Tile Maintenance

Method one: use multifunctional decontamination cream The tile is often greasy, rust, soap scum etc. especially by ceramic tile juncture easier to shelter evil people and countenance evil practices. In order to adhere to the porcelain surface clean and do not damage the porcelain surface light, you can use multi-functional decontamination paste for cleaning. Cracks […]

Marble Tile Home Maintenance Cheats

1, scrub marble tiles, do not use steel wire ball and other hard objects, generally with a wet cloth can remove surface stains. 2, the bathroom marble tiles if rust, dirt, soap and smear greasy, can buy detergent paste clean detergent paste is not expensive. 3, ceramic tile crevice can use brush dipped in a […]

Purchase Antique Tiles Tips

In the modern Home Furnishing decoration has become the protagonist, and tile antique is a classical decoration of popular art design, personality plus antique and elegant technique for the whole space showing the noble and fashionable breath. First, from the style, antique tiles are generally seven romantic Europe, Africa, Egypt, the original mysterious ancient India […]

Ceramic Tile And Decoration Style Must Match With Ceramic Tile Coup

Decoration style and ceramic tile Collocation: 1, fashion simple style Fashion minimalist style is now the most common style of home decoration, its characteristics are simple and lively, practical and generous, in the design layout is based on simplicity. This style collocation tile should be as far as possible to choose the color elegant simple […]

3 Key Points To Test The Quality Of Ceramic Tile Paving

1, to see the use and treatment of decorative materials Tile varieties, specifications, grade, size, shape, smoothness, color and pattern should meet the design requirements for solid, uniform color stone, no crack, no pollution or deterioration of color, line, surface without warping, no blisters. The tile has no defects, sand drop, hole, drop angle, crack […]

A Small Coup In Selecting High Quality Tiles

View color: in the light good environment, observe the brick surface whether there are color difference, leakage, sliding marks, cracks, cracks, porcelain missing, color dirty and other defects, whether the color is bright. There is no obvious defect on the surface of the high quality product, the color is bright and uniform, and the size […]

Tile Laying: Details Of The Gap Treatment Is The Key

1, the importance of ceramic tiles remain seam We must not literally understand, to carry out the so-called “seamless paving””. Because no matter what grade varieties between each piece of tile, are not exactly the same, its length, width, height, thickness error, seamless paving or seam properly, will make the tiles become crooked. The appropriate […]