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What kind of tiles is the good tiles?

Tiles design are the building material that every decorated family must use. However, tile is still a product of low attention. It is not easy to distinguish the good or bad decoration owners of tiles price. So, how to choose tiles? How can I buy a good ceramic tiles? This has become a headache for many […]

What is the soft light tiles?

Soft polished tiles are kind of tile between Polished and Matt. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standard and the higher demand for material life, many ceramic enterprises will continue to bring forth new products of building tiles. The concept of soft nano polished floor tiles design are also a product that has been […]

what is the middle tiles?

Medium plate, that is medium size. The inner wall tiles refers to a kind of tiles product suitable for laying on the wall. The inner wall tiles of the middle plate refer to the tile products of medium size specially applied to the walls. With the popularization of the large tiles in the whole tiles […]

It is best to look at these experiences before you paving tiles.

In China, wall tiles need to put into the water before they are paving. The floor tiles are placed in the water as paving required. The wall tiles with water soaking affect the two sale. Merchants can not exchange them, which will cause unnecessary waste. Suggestion: The tiles design should be used to combine with the […]

Often overlooked 12 small details in paving tiles.

The tiles paving is stuck is not s small things it looks very simple, there seems to be no big deal in an accident, but if often happens, it will always upset people. As the saying goes, details are very important. in fact, many problems occur because some details are not well done. the marble tiles paving […]

The best decoration on the wall is BARANA tiles

There are many kinds of decorative materials on walls, wallpaper, mural, latex paint and so on. But for thousands of years people are most willing to accept the tiles, the emergence of various new type of wall tiles, such as the octagonal tiles, irregular tiles design, bread tiles price and so on, cater to the […]

Balcony must paste tiles, and this paste, nice and practical.

Wood floors are wet and easy to corrode. They are not recommended for balconies. As a high quality substitute for wood flooring tiles, wooden tiles have both comfortable and natural wood grain texture, and it can also be waterproof and anti-corrosion. The daily maintenance is also very convenient. Different colors and different styles of wood […]

Do you know how to decorate the tile in the bathroom?

The bathroom is also wet because it needs water, so the decoration bathrooms are mainly paved with tiles. Anti skid is very important, especially in the shower room area. Skid resistance is an important consideration for bathroom floor tiles, and safety is the most important. If there are elderly people in the family, you can […]

Sticking and maintenance techniques of floor tiles

The laying of wood tiles is also an art of line and surface. It can adopt different combination of lines and surfaces to create aesthetic spatial style effect. The tile design is laid on the seam: the conventional laying method is used to tile the marble tiles or to erect them. The tiles are laid on the side: […]

Floor tiles, choice this way!

Floor tiles, as an indispensable building material in modern decoration, have a wide variety and various choices. Many people will be puzzled when choosing marble tiles. This requires us to have a good understanding of the types of flooring tiles. They are divided into glazed tiles, full body tiles, polished tiles and ceramic brocade tiles (mosaic […]