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BARANA interior wall tiles, build your exquisite life

There is a kind of life that is low-key, comfortable but harmless and noble and elegant. Refined, low-key and concise, the pursuit of quality. No show off, no pride, Just enjoy the beauty of life. BARANA interior wall tiles, with mysterious and elegant gray as the main beating, no publicity, no high key, with inherent […]

The difference between the polished tile and rustic tile

What is the polished tile? Polished floor tiles is a bright tile made from the surface of the whole tile’s body. Hard and wear-resistant. It is suitable for use in most indoor spaces, toilets and kitchens. Due to the factors of aesthetics, the ceramic tile market has always been dominated by large and large size polished tiles. […]

Glamour marble tiles, light luxury and enjoy a good time

Light luxury is a kind of attitude towards life. Light luxury is the designer’s redefinition of modern simple life. Light luxury is a kind of refinement, like a French elegant feeling. Whether walking in the palace of art, or walking on the beautiful Champs Elysee street. Design from life, rather than creating a ubiquitous “style”, […]

Green home decoration guide for BARANA marble tiles

Fresh grass green, fresh mint green, steady green, and surprising grey green–The spring in the works of art masters is sufficient to provide a chance to alternate the next season. There are many kinds of greens, but they can all help us eliminate fatigue, clear our brains, and calm our emotions. Art masters have their […]

Use small size tiles to make the bathroom more colorful

The tile application is very common in home decoration, the decorating effect is the same as nature wood tile. Characteristic elegant demeanor tiles create an ingenious bathroom style. Pursue creativity in color, and in the way of laying, the pursuit of a hundred changes. There have a big different on small ceramic floor  tiles and […]

BARANA tile large porcelain tile, find the beauty of space!

With the higher and higher pursuit of quality of life, the aesthetic pursuit of space is becoming higher and higher. But the ceramic tile cannot be underestimated in building adornment space position.The space collocation of porcelain tile is not simple ground piece together. Even the same space, the adornment effect that the tiles porcelain of […]

Production Technology and Application of General Marble tiles

When we talk about the source of marble tiles. Firstly,we always think about natural marble. In the past, people had a special love for natural stone. However, natural stone belongs to non-renewable resources and it cannot be used inexhaustible in supply and always available for use.What’s more, it is wear-inresistance,without anti-fouling, corrosion, non-folding. If it […]

How To Buy Tile With Value For Money?

First, look at the appearance. Tile color should be uniform, surface smoothness and smoothness is good, the surrounding rules, patterns intact, from a box of four or five pieces, to see whether there is color, deformation, lack of edges, less angle and other defects. In the distance of 1 meters, with the naked eye to […]

Kitchen Tiles Identification Skills

According to the special kitchen space, choose the right size of tile. In the choice of kitchen tiles, pay attention to the thickness of the porcelain surface, the thicker the better, the color difference is small, brick size to specifications, each brick must be flat, not warping. Finally, the most important step is to see […]

Several Tips For Tile Selection

The first is material selection, ceramic tile has a variety of materials, divided into glazed tile, brick, polished tile, glazed tile, mosaic of several categories. Mosaic, because of its small, colorful and easy to decorate in the bathroom small space to foil the atmosphere. Among them, the glass mosaic is the most eye-catching. In the […]