Attention Should Be Paid To Ceramic Tile Selection

1, look at product packaging. Ceramic tiles are usually packed in cartons. The name of the product and the product must be printed on the package. Trademark specification, size grade, color number, etc.. Some of them are labeled with ISO9000 quality system certification. The product qualification certificate should also be placed in the packing box. In the purchase of tiles, must choose complete identification, clear products, especially to pay attention to the selected ceramic tile and packaging box logo specifications, color number is consistent.

2, look at the appearance of the product. From the box any checks several tiles, see the product surface had the following defects: lack of glaze, spots, crack, bump, bubble, peeling edge, corrugated and so on. Generally from the porcelain 3M visual inspection, the defect is not obvious, does not affect the use of qualified products. Each ceramic tile has a product mark on its back, and it is not allowed to adhere to the sides and back of the glaze and other obvious failures that affect its use.

3, see color difference. Due to the large number of tiles purchased, if there is a significant color difference, the decoration effect is very affected, to all packaging products sampling contrast, observe the change of color difference, color difference can not choose. Also should pay attention to each box of ceramic tile color is consistent, whether or not chromatic aberration.

4, listen to tile sound. How to distinguish the inner quality of ceramic tile is not to be seen. It can be distinguished by sound.The method is: each hand holding a tile, with a brick corner gently hit the brick surface of another brick, the sound is loud and clear

5. Look at the size. One by one inspection, size error greater than 0.5MM, flatness is greater than 0.1MM products, not only will increase the difficulty of construction, but also after the decoration effect is poor, can not be used for engineering.